Jika anda seorang pengemar adegan permainan PUBG Mobile, pasti anda menyaksikan PUBG Malaysia National Championship (PMNC 2021) yang baru saja melabuhkan tirai dan empat pasukan sudah melayakkan diri ke PMPL MY / SG Musim 4 atau anda hanya suka bermain 'pertempuran royale' Tencent seperti kami, anda juga mungkin termimpi ingin menjadikan hobi anda menjadi realiti sebagai pemain PUBG Mobile profesional tempatan mahupun antarabangsa. Nah, kami mempunyai berita baik untuk anda – Ia adalah 100% boleh terjadi.

"Ia sebenarnya sama seperti menjadi profesional dalam sukan sedia ada dan ianya secara kebetulan dari hobi beralih kepada karier," kata Muhammad Aiman Mohamed Halim (Slydd) merupakan jurulatih team Anti Circle, salah satu daripada 16 pasukan jemputan PMPL MY/SG Musim 3.

Bekas profesional PUBG PC itu, menasihatkan kepada sesiapa bercita-cita ingin menjadi pemain pro antara salah satu cara terbaik adalah bermain PUBG Mobile's Classic Mode sebanyak mungkin.

Menurutnya, nisbah K/D (bunuh/kematian) anda kelihatan luar biasa. Ini akan membuka mata pencari bakat dan seumpamanya yang memberi tumpuan kepada statistik pemain seseorang dan mengecilkan pemilihan pemain yang berpotensi.

"Jadi jika anda mempunyai nisbah K/D yang baik, anda pastinya akan menjadi perhatian 'mata-mata' pencari bakat dan mereka akan lebih bersedia untuk mencuba anda untuk pasukan mereka," kata Slydd.

Slydd berkata, jika mereka sudah bermain sepasukan, mengapa tidak membentuk pasukan ragtag anda sendiri? Ini akan membolehkan anda bersaing dalam pertandingan yang lebih kecil sebelum dapat mengambil bahagian dalam pertandingan peringkat lebih tinggi.

"Jika anda berjaya masuk ke kejohanan utama, di situlah semua pencarian bakat berlaku.

"Malah pasukan besar mempunyai rombakan jadual, jadi mereka akan mencari bakat atau pemain baharu dalam kejohanan ini untuk merekrut mereka." jelas Slydd.

Selain daripada apa yang dikongsi oleh bekas ahli SEAGM Wolf, anda juga boleh memuat naik kandungan permainan PUBG Mobile anda.

Sama ada melalui penstriman atau rakaman video di platform media sosial dan jika bertuah anda akan disedari.

"Ini sebenarnya bagaimana Secret Jin's Rex (bekas ahli Rahsia Pasukan) mendapat tiketnya ke tempat kejadian profesional, selepas Uhigh Team Secret terjumpa muat naik permainannya di Instagram dan kagum dengan permainannya.,"katanya.

Walau bagaimanapun, individu berkenaan perlu memikir panjang dan perlu bersedia untuk meneruskan karier dalam e-sukan PUBG Mobile Malaysia, jurulatih Slydd berkata perjalanan untuk kearah itu tidak tidak semudah dijangkakan dan pelbagai onak duri perlu ditempuh.

"Anda boleh mencuba untuk pergi kearah itu, tetapi sekurang-kurangnya bersedia dan sekiranya terjadi sesuatu anda masih boleh meneruskan kehidupan.

"Sama ada mempunyai pekerjaan dengan pendapatan yang kukuh atau mendapatkan diploma atau ijazah terlebih dahulu sebelum mencubanya,

supaya jika anda jatuh anda tidak jatuh terduduk, dan anda mempunyai sesuatu untuk bangkit kembali. Seseorang tidak boleh terlalu berhati-hati dalam pilihanya.

Nantikan wawancara penuh kami dengan pasukan Anti Circle, yang akan bertanding dalam PUBG Mobile Professional League Spring Split 2021.

