If you're a fan of the Fairy Tail and own a smartphone (who doesn't these days?), then we've got some fantastic news for you: a new mobile RPG based on the manga/anime series is coming to Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines, named Fairy Tail: Forces Unite!.

Garena collaborated with manga publisher Kodansha to bring this project to life, even bringing in the same voice actors of the original Fairy Tail anime to embody the same characters fans love. The Fairy Tail mobile game will take players through the series' historical storylines and locales, faithfully adapted for mobile

Fairy Tail: Forces Unite! will be a turn-based RPG game, where they can take on one of eight original characters and nine class types that have their own traits and abilities. Classic skills such as Natsu’s “Fire Dragon’s Roar” and Gray’s “Ice-Make: Lance” will be available for your perusal too, as you engage in magical battles of beasts and strategies to advance your journey.

Pre-registration is now available on the official website. Once the target number of pre-registered players is achieved, everyone will be rewarded with the SS-Class Erza Scarlet “The Titania” character, along with other prizes.

Pre-registered players can also win Fairy Tail merchandise by participating in the “Wizard Registration” event on the official Fairy Tail: Forces Unite! Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube page - just comment a screenshot of your pre-registration to join.

Fairy Tail: Forces United has already been launched in certain Asia regions, including Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia. The mobile RPG will also be available in China as Fairy Tail: Magic Guide, developed by Tencent’s Rubik’s Cube Studio.

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