Update: Alas, we received word from a digital pigeon that Pesta Game has been put on hold indefinitely, due to unknown concerns from the authorities. But, don't worry, a new time and date for the event will be announced in the near future.

Anyone who went to school in Malaysia would feel nostalgic when they hear words like gotong-royong (community work, usually for school clean-ups), Hari Kanak-kanak (Children's Day) or Hari Sukan (Sports Day). In a time that feels pretty perilous for us in the country, YouTube hopes to relive that same nostalgia to relieve our everyday tension with Pesta Game, the country's first ever virtual Hari Sukan.

Pesta Game is a two-day video game streaming event that will pit some of the most popular YouTube Creators in a series of competitive-yet-friendly games against each other. To make Pesta Game truly feel like Hari Sukan, Creators will be paired up across three squads to represent their own Rumah (literally "house", but it means "team" here).

Instead of physical sports like sprinting, high jump or balancing an egg on a spoon (you know, social distancing and what have you), these YouTubers will lock horns across a series of popular video games - mobile, PC and console - in the name of, well, fun! So, expect the likes of PUBG Mobile, Valorant and FIFA 21 to be on the menu.

These are the six YouTubers who will be competing in Pesta Game:

"I'm excited to be a part of Pesta Gaming. I may not be good at gaming, but I'm open to trying it out," said food enthusiast Isaac Osman in a virtual press conference, who will be participating in Pesta Game. It's a sentiment echoed by lifestyle YouTuber Athisha Khan, who has never done any gaming-related content before. "But, it'll be fun to try it out, and I've been wanting to try new things for my channel."

And as the cherry on top, fans will also be able to join their Creators in-game during the stream; or if they prefer to sit back and watch, they stand a chance to win some prizes too.

This virtual event is the first of many YouTube Super Streams throughout 2021, an effort by the platform to produce original local entertainment to Malaysians staying safe indoors.

Pesta Game will take place next weekend (30 and 31 January) from 12PM onwards daily. The virtual Hari Sukan will be live streamed across 10 YouTube channels at the same time, including Media Prima's TV3, TV9, NTV7 and Drama Sangat, as well as participating Creators.

Pesta Game is organised by YouTube, in partnership with IGN Southeast Asia, powered by Samsung Galaxy A51 and A71 and levelled up by KFC.

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