The Free Fire MCP Majors S3 came to an exciting conclusion this afternoon, and we have a new team to wear the crown: congratulations to Farang! While they were on fire today, hot on their heels were Todak, who finished in second place - short by only five points. Fortunately for them, they will get to represent the MCP region at the upcoming world series later this year.

Blacklist, Bloody Heads and Geek Fam put up a good fight but they needed a lot more to win the whole event. Regardless, they'll be able to try harder in the next season.

The MVP award for MCP Majors S3 goes to Todak Spark for scoring a whopping 21 kills! Talk about excellent performance. For those of you who have hopes and dreams of competing in the next MCP Major, Garena teased the next season of Free Fire Challengers, which will give you and your team a chance to play in the big league. Follow their Facebook Page for more information.

And if you missed the grand final, you can watch the whole VOD here:

More info.

After 4 weeks of intense competition, the grand finals of the MCP Majors S3 are only a week away but in the meantime that doesn't mean we won't have any Free Fire content to watch. Garena announced today a special three-part variety show series, Free Fire Games to celebrate the upcoming finals. Featuring its lovable mascot, Mr. Waggor, the MCP-exclusive series will see the Free Fire Challenger Series Malaysia (FFCM) Champions, Todak, competing against each other and Free Fire's iconic mascots for points.

In addition to providing top-tier content for Free Fire fans, Free Fire Games will also allow viewers to win prizes by watching and voting for decisions on the show. "Each episode will also represent a peak concurrent view (PCV) tier, which local Survivors can vote for using reactions on Facebook. The prize with the most votes for each tier will then be made available if the PCV hits the corresponding view counts."

No word on what the prizes are yet (they will only be revealed during the grand finals), we're guessing that they will be exciting in-game loot. Make sure you catch the first episode of the Free Fire Games on 11 April on the Free Fire Facebook page. Don't miss out on the action if you're a fan of the game!

The group stages of the Free Fire MCP Majors S3 have come to a conclusion, and we now have the top 12 teams who will make it to the grand finals later this April. They are:

  1. Geek Fam
  2. Blacklist International
  4. Hard to Get
  5. Todak
  6. VETE eSports
  7. Bloody Head
  8. Axis Esports
  9. E. Wolves Gang
  10. OVERDOSE Esport
  11. Orange Esports
  12. ICON

What a performance from Geek Fam this week as they fought tooth and nail to overtake Blacklist International, who held the top spot for the past 3 weeks! Geek Fam head into the grand final as the favourites if they keep up the amazing performance. Blacklist International weren't too shabby either, finishing in second place, they must have relaxed a bit this weekend seeing how comfortable they are in the leaderboards anyway.

DOEASY, Hard to Get, Todak, VETE eSports, Bloody Heads, Axis Esports, E. Wolves Gang, OVERDOSE Esport and Orange Esports managed to stay in the top 12, but ICON took over Umbrella Reborn this week. Unfortunately for the latter team, they'll be sitting out of the grand finals. Congrats to ICON for securing the last spot!

The MCP Majors will be taking a break this week and resuming on 16th April for the grand finals, where the winners will qualify for the World Series Sentosa, and the top 6 will secure their spot in MCP Majors S4. It's going to be a bloodbath and we can't wait! Stay tuned to eGG Network for more news and coverage on Free Fire. More info.

If you missed the action, here are the VODs for week 4:

We're now one weekend away from determining the teams who will be qualifying for the grand finals of the Free Fire MCP Majors S3. Week 3 of the league stage concluded yesterday, and here's how the teams fared:

Blacklist International continued to dominate, not letting go of the first place spot since week 1! Geek Fam and DOEASY traded places, while Hard To Get and Todak maintained their positions. VETE Esports and Bloody Heads climbed up to take 6th and 7th place while Orange Esports and E.Wolves Gang dropped to 9th and 10th. Overdose Esports dropped to 10th while Axis rose to 11th, and Umbrella Reborn rounded up the top 12.

Teams like WTG Xpert and Tactical Intex are most likely to be eliminated from the running, while Ego Oblivions, Icon, AKO Ligers and Scripshotz can still make it - under extremely favourable conditions. Other than that, the rest of the top teams look to be pretty secure, it's going to be a matter of which team will finish first!

If you missed the action, check out the VODs for days 1-3 below, and be sure to catch the fourth weekend of the FF MCP Major S3 live on FacebookTikTok and YouTube starting this Friday, 1 April, 8 PM. More info.

The second week of the Free Fire MCP Majors S3 concluded yesterday, with Blacklist International continuing its dominance of the league. Geek Fam dethrone them with a fantastic day 2 performance but on day 3, Blacklist reclaimed its spot. 34 points are what separates the two teams from each other. In third place, we have DOEASY, followed by Hard to Get, jumping up from 9th place the previous week! What an improvement from the Filipino squad.

With two more weekends to go, the results aren't set in stone just yet but the bottom third of the leaderboard will have to step up their game if they hope to make it to the finals weekend.

If you missed the action, check out the VODs for days 1-3 below, and be sure to catch the third weekend of the FF MCP Major S3 live on FacebookTikTok and YouTube starting this Friday, 25 March, 8 PM. More info.

The first weekend of the Free Fire Malaysia Cambodia Philippines (MCP) Majors Season 3 came to a conclusion last Sunday, and Malaysians have something to be proud of! We currently make up the top 7 teams on the leaderboard with the Filipino teams Bloody Head and Hard to Get coming in at 8th and 9th, and the rest of the top 12 belonging to us. Not too hard of a feat considering Malaysian teams do make up the majority of the competitors, but it's a good sign for our local scene if we can keep it up!

Day 1 was won by ICON with 58 points while days 2 and 3 were dominated by Blacklist International with 74 and 67 points respectively, putting them on top of the overall charts. Well played to Cobra and the boys for showing us how it's done! Can our fellow countrymen keep up the streak for the next three weeks? Only time will tell.

If you missed the action, check out the VODs for days 1-3 below, and be sure to catch the second weekend of the FF MCP Major S3 live on FacebookTikTok and YouTube starting this Friday, 18 March, 8 PM. More info.

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