Ikuti laman Permainan Facebook Slydd's Facebook Gaming page untuk aliran PUBG dan laman Instagram Anti Circle.

Ikuti juga eGG Network di FacebookTwitter dan Instagram untuk lebih banyak perkembangan PUBG Mobile.


Al Ikhlas R2K: Back with a vengeance in PMPL MY/SG Season 3

MPX Redline (now JenteraPejuang NSEA): Greatness from small beginnings

It's a day of twists and turns for PUBG Mobile esports Malaysia; well, just two, but still enough to feel certain emotions. Hours after Sean “InSomnus” Tee Yau Terng was announced to leave Team Whales today, the scouter pulled a switcharoo as EVOS ViP revealed that he has joined the white tigers as their latest member, in the best way possible - a wacky video!

"We were looking for a high firepower, frontline player, and InSomnus ticked all of the boxes we had," said team manager Andrew "AurOra" Chen, adding that he's also an experienced player with decent performance in the last PUBG Mobile Professional League Malaysia/Singapore (PMPL MY/SG Season 3). "He has an ability to gather the players together in-game, that’s his contribution to the team’s dynamic. Also, he’s a real try-hard (a compliment actually)."

Admittedly, the Facebook Gaming Creator (yes, InSomnus streams too) initially wasn't at the top of the list, but he was already friends of the EVOS ViP squad prior to joining (LUXXY98 played PC games with him and his former teammates) - he even contacted them directly to try out for the vacant spot. "From the first match he played with us, I was impressed that he bonded so well with the team," AurOra exclaimed. "It felt like he was already with us for a long time, which makes him different from the other candidates."


An extra member in any esports team would undoubtedly leave some players out of the battlefield, so why did they bring InSomnus on board as a sixth member? "We want to introduce healthy competition among themselves," said the team manager, joking with his analyst (to be revealed!) that they should pit them against each other in Team Deathmatch mode, with the top 4 performers playing in the day's matches (of course not). At the end of the day, "everyone here is a good player. Any player combination has its perks, and it's a major headache wondering how to dispatch."

That's one headache that's bittersweet, though definitely on the sweeter side. EVOS ViP's firepower has proven to be much more explosive last season, placing in the top 5 of PMPL MY/SG Season 3, and with InSomnus on board, there's definitely more gunpowder in the team now to go kaboom (in a good way).

"Right now, we are working our way up with our training schedule and regime, perfecting our gameplay step by step, day by day," said AurOra. "I have the utmost confidence in our team for the upcoming PMPL MY/SG Season 4. #EVOSROAR!"

“When you are not practicing, remember, someone somewhere is practicing, and when you meet him, he will win.”

Bjergsen, TSM coach, ex-midlaner.
(left to right) InSomnus, Razor and AurOra dancing to budget version of Rickroll.

Be sure to follow EVOS ViP on Facebook and Instagram for more updates on the Malaysian PUBG Mobile squad.

Wonder how an aggressive PUBG Mobile team make their rotations? InSomnus shared his insights on how his previous squad Team Whales did just that during PMPL MY/SG Season 3.

Knocking everyone’s socks off with a fantastic ending is one of the greatest pleasures that professional esports players can experience, one which RSG MY had the fortune of savouring in the PMPL MY/SG Season 3 (PUBG Mobile Professional League Malaysia/Singapore). 

Despite placing 14th in League Season, the Malaysian PUBG Mobile team blew fans away when they snagged the championship title, proving that they are worthy of representing their country in the upcoming regional PMPL SEA Championship 2021 (previously known as PMPL SEA Finals).

(Clockwise from top left) BadMaN, Vokey, ChillReX, Kim, our writer and SmallBoY.

Seanjev Tan “BadMaN” Jian Rhen - IGL/Support
Alexis Aw “SmallBoY” Chee Loong - Fragger/Rusher
Muhammad Imran “Vokey” bin Rosli - Scouter
Amirol Hakiem “Kim” bin Sabaruddin - Support
Churchill Ensir “ChillReX” Anak Tampler Salang - Support/Coach


Aiman Wafiy “N4STY” Roslan

Team manager N4STY.

