Another bright star has joined the infinite cosmos - Chris Teng He Xun, founder and CEO of Flux Group, who lost his life last Tuesday (15 June) to a car accident. Though he left the world too young at 23, the impact he's made in the Malaysian - even Southeast Asian - esports scene is nothing short of outstanding.

Image credit: Flux Group FB

Chris was one of several early pioneers of the local esports industry. As one of the founders and co-directors of Flux Group with Eason E. Flux Group, he produced both live broadcasts and video content for a multitude of major esports events, including - but not limited to - the World Electronic Sports Game SEA (WESG SEA 2019), the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Malaysia and Singapore (MPL-MY/SG), and the MLBB World Championship 2019 (M1).

Here are some of the lives Chris has touched in his esports adventure:

Kenchi Yap

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Founder, IO Esports

Image credit: Kenchi Yap FB.

"I am deeply saddened to hear of Chris’s passing. He and I shared many rewarding years as a business partner and grew to become blood brothers. We often shared life stories and business ideas together. Whenever we faced difficulties, we always help each other to get back up on our feet, we would never allow either of us to fail. Chris was a talented and a humble young man; he changed my perception of the younger generation, inspiring me to do better. His dreams and ambitions are now a part of me, and I’ll continue fulfilling his dreams and legacies.

He’ll be deeply missed by my colleagues in IO Esports. We’ll miss his company, his voice and his bright smile. Rest well, my dear brother.

Please accept my deepest sympathy and condolence to his family and friends."

Eric Bong

Agri Mind

"My dear bro, there are too many things (in my mind) that I don't know what to say. What we've been through, no one will truly understand, from laying the carpet to setting up the whole event. When I know you're involved in any of my events, I know that I never need to worry about production.

From nobody to somebody, you've built up Flux Group from the ground up and achieved great success! I believe in your partner to continue your legacy, so don't worry, you can rest now. Can't believe that the last photo we took together, just the two of us, was in October 2018, that our last on-ground event WESG SEA 2019, and the last time we'll ever text each other is 8 June this year. No matter what, these memories will last forever be in my heart."

Muhammad "Flava" Farouq

Director of Communications, Malaysia Electronic Sports Federation (MESF)
Content creator, SEA Gamer Mall (SEAGM)

"To those who work in the esports industry, we've lost a kind soul who is loved by many. Chris Teng He Xun was not just an ordinary production director; he was kind, hardworking, and always puts up a smile. While others are basking in the spotlight on stage, Chris was sitting behind the scenes making magic happen behind a production board for people all around to enjoy his masterpiece. Never a day would I leave work without seeing him, and thank him for his team's hard work.

Take care, bro. You are missed and loved by many."

WESG SEA 2019.

Andriyana "ChuChu" Ghazali

Streamer/former esports caster

"I worked with him multiple times, sometimes when IO Esports collaborated with him. I've definitely met him in one of the events with him as the producer, and I never saw him not smiling, not even once. Even when things were hard and we encountered some problems, he still patiently tried to solve things, and always in a very calm manner; very easy-going, and very kind.

I remember whenever I joked around, funny or not, he will laugh at my jokes just because he is very considerate and a very nice person - he was genuinely one of the nicest person in esports I've met. It's really a shock and too soon for him to leave us so young. It's a wake up call and a reminder for all of us, to appreciate everyone, because we never know how much time we have left with that person, even ourselves."

Doing his part as a responsible citizen.

Clement “BleedSenpai” Hui

Business development director, Pantheon group

"I knew him back in 2015/2016 when he was studying. Super hard working, and traveled long distance daily just to get the experience needed to complete his job. A very humble person and never stopped smiling. He can now finally rest. My condolences to his family."

Matthew Chan

EVOS Esports

"Chris was one of the most hardworking person I've ever met, but that was not what made him stand apart from everyone else - it was his heart. No matter how busy, how crazy or hectic he was with his work, he would never turn down helping others. Everyone knows his signature smile and that was his attitude all the way, kind, humble and willing to help - that was Chris. He managed to inspire many with his attitude and his legacy will never be forgotten."

