It looks like Galaxy Racer will be making waves in our country soon. At the Expo 2020 Dubai, the global esports organization signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) witnessed by Communications and Multimedia Malaysia (KKMM) and the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) announcing a projected investment of RM42 million (10 million USD) in Malaysia within the next five years.

In addition to the economical investment, Galaxy Racer plans to organize more esports events and tournaments to facilitate and boost the country's esports ecosystem. They also intend to boost the involvement of females in esports in Malaysia, after seeing the success of their female-centric esports events in Dubai and Pakistan.

Furthermore, Galaxy Racer will launch its Asia Pacific headquarters in Malaysia later this year and looks to position Malaysia as its digital hub in the region. The headquarter will focus on various verticals - content, esports teams, content creators, esports, gaming events, merchandising, a music label, and an upcoming world-class visual effects animation studio. This will in turn create job opportunities for Malaysians looking to work with an international esports, gaming and lifestyle organization.

“As part of our mission to drive the digital economy with high-impact initiatives, MDEC is committed in growing the esports industry in Malaysia and together with industry leaders such as Galaxy Racer, I am sure we will be able to elevate the industry to greater heights. Their investment into Malaysia will contribute greatly into the esports industry,” said the CEO of MDEC, Mahadhir Aziz.

Founder and Group CEO of Galaxy Racer, Paul Roy, said: “Galaxy Racer believes in MDEC’s vision for Malaysia to become a high-value-added economy and a net exporter of home-grown technologies and digital solutions. We are excited to establish our APAC headquarters in Malaysia and we appreciate the support by MDEC and KKMM in facilitating foreign direct investments into Malaysia, with the MSC status application, ease of doing business and gaming-related industry grants. We look forward to creating a positive impact in the esports and digital economy and elevating the quality of the talent pool in Malaysia.”

The digital economy is becoming one of the biggest contributors to Malaysia’s gross domestic product (GDP), making up to 22.6% of the nation’s economy. It is expected to contribute as high as 25.5% by 2025, outperforming the traditional largest contributor to the nation’s GDP - oil and gas. Galaxy Racer believes that MDEC would also be the catalyst for the nation’s Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR 4.0).

The future of esports is certainly looking bright for Malaysia and we're pretty sure this won't be the last time we hear such good news. Stay tuned to eGG Network for all the latest news and updates on the local esports scene!

Bahang PMPL MY/SG S4 masih dirasai dengan kemenangan juaranya, Geek Fam, diangkat pada kali ini oleh PUBG Mobile Esports dengan kewujudan PMPL MY/SG Musim Ke-4 pada Golden Bullet Awards yang julung kali diadakan.

Pengarah PUBG Mobile, Asia Tenggara, Oliver Ye berkata, walaupun dunia dilanda musibah pandemik COVID-19, terdapat peningkatan dalam industri esports tempatan.

"Sehubungan dengan itu, MDEC dengan eGG Network ingin meraikan pemain profesional esports Malaysia dan Singapura.

Para pemain akan dihiburkan dengan kehadiran Masya Masyitah yang sedang popular dengan lagu Mandarin ‘Jiu Meng Xin Su’ dan ‘Remuk’ akan membuat persembahan dan menyampaikan anugerah dua anugerah khas pada majlis berprestiji itu bagi kategori Best Ingame Leader dan Best Performance Team.

“Ini merupakan sebuah penghargaan buat saya kerana dijemput untuk memeriahkan serta menghiburkan golongan esports di Malaysia dan Singapura.

“Terima kasih di atas kesudian ini kerana menjemput saya menjadi sebahagian daripada majlis anugerah yang pertama seumpamanya ini.

Pengerusi Industri Digital MDEC, Gopi Ganesalingam berkata MDEC mahu mewujudkan lebih peluang buat anak-anak muda negara dan komuniti berkaitan dalam arena esports dan dengan adanya Golden Bullet Awards, semoga lebih banyak inisiatif bakal menyusul kelak.

Jangan lupa saksikan Golden Bullet Awards pada 5.00pm, 28 November 2021 ini hanya di laman Facebook eGG Network dan Astro Ch800, serta di laman Facebook PUBGM Esports Malaysia dan saluran YouTube PUBGM Malaysia.

Everyone's favourite gaming award show in Southeast Asia, the SEA Game Awards will be back for its fifth year this November. Organized by the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation, the SEA Game Awards 2021 is an event to commemorate all the best games made in this part of the world. Just like last year, there will be 10 different categories for the awards that will be bestowed to the winning entries.


Here are our panel of esteemed judges for this year’s submissions. Hailing from the game industry media, these experts from the region had the monumental task of picking the best of the 100+ entries we received. It was no easy feat.