"We expected to only get a top 5 spot, but getting the championship title was like ‘wow'", said Kim, who also earned the title as Finals MVP by raking in a whopping total of 40 kills in the three-day finale. RSG MY were particularly speechless when they came out on top, especially after their performance during League Season.

“I guess I made some wrong calls around the late game (during League),” captain BadMaN recalled, exemplifying the times they played too aggressively at the wrong times as one of several instances. “When we realised our mistake, we changed a few things, worked it out together, and now, here we are.” 

Whatever RSG MY’s winning formula is (“There’s too many to list down,” said ChillRex), you can expect the boys in white and blue to put it to good use once again in the next PMPL SEA Championship 2021, albeit with a few tweaks. “There are a few things that the SEA Championship teams will do at a more advanced level, like their aggressiveness,” said BadMaN, with Kim adding that they’ll be more systematic in their approach in the regional tournament. “We’ll play it smart and simple.”

Even Vokey will be levelling up himself to perform better in the SEA Championship, by finally converting his playstyle to use gyroscope aiming (physically angling his phone to aim instead of thumbs). “During PMPL MY/SG, there were fewer close encounter battles than before, with a lot of players killing from afar. So, I want to improve my long-distance combat with gyroscope.”

Meet RSG.CaramelOP, the team's mascot and "secret weapon".

Prior to PMPL MY/SG Season 3, RSG MY had a roster refresh that saw IronPRO and Y2K leaving, whilst filling in the gaps with former PUBG PC pro players ChillReX and BadMaN. “We basically started from zero when we assembled the new team,” the coach explained, saying that the current lineup of RSG MY is their most balanced yet. “Everyone is good at their own role,” so they can easily adapt both aggressive and defensive play styles.

What makes RSG MY stand out from other Malaysian finalists (aside from being champions, as Vokey cheekily pointed out), is that they’re extremely methodical. “Everything we do, we must follow our SOP (standard operating procedure, a.k.a game plan),” SmallBoY revealed, saying that they must adhere to every single step without missing a beat to win the game. “So if you see RSG MY not doing well, it means we didn’t stick to our SOP.”

Even so, RSG MY respects Geek Fam and Dingoz MPX. “We expect them to play (in PMPL SEA Championship 2021) the way they did for PMPL MY/SG, but better,” SmallBoY expressed. “They still have time to polish their strategies or work out any gameplay they’re missing, so I think they’ll play with full confidence. Even though we’re enemies in-game, all of us will be bringing the same country flag to the next stage.”

You can follow RSG MY on Facebook and Instagram to stay-in-the-know.

PMPL SEA Championship 2021 begins 21 May, with 16 of the best PUBG Mobile professional squads in Southeast Asia battling for bragging rights as the best team in the region.

Dreams do come true when you put your mind to it, as is the case for Malaysian PUBG Mobile esports team Dingoz MPX. Despite underperforming in the PMPL MY/SG Season 3 Country Finals (with a valid reason), their League Season championship title granted them passage to PMPL SEA Finals Season 3, where they’ll go up against the top dogs of Southeast Asia and prove their worth.

First row: Eypul and IronPRO; second row: Pasha, Pemburu and Rith; third row: Appy.

Muhammad Haziq Hanafi “Appy” bin Md Zin - IGL
Muhammad Harith Aimar “R1TH” bin Stanley - Rusher
Mohamad Saiful Annuar “Eypu1” bin Shahrom - Support
Sahrul Daulay “PEMBURU” bin Jailani - Support
Muhammad Mukhriz Lutfi “IronPRO” bin Fariq Adlan - Rusher/Fragger


Muhammad Nur Azmi “Pasha” bin Mohamed Halim


Khairul “Joker” Ridhwan

“This has been our dream since we played in PMNC (PUBG Mobile Malaysia National Championship) two years ago,” said team manager Joker, adding that training and staying focused were key to their success. “We are excited to bring our country flag onto the SEA stage”.