MPL-MY/SG Season 4.

Aaron "Qontra" Chan

Esports caster, EVOS Esports

"Every time I met Chris for a show, he usually comes up to me with a wide smile and attend to everyone's needs to run a perfect show. Despite how busy he was coordinating live broadcasts, he would never forget about his colleagues and personally checked up on us, hand us casters with essentials to keep us running through the long hurdle. He's truly a genuine individual who puts everyone first before himself. It saddens me that we won't be able to hear his laughter and see his wide smile, but we will always remember the joy he has brought to everyone around him."

Allan Phang

Regional Head of Marketing and PR, EVOS Esports

"I never got a chance to interact with him personally, but based on messages across the esports community, Malaysia and Southeast Asia's esports scene has definitely lost a young, talented and kind-hearted soul. My deepest condolences to his family, colleagues and friends.

Rest in peace, Chris Teng He Xun."

Chan Yang Tze

Producer, eGG Network

Ti9 qualifiers.

"Chris Teng was a very close friend of mine, as we worked on numerous projects together such as MPL MY/SG Season 3, The International 2019 (Ti9) SEA Qualifier, MPL MY/SG Season 4 and LEVEL UP KL 2019. He was humble, hardworking and passionate in what he does. Always a ball of sunshine that brings in a positive vibe and was willing to go the extra mile for anyone. We mourn for the loss of a kind and loving soul, may he rest in peace."

Jack Wong Jing Feng

Team manager, Team Whales

"I first met He Xun in the WESG Malaysia Qualifier in Sept 2018 at Quill City Mall KL, he was the head of production and I was an observer for the event. We continued working together a few times after that in other local esports events. He was very hardworking, talented, smart and handsome. To me, he is the perfect role model for '90s youngsters like me to learn from, a person that gave me a lot of opportunities in the early days of my esports career.

I simple can't describe my sadness for his loss, it's painful news. We recently talked about meeting up and he suddenly left. He Xun bro, I hope to meet you again in another lifetime. Rest well in the next world, you will always be remembered."

Lastly, from everyone at eGG Network, we'd like to express our deepest condolences to Chris Teng's family and friends. Though he's no longer in this world, his efforts and impact to the industry will be forever appreciated and never forgotten.

"I believe death is only a door. One closes, and another opens. If I were to imagine heaven, I would imagine a door opening."

Cloud Atlas

What makes a great match even better has to be its supporting cast of analysts and casters. Meet Laphel, one of Malaysia’s most outspoken and well-versed analysts (that casts as well) for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). He is a staple voice and a household name in the professional scene, most notably in the MLBB Professional League MY (MPL MY) and just recently, the M2: World Championship in Singapore.

In case fans didn’t already know, Laphel is also infamous for having lethal predictions. Previously during MPL MYSG Season 6, every single prediction made by the analyst would always result in the team losing as opposed to winning. Akin to Paul the octopus’ omniscient football (also known as soccer) predictions, Laphel’s predictions emulated a similar vibe. You’d imagine teams and fans alike were on edge whenever Laphel’s predictions came into the picture.

This is Paul, football fans would recognize this ol' chap and drawn some comparisons with Laphel

While it looks like the “curse” has ended in Season 7, Laphel is currently pursuing a 100% accuracy prediction rate.

What to look out for

We managed to have a chat with Laphel to pick his brain before the season started. Laphel shared that he felt absolutely amazing being able to participate in Season 7. “After M2, the level of passion for casting is at its highest,” said Laphel. At the time, Laphel could not contain his excitement for the season to begin.

When it came down to dissecting the participating teams, Laphel had a thing or two to share. “I think HomeBois will make the biggest impression this season. People perceive them as underdogs due to how they’ve entered this season through the qualifiers. But the way they played looks fully professional.”

