It looks like the Malaysia Esports Championship has been doing very well, according to an announcement by ESI. To date, the multi-game tournament announced in December 2020 has received registrations for 7,424 participants!

The high participation and interest in the tournament is music to ESI's ears as it shows that they are on the right track to fostering growth and sustainability in the local esports scene. At the time of writing it looks like there's only one title left to register for - Dota 2, which only has 4 teams at the moment (but knowing how last minute we Malaysians are, they'll probably be filled up by the closing date tomorrow!).

ESI has a lot more planned for 2021, so if you missed out on MEC 2020, stick around and keep tabs on esukan.gg, their Facebook page or follow eGG Network so you don't miss the news. Good luck to everyone taking part in the tournament, may we see you on the big stage one day!

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