With Yoodo Alliance x 4Rivals and Farang Lejund a cut above the rest after the first two days, they looked like the favourites to win the whole tournament on the final day of the PUBG Mobile Professional League MYSGPH (PMPL MYSGPH S5). After their stellar performances on days one and two, it looked like their game to lose.

Round 1
Round 2

First round of the day went as expected, with YA4R finishing 3rd and FRG in second. First place easily went to HomeBois who had all their members alive for the final circle. The second round started off with a big surprise as YA4R were the first to be eliminated. FRG fared much better, finishing in 5th place (overtaking YA4R on the leaderboards) but in the end, it was HomeBois that clutched their second Chicken Dinner of the day.

Round 3
Round 4

Round three saw YA4R winning another Chicken Dinner of the grand finals, reclaiming the top spot on the leaderboard. FRG didn't do too poorly, with a fourth-place finish. Dingoz ended second, closing the gap between them and the top spot. The fourth round went to Dingoz, who had the high ground and numbers advantage over SEM9 - putting them in second place on the overall leaderboards and a mere 10 points away from number one. The last round of the event is going to be spicy!

Dingoz and YA4R eliminated in quick succession
Round 5

The winner of the whole tournament boiled down to the final round. At 23 minutes, Dingoz and YA4R found themselves getting eliminated one after another, but with FRG and HB already out of the equation, it looked like they weren't going to drop out of the top two. It boiled down to a three-way showdown between Genexus, Clutch Guerillas and MAB Esports. In the end, their superior positioning gave the team an edge over the other two teams, giving them their first Chicken Dinner of the day.

Ultimately, it was Yoodo Alliance x 4Rivals who remained on top of the leaderboards. Their superb performance throughout the whole season including the grand finals proved that they were deserving of the championship. Congratulations to PEMBURU, Appy, Rith, Vokey, Eypul and Pasha on their victory! They will be moving on to represent Malaysia at the upcoming PMPL SEA Championship, along with Dingoz, Farang Lejund, HomeBois, Genexus and RSG Malaysia. Team Secret will be present as well, for winning last season.

Season MVP
Top Eliminators
Individual Awards

What a day for the boys in YA4R - they definitely deserved the win for their performances. We look forward to catching them at PMPL SEA later this year!

If you missed the action of the final day, catch the VOD here:

Stay tuned to eGG Network for more news and updates on PUBG Mobile.

The group stage of the PUBG Mobile Professional League (PMPL) MYSGPH S5 finally came to a conclusion last week and we now have the 16 teams that will be moving on to the grand finals! But first, here’s a summary of how the teams performed.

Farang Lejund proved to be the team to beat last week as they finished top of the leaderboard with 257 points - a huge improvement over their week 2 results. With this win, they secure a spot in the top 16. RSG also showed up with a second-place finish, and end up sixth overall. Yoodo Alliance x 4Rivals finished third, which put the team as number one overall. A well-deserved spot for their amazing consistency throughout the whole league period.

Finishing at the bottom last week were EVOS ViP, Clutch Guerilla, Team HAQ and ALMIGHTY. Unfortunately for HAQ and ALM, they won’t be making it to the grand final week. Joining them with the farewell are Team SMG and KHI Esports - while they had some moments of brilliance throughout the league, it wasn't enough to keep them in the tournament.

The teams attending the PMPL MYSGPH S5 Grand Finals:

  1. Yoodo Alliance x 4Rivals
  2. Axis RedONE
  3. Genexus
  4. Dingoz Esports
  5. R2K
  6. RSG Malaysia
  7. Farang Lejund
  8. Team Bosskurr
  9. Geek Fam
  10. SEM9
  12. HomeBois
  13. Team Secret
  14. Clutch Guerilla
  15. MAB Esports
  16. EVOS ViP

The PMPL MYSGPH S5 Grand Finals will be held on April 15th - 17th, 6 PM onwards. Make sure to catch the action live on eGG Network TV, Facebook, and YouTube. Tune in to find out who will hoist the trophy this season!

What a comeback story for Genexus this weekend! After a mediocre performance in week 1 of the PUBG Mobile MYSGPH Season 5, they bounced back hard for the second week. With three Chicken Dinners and four second-place finishes, GNX wiped the floor with the competition. Well played to Biubiu, Snappie, Looyou and LoongSkr this week, let’s see if they can keep it up for the coming one.

Finishing in second place were Axis RedONE, another team that came back hard. Like GNX, they had a rough first week, and it looks like things are clicking for the team. Yoodo x Alliance 4Rivals managed third place this week, an improvement over last week, showing the team’s consistency. Dingoz dropped to fourth while Clutch Guerilla jumped to fifth. Team Secret also stepped it up this week and managed a sixth-place finish, while Geek Fam earned seventh this week. R2K, RSG and Homebois round out the rest of the top ten.