Prior to the season starting, Laphel had actually highlighted that Suhaz EVOS would’ve been the strongest team this season. “For some reason, I think they can bring trouble to the league for other teams.” And he was right, as Suhaz EVOS has been one of, if not the best team at the moment in the season.

He also shared that he personally looked forward to watching Geek Fam the most. “These guys have been on a downward spiral for some time now. Now that there are roster changes, I want to see whether they can become back stronger.”

Laphel added that one of the more interesting rivalries to potentially look out for would be between TODAK and HomeBois. “Because this rivalry can go either way. Many would say TODAK would win, but I feel that HomeBois have a good opportunity to win too.” Laphel added that HomeBois played really well in the qualifiers and does not regard them as underdogs going into the season.

When it came down to who would be the standout player to watch this season, Laphel had one player in mind. “It would have to be Hyhy. During last season’s Playoffs, his Chou’s prowess was so good that it arguably carried Orange Louvre Esports. While this season he is with another team, I would like to see his carry potential from the EXP lane.”

What Metas

Like any other tournament, metas are always being experimented on. Laphel shared that it would be heavily dependent on the laning phase due to the addition of the Gold and EXP lanes. Speaking of metas, hero picks always come to mind in shaping it. Laphel shared that it would be hard to say what kind of heroes would be staple picks in Season 7 as there will be buffs and nerfs that come into play later.

Prior to the season starting, Laphel did say that Mathilda was a hero that should be heavily contested. He was right on the money as Mathilda has been widely picked if ever she is not banned in almost all matches of the season so far.

The ups and downs

While pursuing this current career sounds like a dream job for many, it is not without its own set of challenges. Laphel succinctly summed up the experience in this COVID era of doing esports work as:

“Swab tests….swab tests.”

The change in the league’s direction to be fully MY based also sparked interest in Laphel. He shared that he loves the new direction and is looking forward to seeing more strategies and more exciting games being played as a result.

Laphel’s 2 Cents

Prior to the season officially beginning, Laphel did share one hot take. “TODAK might not look too hot this season. During M1, they looked great, but the following season they looked underwhelming. It might happen again.” Be sure to catch Laphel in action on screen for the rest of MPL MY S7 as he continues his humorous antics and insightful analytical work.

PMPL MY/SG Season 3 Country Finals

Three more Country Finals match days are left to round up the PUBG Mobile Professional League Malaysia/Singapore Spring Split 2021! Will Dingoz MPX be able to repeat their success and win the champion's share of the US$56,200 Finals prize pool, or will other teams rise up to the occasion?

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Catch the PMPL MY/SG Season 3 Country Finals tonight onwards (23 - 25 April) at 5.30PM daily, LIVE on Facebook, YouTube and WeTV.

ESL Mobile Open 2021: Wild Rift ICON Series Malaysia

The group stage of LoL: Wild Rift ICON Series SEA Summer Season 2021 Malaysia pits the top eight teams across the country in a single round-robin group stage, followed by the epic Finals, where the top five group stage teams battling in a double-elimination bracket to prove who's the apex Wild Rift pro team in the region.

Catch the next phase of group stage continues next Monday and Thursday (26 & 29 April) at 5PM LIVE on eGG Network TV, Youtube and Facebook

E1 Championship Season 1

The champion has returned! Naquib Azlan of Stratos Motorsports dominated every race last night at the Watkins Glen International circuit, with a 12-point lead ahead of everyone else. His performance pushed him to second in the championship standings, 30 points behind current league leader Muhammad Aleef of Team Flash.

The E1 Championship continues next Wednesday (28 April) in Suzuka Circuit, Japan at 9PM, LIVE on eGG Network TV and Facebook.

MPL SG Season 1 - Regular Season Final Week 4

Date and time: 24 April, 1PM.
Where to watch: MPL SG FB

MPL-MY Season 7 Week 7

Date and time: 23 April, 2.15PM; 24 - 25 April, 11AM.
Where to watch: LIVE on eGG Network FB and TV.

