Our Malaysian teams have been performing admirably in PMPL SEA Championship S4 so far, with all 4 of them heading into the grand finals this weekend. Regardless of whether they win the trophy or not, we're proud of everything they've accomplished and think they deserve some recognition for the hard work they've put in this season. PUBG MOBILE Esports, MDEC and eGG Network seem to think so as well, and have officially announced an awards show to commemorate the achivements of all the PUBG Mobile stars of the MY/SG League Season 4.

Called the Golden Bullet Award, the show will reward each winner in 9 different categories: Most Valuable Player, Best Support, Best Scouter, Best Ingame Leader, Best Fragger, Best Sniper, Best Performance Team, Best Duo Talent, and Rising Talent.

Here are the nominees for the awards:

Most Valuable PlayerGeekDamRUDE
Best Support4RivalsPEMBURU
Best ScouterGEEKQb
Best Ingame LeaderGEEKDamRUDE
Best FraggerGeekDamRUDE
Best SniperTSiSh0tzMX
Best Performance TeamTeam Secret
Geek Fam
Team SMG
Best Duo TalentJhunter & OTG
Emi & Soultann
Topcast & Kyrul
Qontra & Keith Lee
Chuchu & Sir Cloud
Rising TalentTash Bunny
Sis Jenny
Keith Lee
Top Cast

As you can tell, it's a mix of new and familiar faces, and we're celebrating more than just the players - the casters and analysts are in the running as well! If you'd like to ensure that your favourite nominees win their categories, head over to the official MYDCF website to sign up for the event and submit your votes (voting ends 12 November).

The Golden Bullet Award show will be part of the MYDCF, an virtual gaming exhibition that will feature all sorts of gaming-related content including demonstrations, tutorials, classes, showcases, tournaments and more. The final results will be unveiled during the official live stream on PUBG Mobile Malaysia Facebook/YouTube, and eGG Network TV (28 November, 5-6 PM GMT +8).

Yesterday, the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) announced the launch of the Malaysia Digital Creativity Festival (MYDCF) 2021. Combining the Kre8tif! animation initiative with the LEVEL UP KL video games conference into a single festival, the MYDCF will give companies and organizations a chance to show off their upcoming animations and video games virtually to the industry and the public.

The event will start off with a Business Conference & Networking portion, followed by the Gamified Expo, an event open to the public to check out the best of the region's digital creative content offerings. Similar to previous iterations, we'll get to see the usual Industry Conference, Business Connect Program, SEA Game Jam, workshops and more. There will also be the LEVEL UP KL Indie Pitch for game developers and Elevator Pitch for animation studios to pitch their projects to international investors and broadcasters.

A new addition to the event this year will be the Blockchain Bootcamp where attendees can attend to learn about the latest tech in the blockchain games ecosystem and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

Here are some of the speakers who will be present at MYDCF 2021:

If you're keen on attending or being part of MYDCF 2021, head over to the official MDEC website to sign up. MDEC also announced the launch of the SEA Game Industry Research 2021 report. If you'd like some insight on the growth of SEA studios, the potential of growth and expansion in the region, and the state of the ecosystem, it will be available here on 22 September.

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