This six-week league features 10 teams, including Berjaya Dragons (MY), Resurgence (SG), Nova Esports (TH), and Liyab Esports (PH).

League of Legends fans are in luck. The Pacific Championship Series is coming soon!

Starting 29 Feb, you can catch the epic League of Legends (LoL) actions live on eGG Network every Saturday and Sunday at 5PM (GMT+8). After week 1, the tournament continues every Friday to Sunday at 5PM daily until week 6 (4 Apr).

The competing teams are:

The PCS is a result of a merger between the League of Legends Master Series (LMS) and League of Legends Southeast Asia Tour (LST). The merger will see an increased competitive level for LoL teams from SEA, Taipei and Hong Kong, while fans enjoy a more engaging experience with more diverse gameplay and tactics. The PCS marks the return of League of Legends on eGG Network, with more LoL esports tournaments for fans to catch in future.

Visit League of Legends for more information.

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