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MPL-PH Season 7 Week 4

Date and time: 22 - 25 April, 3PM daily.
Where to watch: MPL-PH FB.

Dota Pro Circuit 2021: Season 2

The upper and lower divisions of DPC resumes for all regions. You can check out the full schedule on Liquipedia, but make sure to catch the SEA league on eGG Network TV!

*All times listed are in GMT +8.

HomeBois should be another team that is on everyone’s radar this season. After emerging from the MPL MY S7 qualifiers, the team has managed to find its footing among the MPL elites. Despite the team currently placed second in Group A, HomeBois have demonstrated that it has what it takes to give others a run for their money.

HomeBois’ roster currently consists of:

The current roster actually originated from Team Terbang, except for Avaaa. HomeBois only came into the picture when Inferni and Avaaa reached an agreement to form this team. As MPL’s newer and fresher blood, HomeBois have already managed to snag victories against Team SMG and Orange Esports respectively. However, it is worth noting that whenever the team loses a series, they always make their opponent’s lives difficult. This is evidently seen as TODAK and Reborn Esports had to win their matches through tightly contested 2-1 results.

Hard work pays off

We managed to have a word with HomeBois before the season started. The team had much to say about their qualification journey. “First off, we are very happy as we have been trying to qualify for nearly 4 seasons,” said Chibii. “For us, finally qualifying for Season 7 is considered making history. It was also such an emotional rollercoaster journey to get here, as there were many windy roads to manoeuvre.”

While the team were elated to have qualified, they knew that this was only just the beginning. HomeBois shared that they looked most forward to facing Team Bosskurr. “We want to prove that the younger brother can beat the older brother,” said Avaaa. As for which team would be the biggest threat, HomeBois shared that it would be TODAK due to their previous season’s impression championship win.

Bringing something new to the table

As the season was getting closer, Inferni shared that the team really dialled in on doing as many scrims as possible while studying the meta. When it came to what fans could expect of the team, Sepat shared that “we will showcase an extraordinary style of gameplay that’s different from the others.” Avaaa added that “we would have our own meta. It won’t be comprehensible through the naked eye nor decipherable by normal means.”

HomeBois are staying true to their word, adopting some unique metas of their own, most notably with Eudora as its being commonly banned against them now.

As HomeBois themselves have mentioned, the road to getting here took a lot of hard work. They also shared about their most prominent struggle faced on a day to day basis. Members of the team presently struggle to give full commitment in playing MPL. Despite everyone having their own set of circumstances, the team is doing a great job so far all things considered. “We don’t have too high hopes this season because this is our first MPL after all,” said Avaaa. He added that the team would be more than thankful with a Top 6 finish at the end of the season. 

Did you know that Inferni, Sepat and Ijat are brothers?

The team also shared their thoughts about the league transitioning to be fully MY based. “To us, we prefer a fully MPL MY league as there are still many latent talents lying in wait across the country,” said Sepat. Speaking of latent talents, observant fans would have noticed that the name Anippp has popped up under TODAK’s banner in the past. While he is currently with HomeBois, Anippp shared that he would have a burning fighting spirit when it comes to the showdown with TODAK.

Some words from the HomeBois 

Every team can only go so far without their fans and HomeBois had a thing or two to share with them. “To all of our fans, thank you for continually supporting us whenever we fall and rise as you are all considered the backbone of HomeBois,” shared Ijat. “As for our opponents, you guys better prepare some tissues #supphomies,” strongly suggesting that they will be left in tears. Be sure to catch the team in action for the rest of Season 7 today onwards as Week 6’s matches begin!

BLAST Premier Spring Showdown 2021

16 of the world's best Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) professional esports teams in one single tournament. The international BLAST Premier Spring Showdown 2021 continues, as the world's top 16 Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) teams gun for the US$162,500 prize pool and two tickets to the BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2021.

