The Philippines

After a long weekend of hard-fought matches, the dust has settled for the Filipino leg of the Wild Rift SEA Icon Series: Preseason, with Nexplay Esports emerging as the victors of the tournament. The boys in teal and black hardly broke a sweat throughout the two-day event, dropping only one game in the semi-finals against Team Secret, and completely stomping Sunsparks who were in good shape as well - Nexplay had their number.

Congratulations to Arisen, Juschie, Chuley, Ooozee, Dizastr, zMitch! They walk away with USD $2,500 for first place, while Sunsparks finish second with $1,250, Team Secret $750 at third and Rex Regum Qeon with $500 at fourth.


Closer to home, the Indonesian Preseason also took place, with Bigetron Infinity turning it up - the PUBG Mobile powerhouse organization demonstrated they have what it takes to dominate in Wild Rift as well. Going undefeated, with a 9-0 streak, Bigetron Infinity destroyed Alter Ego, Victim Esports, and Morph Team on their stroll to the top.

Bigetron Infinity's Falp1, Control, Henry, Dewa, Harry and Nuts earn $2,500 for their efforts, while $1,250 go to Morph Team for second, $750 to Victim Esports for third and $500 to Onic Esports for fourth.

We're starting to see some trends in the champion picks now, with Corki, Kai'Sa and Braum being favourite picks of both Indonesia and The Philippines - champs who were also popular in the previous regions. While their win rates for Corki and Braum don't signal any need for a nerf hammer, Kai'Sa is probably going to be tweaked in upcoming patches. Perhaps we'll even see some buffs to under-picked champs as well.

The SEA Icon Series: Preseason concludes this weekend with the final leg of the tournament in Singapore. Make sure you don't miss out! Follow eGG Network for all the latest news and updates on Wild Rift.

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