Knowing that they’re already advancing to PMPL SEA Finals Season 3 (“We had no pressure to win this league”), Dingoz MPX took the chance to try new strategies and rotations in the Country Finals to prepare for the regional face-off. “We just focused on securing top 12 to qualify for PMPL MY/SG Season 4,” Joker revealed, which they did by placing ninth.

Joker tearing up after Dingoz MPX's League Season win.

Aside from the SEA Finals, Dingoz MPX - along with fellow countrymen Team Secret - even had the chance to go up against China’s upper echelons in the Peace Elite Asia Invitational (PEI 2021), albeit playing Peacekeeper Elite in FPP (first-person perspective). Describing it as an amazing experience, Joker admitted that they “didn’t train or play in FPP mode, but we still managed to give the Chinese teams a hard time” and placed ninth (a coincidence?). “The best moment was when we got the first Chicken Dinner for Malaysia.”

Dingoz MPX have come a long way since then. They previously played under the name AXIS MPX (AXIS NRL MPX last season) before Axis Esports pulled out as their sponsor. Nevertheless, Rith, Eypul and Appy remained when Dingoz Esports came in as their latest benefactor, and to fill in what the team lacked, they enlisted veterans IronPRO (RSG MY) and Eypul (N.E.D Brotherhood), along with former PUBG PC pro player Pasha as their coach.

Dingoz MPX even got the highest kill per match in their Chicken Dinner win for Day 2 Match 3.

“It's a very different experience for me (joining Dingoz MPX) because this team is more solid,” Eypul expressed, with Appy echoing his sentiments. When observing the newly refreshed lineup, Pasha noticed “how each of them have their own calibre; the way they moved, spoke to each other and handled any situations, there was potential. They just need help tweaking here and there.”

Apart from training eight hours every weekday, comprising scrims and competitor analysis, bonding time between the boys are equally essential. It helps that all of them reside in the same gaming house, so they can go swimming and work out together in the gym. “Bonding with the team is a good way to build chemistry and a winning mentality,” Joker explained. “When we are down, we support each other; when we win, we celebrate together.”

Rith's sister passed away during the PMPL MY/SG Country Finals and is currently taking a short break to be with family. He'll be back in action for the SEA Finals.

Even coach Pasha couldn’t emphasise enough the importance of understanding his players off the arena. “So that I know how to help them, know when to push them, and so on,” the coach said, with IronPRO adding that “we appreciate one another and respect each other.”

Looks like everything that Dingoz MPX did has finally paid off, and will be flying off (digitally) to the PMPL SEA Finals Season 3 to battle top-tier teams like Bigetron RA and Valdus Esports. “We are excited to play with every team,” Joker said. After all, every participating squad are the best of the best in their country “so it will be exciting to play at this level.”

“We respect every team, but we aren’t afraid of anyone either,” said Pasha with finality.

Did we mention that Domino's Pizza Malaysia also sponsors Dingoz MPX? Free pizzas!

Follow Dingoz MPX's journey on Facebook and Instagram.

PMPL SEA Finals Season 3 will begin 21 May, with 16 of the best PUBG Mobile professional squads in Southeast Asia, battling for bragging rights as the best team in the region as well as a share of the soon-to-be-announced prize pool. Stay tuned as more info will be revealed very soon.

The national tier of the PUBG Mobile Professional League (PMPL) stage in Southeast Asia has finally reached its end, and the heat is on for the next level of PUBG Mobile esports - the PMPL SEA Finals Season 3. 16 of the top PUBG Mobile professional teams in the region will be duking it once more over a three-day Finals to prove who's the best of the best. Will defending champions Bigetron RA reclaim their title, or will a new champion team emerge from the arena?