The BLAST Premier Spring Showdown 2021 resumes tonight (16 April) 9PM LIVE on eGG Network TV, Twitch and YouTube, every day until Sunday (18 April) at the same time.

PCS 2021 Spring Split Playoffs

Date: 16 - 18 April (Bracket finals & Grand Finals), 5PM daily.
Where to watch: The English broadcast will be streamed LIVE on eGG Network TV! All language PCS 2021 Spring streams - including Mandarin and Thai - can be found on YouTube, and individual Twitch channels have been set up for EnglishMandarin and Thai, with Huya for simplified Chinese.

More info on the LoL PCS 2021 Spring Playoffs can be found on the official website.

ESL Mobile Open LoL: Wild Rift ICON Series SEA Summer Season 2021

The group stage of LoL: Wild Rift ICON Series SEA Summer Season 2021 will pit the top eight teams across Malaysia and Thailand against each other in a single round robin group stage, followed by the epic Finals, where the top five group stage teams battling in a double elimination bracket to prove who's the apex Wild Rift pro team in the region.

Catch the first two days of group stage action on Monday and Thursday (19 & 22 April) at 5PM LIVE on eGG Network TV, Youtube and Facebook

E1 Championship Season 1

Mikko Nassi is back with a vengeance, taking the top spot in Race 2 in the last round at Hockenheimring. His comeback performance propelled him up to second place, just 14 points behind current league leader Muhammad Aleef and three points ahead of last season's champion, Naquib Azlan.

The E1 Championship continues next Wednesday (21 April) in the Watkins Glen International circuit at 9PM, LIVE on eGG Network TV and Facebook.

MPL-MY Season 7 Week 5

Date and time: 16 - 18 April, 3PM daily.
Where to watch: LIVE on eGG Network FB and TV.

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MPL SG Season 1 - Regular Season Week 3

After Kingsmen vanquished EVOS SG, now the only flawless team that remain are Notorious Villains. In other news, Explorer's victory against Forsaken allowed them to climb up the ranks with their first win.

Date and time: 17 - 18 April, 1PM daily.
Where to watch: MPL SG FB

MPL-PH Season 7 Week 3

Week 3 of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Philippines (MPL-PH) Season 7 has finally resumed yesterday.

Date and time: 15 - 18 April, 2PM daily.
Where to watch: MPL-PH FB.

Dota Pro Circuit 2021: Season 2

The upper and lower divisions of DPC resumes for all regions. You can check out the full schedule on Liquipedia, but don't forget that you can catch the SEA league on eGG Network TV!

PMPL MY/SG Season 3 Country Finals

Three more Country Finals match days are left to round up the PUBG Mobile Professional League Malaysia/Singapore Spring Split 2021! Will Dingoz MPX be able to repeat their success and win the champion's share of the US$56,200 Finals prize pool, or will other teams rise up to the occasion?

Catch the PMPL MY/SG Season 3 Country Finals next Friday onwards (23 - 25 April) at 5.30PM daily, LIVE on Facebook, YouTube and WeTV.

*All times listed are in GMT +8.

Hard work and dedication to their craft is what separates the best from the rest. Meet Terence, one of the most prominent English casters to have graced MPL MY. His signature calm and cool demeanour style of commentary always pairs well with any casting duo, often resulting in a great match viewing experience.

On top of having great in-game knowledge, Terence also adjusts well depending on his casting partner. He makes it a point to contribute any analytical inputs where appropriate or even bring the hype to high adrenaline moments throughout matches.

We managed to catch the well-rounded caster to get his input on MPL MY before Season 7 started. “It feels good to be back again for my 4th season,” said Terence. He also shared that it has been an overall crazy year since the pandemic hit; and that he was really excited to be back to cast and watch some amazing games.

The teams to watch

Amidst the sea of new and familiar faces, Terence shared his thoughts on which team would make the biggest impression this season. “This is going to be a tough one. Honestly, I think TODAK should be the one to potentially take the crown again. But I think the biggest impression this season would be the controversial rivalry between RED and Reborn Esports.” He added that fans should catch all the MPL action LIVE to keep an eye out for more details about this specifically.