KHI also made a huge leap this week, finishing in twelfth place compared to the last spot on week one - however, they're not out of the woods yet and will need another good week to qualify for the grand final. Team SMG and ALMIGHTY have been struggling this season - things aren't looking great for them. It's unlikely we'll be seeing them in the rest of the tournament after this coming week.

PMPL MYSGPH S5 continues this week with the final leg of the group stage kicking off from tomorrow until Sunday (6-10 April, 6.45 PM GMT+8). Catch the action live on Facebook or YouTube, and replays on eGG Network TV. More info.

The first week of the PUBG Mobile Professional League Malaysia Singapore Philippines Season 5 (PMPL MYSGPH S5) concluded last night, with some very surprising results. Here’s the overall leaderboard for the first week:

Dingoz Esports was on fire last week - in more than half of their 20 matches, they finished on the podium with 2 Chicken Dinners. Firing on all cylinders since the beginning, they kept up their level of gameplay throughout all 5 days. If Dingoz maintains their form for the remaining 2 weeks, they will definitely be competing in the grand final. Not far behind them are HomeBois, R2K, Bosskurr, Tabah NSEA and Yoodo Alliance-4Rivals.

Moving on from the first page, it’s surprising to see a number of big names here, hanging out the bottom of the leaderboard. Team Secret, SEM9, RSG MY, and Team SMG haven’t been looking too hot. Maybe they’re taking a leaf out of Secret’s playbook of starting slow and ramping up as the weeks pass? Perhaps.

Closing out the leaderboards are the newcomers from Singapore and Phillippines - ALMIGHTY and KHI Esports. They will have to step up their game if they intend to make the finals because it’s not looking good for them. If they want motivation, they need to look no further than the words of HomeBois IronPro during the post-match interview, “KHI Esports, thank you for donating the points to us!”.

Week 2 will see the teams starting again from zero, giving them another chance at making it to the top of the leaderboards. How will they fare? Make sure to tune into the action live on Facebook and YouTube. Replays will also be broadcast on eGG Network TV.

The latest season of the PUBG Mobile Professional League (PMPL) MYSGPH starts this week with some interesting changes to its format. There will be no more separation between Weekdays and Super Weekends, which means teams will have to maintain consistent performances throughout the whole week - teams don't get a chance to 'catch up' by performing extra well during Super Weekends. Teams will be awarded based on their kills and placement as usual, but every match matters now. There will also be Weekly and League bonus points given to teams based on their performances and overall ranking placement after 3 weeks of PMPL. More info.

The twenty teams will be split into five groups, and each team will play four matches a day for a period of five days a week. Here are the teams and the group draw:

The groups look pretty balanced, with all the 'big names' spread across evenly, sprinkled in with some newer faces. It's going to be interesting to see Clutch Guerilla up against their former organization, TheFarang in group A, while Team Secret vs SEM9 (formerly Yoodo Gank) is always a spicy matchup. Group D and E are the only ones with non-Malaysian teams (Almighty SG and KHI Esports PH), so we'll definitely look out for their performances. Axis RedONE are last season's winners, so they definitely have a target on their backs this year.

The top 16 teams will move on to the Country Finals, where they will fight for a spot in PMPL SEA Championship Spring 2022 - but that is still a ways away from now. Make sure you catch the action live on Facebook and YouTube starting this Wednesday, 23 March, 6 PM (GMT+8) for the first weekend. The matches will also be shown on eGG Network, albeit delayed. You definitely don't want to miss out! Keep it locked onto eGG Network for more news and updates.

After months of training and competing in the PUBG Mobile Professional League, Team Secret have come out as victors of PMPL SEA Season 4! It looks like their plan of doing the bare minimum during the league stage paid off. By barely qualifying for the Grand Finals, Team Secret looked shaky coming into the final weekend, but their performance said otherwise. The Malaysian squad won a total of 4 Chicken Dinners in the PMPL SEA S4 Grand Finals, the most out of any team at the event, including the last one to conclude the tournament. They were the most consistent team, finishing top 4 in 9 out of 15 rounds.

Congratulations to Fredo, iShotz, MADTOI, Jumper, Y2K, KiD and Seraveem. The boys have made Malaysia proud with this victory! Well played to the other Malaysian teams as well, with 4Rivals finishing 4th, Geek Fam 6th, and AXIS RedONE at 8th.

Joining Team Secret at PMGC will be 4Rivals, FaZe, BTR RA and MS Chonburi - where they will face off against teams from the rest of the world for the ultimate title - and a cut of the $6,000,000 prize pool. The action continues 30 November - 24 December, stay tuned to eGG Network for all the latest news and updates!

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