If you were wondering what winning two The Internationals can get you, you're in luck. N0tail, founder of OG and captain of the Dota 2 squad, gave BBC News an interview and a tour of his mansion in Lisbon, Portugal and boy, it was a sight to behold. Despite being currently incomplete (renovations have slowed down due to the pandemic), the 17-bedroom mansion is operational as the headquarters of OG.

Three of the players currently live there (N0tail, MidOne and Saksa), along with some staff including a full-time chef! While the interview video didn't show footage of every single area or room, it did give us a good look at OG's current situation, and N0tail answers questions with a surprising amount of depth. He shares a bit about his childhood, his parents, the cost of the home and renovations, and his plans for the future.

While the mansion functions more like an office than a regular home, it sounds like this money is being put to good use. After all, it's much cheaper for OG's players to train and bootcamp at the HQ instead of having to rent venues for weeks at a time before each tournament. Check out the full interview below!

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