Terence also named a few teams that could potentially be the strongest team this season. “Statistically and also historically, it would obviously be TODAK. But after having a couple of conversations with the teams and seeing a lot of roster shuffles, it’s hard to decide. If I were to throw a few names it would be TODAK, RSG MY and Team SMG.”

While it is always a joy to watch the stronger teams in action, Terence shared that he had his eyes set on another pair of teams altogether. “The teams I definitely want to watch the most would be the match between RED and Reborn Esports. Well for starters, drama is always fun to watch.” He compared it to last season’s dynamic between Orange Louvre Esports and RED Reborn, about it being a subject of interest to many fans out there. “There is so much at stake especially for these 2 teams when pride is on the line.”

When it came to the Qualifier teams, Terence commented on how they are considered an unknown variable. “The qualifier teams this season are in the grey area. There is not much info about them.” With the exception of Mal and Eren from RED, this is true as the teams should be extra wary in dealing with opponents that they lack analytical data on.

That being said, Terence shared that “they should take this as an opportunity to learn and play with the best in the scene and hopefully improve themselves for the next season. However, taking into account that this is going to be a long league, anything can happen. It’s all about how quickly they can adapt and learn.”

It’s not just about the players

Mal was one of the best Hypercarries of Season 6.

If Terence had to pick one player that would shine brighter than others this season, it would be Mal from RED. Aside that, he looked forward in general to seeing new potential players rise up too. Terence also added that “I am not that curious about the players, but instead am looking forward to Team SMG’s Coach James in action. Will his actions affect the overall gameplay of the team? And how will the dynamics change compared to the previous season?”

With the league transitioning to be fully MY based to boot, Terence had this to say. “It is a great opportunity for upcoming teams to be able to compete with the best and train for future seasons at the expense of arguably top tier teams from Singapore.”

A stab at the Season 7 meta

When it came to what would be the defining meta of Season 7, Terence had a few things to share. “The meta is going to be slightly different from previous seasons in a sense that Tank roles might still be out of the picture. Whereas the Hypercarry meta for Junglers / Marksmen such as Brody, Yi Sun-shin and Wanwan might be a priority pick for most of these teams.”

“We might see an increase in Mage picks such as Mathilda, Luo Yi, Selena, Harley, Esmeralda, Yve and Eudora and probably a niche, Alice. As for Tank / Fighter heroes, it would be Silvanna, Benedetta, Esmeralda, Paquito, Yu Zhong and Baxia.”

“To sum it up, we might see teams prioritising in picking Mages to carry tempo and try to close up games. We might even see double Marksmen setups with 1 in the jungle and 1 in the Gold lane, with teams trying to drag on the game to go for the win.”

TODAK put up a dominant show with the use of two Marksmen in Week 3

Upon looking back, so far, the heroes that were highlighted by Terence have indeed been highly contested picks. We have already seen teams like TODAK adopt the double Marksmen setup which normally involves Brody as their secondary Marksman.

All for the fam

Not only is Terence a prominent caster, but he is also a father and a family man. “Shoutcasting has always been my career for about 7 years now, it requires me to talk a lot. However, as I have recently started a family in a year-ish, I was very fortunate to spend more time with my 1-year-old daughter during the MCO period.”

“I had to find a bigger space to set up a streaming room to accommodate my daughter so as to not disturb her while I am casting. Adapting to a fully online setup wasn’t an issue.” He also added that taking care of his family was something new to him at the time, but thankfully is something manageable now.

Terence’s 2 Cents

Prior to the season officially commencing, Terence did share his own predictions on who would be the Top 4 teams at the end of the season. He just stated these four names:

“TODAK, Team SMG, Suhaz EVOS and Orange Esports”

Be sure to catch Terence in action on screen for the rest of MPL MY S7 as he continues dynamic and insightful castings!

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