Here are the 16 teams who have been confirmed to compete in PMPL SEA Finals Season 3:

PMPL SEA Finals Season 2 winner

Bigetron RA

PMPL Indonesia

Geek Fam ID
Aura Esports
EVOS Reborn

Since Bigetron RA already qualified for PMPL SEA Finals Season 3, their championship placement during Regular Season and runner-up spot in the Country Finals made it possible for EVOS Reborn and Aura Esports, respectively, to make their regional debut.

PMPL Thailand

FaZe Clan
The Infinity
Valdus Esports

Valdus Esports were the champions of PMPL-TH Season 3 Regular Season, thus securing their SEA Finals slot. Though they placed second in the Country Finals, the next slot for the SEA Finals went to the second runner-ups: The Infinity.


Geek Fam MY
Dingoz MPX

PMPL Vietnam

HVNB (HocVienNamBlue)
Eagle Esport
Infinity IQ

PMCO SEA Wildcard

Orange PLAY
JoinMe Yellow

With two Geek Fam and two Infinity teams participating in the Finals, expect some sponsorship and name changes to happen over the next few weeks.

The format and prize pool remain unannounced, but with the SEA Finals mere weeks away, you can expect more details to be revealed very soon.

Catch the PMPL SEA Finals Season 3 from 21 - 23 May, LIVE on PUBG Mobile‘s Facebook page and YouTube channel.

And you can bet your butt that eGG Network will be covering his highly-anticipated PUBG Mobile esports event on on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. (wink)

After four weeks of exhilarating League Season and three days of Country Finals, RSG MY came out on top as the winners of PMPL MY/SG Season 3 (PUBG Mobile Professional League Malaysia/Singapore). As the champions, they will represent Malaysia in the PMPL SEA Finals Season 3 and are rewarded the US$15,000 victors cash prize. (Looks like our prediction was wrong, but hey, we were close. 😅)

The (somewhat) underdogs had a rocky start in the League Season, initially not advancing to the Country Finals up until the last Super Weekend, where they played superbly and leapt from 19th to 14th in just two days. Mad respect to RSG MY as they brought their Super Weekend 3 momentum into the Finals, kicking off with fifth place before ending their run with five Winner Winner Chicken Dinner and 92 kills (both the highest in this stage). Even fragger Kim was awarded the Finals MVP title as the cherry on top of the cake, raking in an extra US$2,000 for himself.

Aside from league champions Dingoz MPX, who placed ninth, runner-ups Geek Fam will also have the same honour as RSG MY to hoist the Jalur Gemilang (Malaysian flag) in PMPL SEA Finals Season 3, not to mention they are rewarded US$10,000 for their commendable effort in the Country Finals.

Other finalists worth highlighting include Anti Circle, Homebois, J8 Esports and EVOS ViP, who performed outstandingly well in the Country Finals and got top 6 spots. Even Doktor Internet Taugeh Ayam Esports showed tremendous promise in the League stage by placing fourth.

On the flip side, top dogs like Yoodo Gank, Team Secret and Team SMG couldn't quite capture the magic they had that scored them seats to the PMPL SEA Finals, though the latter two performed decent enough to place seventh and eighth, respectively. This is the first time Team Secret didn't advance to the regionals.

Up next is the higher-tier PMPL SEA Finals Season 3, which will be running from 21 - 23 May according to Liquipedia. It will feature 16 of the best PUBG Mobile professional squads in Southeast Asia, battling for bragging rights as the best team in the region as well as a share of the soon-to-be-announced prize pool. Stay tuned as more info will be revealed very soon.

But before that, RSG MY, Geek Fam, Dingoz MPX and Team Secret will be competing in the Peace Elite Asia Invitational 2021 tomorrow (27 - 29 April), battling not only the top teams in SEA, but also China, Japan and Korea, for the ¥3,000,000 prize pool.

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PMPL MY/SG Season 3 began on 24 March with three weeks of League Season, followed by the Country Finals that ran from 23 - 25 April. The action was broadcast on PUBG Mobile's Facebook page and YouTube channel, as well as their official broadcast partner WeTV.

Follow eGG Network on FacebookTwitter and Instagram for more PMPL MY/SG goodness.

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