Though this year's event will also be completely virtual (like 2020), it won't be any less exciting. With game entries from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, and Brunei, there's going to be the talent to match this multi-nation celebration. Yes, there will be special guests performing and hosting the awards ceremony. We can't reveal who they are yet, but stay tuned to eGG Network to keep in the know!

The SEA Game Awards 2021 will be broadcast on eGG Network TV, Facebook Page, and TikTok - 19 November, 8 PM.

Our Malaysian teams have been performing admirably in PMPL SEA Championship S4 so far, with all 4 of them heading into the grand finals this weekend. Regardless of whether they win the trophy or not, we're proud of everything they've accomplished and think they deserve some recognition for the hard work they've put in this season. PUBG MOBILE Esports, MDEC and eGG Network seem to think so as well, and have officially announced an awards show to commemorate the achivements of all the PUBG Mobile stars of the MY/SG League Season 4.

Called the Golden Bullet Award, the show will reward each winner in 9 different categories: Most Valuable Player, Best Support, Best Scouter, Best Ingame Leader, Best Fragger, Best Sniper, Best Performance Team, Best Duo Talent, and Rising Talent.

Here are the nominees for the awards:

Most Valuable PlayerGeekDamRUDE
Best Support4RivalsPEMBURU
Best ScouterGEEKQb
Best Ingame LeaderGEEKDamRUDE
Best FraggerGeekDamRUDE
Best SniperTSiSh0tzMX
Best Performance TeamTeam Secret
Geek Fam
Team SMG
Best Duo TalentJhunter & OTG
Emi & Soultann
Topcast & Kyrul
Qontra & Keith Lee
Chuchu & Sir Cloud
Rising TalentTash Bunny
Sis Jenny
Keith Lee
Top Cast

As you can tell, it's a mix of new and familiar faces, and we're celebrating more than just the players - the casters and analysts are in the running as well! If you'd like to ensure that your favourite nominees win their categories, head over to the official MYDCF website to sign up for the event and submit your votes (voting ends 12 November).

The Golden Bullet Award show will be part of the MYDCF, an virtual gaming exhibition that will feature all sorts of gaming-related content including demonstrations, tutorials, classes, showcases, tournaments and more. The final results will be unveiled during the official live stream on PUBG Mobile Malaysia Facebook/YouTube, and eGG Network TV (28 November, 5-6 PM GMT +8).

Yesterday, the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) announced the launch of the Malaysia Digital Creativity Festival (MYDCF) 2021. Combining the Kre8tif! animation initiative with the LEVEL UP KL video games conference into a single festival, the MYDCF will give companies and organizations a chance to show off their upcoming animations and video games virtually to the industry and the public.

The event will start off with a Business Conference & Networking portion, followed by the Gamified Expo, an event open to the public to check out the best of the region's digital creative content offerings. Similar to previous iterations, we'll get to see the usual Industry Conference, Business Connect Program, SEA Game Jam, workshops and more. There will also be the LEVEL UP KL Indie Pitch for game developers and Elevator Pitch for animation studios to pitch their projects to international investors and broadcasters.

A new addition to the event this year will be the Blockchain Bootcamp where attendees can attend to learn about the latest tech in the blockchain games ecosystem and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

Here are some of the speakers who will be present at MYDCF 2021:

If you're keen on attending or being part of MYDCF 2021, head over to the official MDEC website to sign up. MDEC also announced the launch of the SEA Game Industry Research 2021 report. If you'd like some insight on the growth of SEA studios, the potential of growth and expansion in the region, and the state of the ecosystem, it will be available here on 22 September.

Great news for those of you who've been looking forward to the SEA Game Awards, it's just around the corner! The annual award show, which is part of Level UP KL, has been running since 2016 and will offer game developers a prestigious title and recognition for all the hard work and effort they've put into their submitted titles.

This year, there were 109 entries submitted, with 45 from Malaysia, 42 from Indonesia, 11 from the Philippines, 5 from Thailand, 3 from Singapore and 3 from Vietnam. 40 games have been shortlisted, and all of them are available for the audience to check out before casting their votes for the Audience Choice Award. There will be 10 awards in total, with the others being the Grand Jury Award, Rising Star Award, Best Technology, Best Visual Art, Best Game Design, Best Audio, Best Storytelling, Best Innovation, and Best Student Game.

What's special about this year's edition of the SEA Game Awards is while it's completely virtual, it will also be broadcasted on Tiktok - the first-of-its-kind collaboration in Malaysia. It will also feature Malaysian and international talents who are influential on the platform, including Meo2k4, deejaysoda, Rendy Rangers, Alice, Thames, and MissAlvy.

If you've been waiting for the high-anticipated industry awards show be sure to tune in to eGG Network (Astro CH800), ASTRO Hello (AstroCH 702), and TikTok on 27 November 2020 at 8pm. It's going to be really exciting and something you don't want to miss!

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