The world's most popular mobile battle royale, PUBG Mobile, collaborated with Deep Silver's Metro Exodus, to release new content and gameplay inspired by the Russian post-apocalyptic action-adventure game, based on the Metro novel series by Dmitry Glukhovsky.

New features include the addition of the Metro Royale mode, as well as Metro-themed content featured throughout Erangel in Class Mode. Players who dive into Metro Royale will battle bandits to scavenge for loot and Metro Cash, to be used to buy Metro Royale exclusive equipment and stock up in the Black Market. Or if they want to up the ante, they can go deeper underground to face off against mutants from the Metro universe for high risk and high rewards. There will even be a Command Post that lets you interact with non-player characters (NPCs) and give them Favourability-boosting gifts, to increase your chances of getting resources from them.

There's also all-new tactical equipment like thermal sights to detect body heat, Night Vision Scope and Goggles, plus customisable armour with a variety of attachments that grant abilities. The armoury has been upgraded too, featuring grenade attachments to your guns, heavy armour and Metro's famous Tikhar Rifle, a pneumatic air gun that quickly and silently dispatches your opponents.

In Classic Mode, Metro-themed locales have been added to Erangel, which include underground Metro stations, mutants, a Radiation Zone, and the broken down Aurora on Spawn Island. Metro lines will also appear randomly throughout the map, allowing you to make quick rotations. Reusable throwable melee weapons and Spike Traps - to punctures vehicle tires - make appearances in Class Mode too.

And finally, the PUBG Mobile 1.1 update will be introducing the new lightweight installation function for Android users to reduce the game size up to 70% smaller, without sacrificing any quality at 610MB. Gamers can download content in segments, and customise them according to your usage, making this fantastic news for players who have limited space on their smartphones.

Download PUBG Mobile on Google Play and the App Store to enjoy these brand-new features right now.

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