It looks like TV is still the platform of choice for a lot of esports fans. eGG Network announced today that during the last major PUBG Mobile tournament, the PUBG Mobile World League: Season Zero (PMWL:S0) East recorded peak concurrent viewers of 233,000 with a total of 1.46 million unique viewers over the 5-week period in Malaysia. This was more than the combined English viewership of the PMWL East on the tournament’s official streams on other platforms!

Throughout the tournament duration, Astro Channel 800, eGG Network, had an average viewership of 146K, peaking at 233K concurrent viewers, with over 1.46 million unique viewers. This news comes on the back of the PMWL Finals breaking its own viewership records.

“We’re glad that PMWL was a big hit globally. We want to thank fans in Malaysia for tuning in to the tournament on eGG Network, as well as fans in the other countries where the channel is broadcasted. Having PUBG MOBILE esports on TV along with other online platforms ensures that we can reach as many fans as possible around the globe,” said Gaga Li, Esports Head of PUBG MOBILE Southeast Asia.

With PMWL:S0 East being such a hit with the Malaysian crowd, we can expect to see a lot more PUBG Mobile tournaments broadcasted on the eGG Network TV channel in the future.

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It's still so surreal knowing that Bigetron RA has once again claimed the world championship title in last night's PUBG Mobile World League 2020 Spring Split East Division Season Zero. But, that's not the only big news that came out of the international tournament, with plenty of updates announced for the future of PUBG Mobile esports.

The biggest change that was revealed for PUBG Mobile esports, is the new point system. Each Winner Winner Chicken Dinner currently grants 20 points, but from the next season onwards, it'll instead be lowered to 15 points, with subsequent placements following suit in terms of having a lower value. The final punch in the gut applies to the bottom four spots - teams who get knocked out too soon will have zero points next season, and they would need to make up for their early exit with some kills, lest they walk away empty-handed.

This, in turn, places more emphasis for players to score killing points - which remain at 1 point - and that relying on good placements isn't the only way to win the championship anymore.

Other PUBG Mobile esports news that were shared include the latest milestone in player registration for next season's PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO), with as many as 80,000 total teams signing up for the upcoming league. Speaking of numbers, the Ban Pan system - PUBG Mobile's anti-cheating measures that was launched earlier this year - has banned and disqualified 531 teams in the qualifiers for Fall Split. Sounds like the system works!

On top of that, the full list of dates for each regions' respective PMCO and PUBG Mobile Professional League (PMPL) was unveiled, as well as all the invited teams for each series.

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And last but not least, a huge PUBG Mobile event is coming soon this year, although we weren't told what it was just yet. However, we don't have to wait long to find out, with the reveal happening on 24 August. And we'll be sure to update you guys on what it is the moment it's announced.

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The kings of the throne will not be toppled. Bigetron Red Aliens are your two-time champions of the world stage, winning the PUBG Mobile World League 2020 Spring Split East Division Season Zero with 287 points, including two Winner Winner Chicken Dinners (WWCDs) and the second-highest kill volume of 113 points.

Their hunger for kills - as well as a prosperous amount of good placements throughout the world tournament - earned them their well-deserved championship title, overcoming the likes of India's Orange Rock Esports and Thailand's RRQ Athena, who got second and third place, respectively. It was a tight competition between the top 3, who were trading rankings back and forth until the Indonesian ace team won in the long run. They were rewarded with the winnings of US$155,000, while Orange Rock and RRQ Athena return home with US$55,000 and US37,500, respectively.

Two of Bigetron RA's best matches in Day 4 were round two (Vikendi) and four (Miramar), placing second in both games. Fans witnessed a literal rocky finale in the winter wonderland level, with the top 5 teams - Orange Rock, Yoodo Gank, RRQ Athena and U Level Up - circling a huge boulder situated just below Tovar, as they attempt to outgun one another until the last team stands. Bigetron managed to take down U Level Up after the Taiwanese team knocked out RRQ Athena, followed by Orange Rock, totaling up to 13 kills in that round. However, after waiting for their competitors to be flushed out, Yoodo Gank swooped in from behind to surprise the champions and secured their second chicken dinner.

Looked like they were enacting that one cliff-related scene in The Lord of the Rings.

And in the largest map of PUBG Mobile, it wasn't exactly smooth sailing for the PMWL 2020 East champions - Luxxy was knocked out early while the Red Aliens were barely staying inside the safe zone until the final few circles. But, they eventually survived and managed to share a high ground with Valdus The Murder, who were on the other end. On top of that, captain Zuxxy even went aboard a compound housed by Reject Scarlet, fearlessly proning on top of their roof to pick off the last of King of Gamers Club from a distance, while Microboy attempts to take out their Japanese neighbours, resulting in him being knocked out while finishing them off - this led to them having a whopping nine kills this round. With Valdus and Bigetron as the last two teams, the latter were weakened from their last fight, which the Thai team noticed. Thus, they rushed in and overpowered Bigetron, bagging their first ever WWCD in the League Finals.

Zuxxy truly has a huge pair, gunning down his opponent right above his other hostile neighbour.

In other news, BOX Gaming's Break - whose team placed fourth after winning their second WWCD in the last match of the day - won the MVP title for the Eastern Division of PMWL 2020, scoring 7519 total damage and 35 eliminations. He was gifted US$3,000 for his outstanding performance.

As for Malaysia's Team Secret and Yoodo Gank, there were glimmers of their prime performance today, as the former killed 19 players today and the Malaysian fan favourites cooked up their sole chicken dinner. Nonetheless, it wasn't enough to pull them out of the bottom two spots. We wish them nothing but the best of luck in the next global tournament of PUBG Mobile esports.

Thanks for watching PMWL 2020 East on eGG Network TV. Be sure to have a pleasant break from PUBG Mobile esports before the second Professional League of Malaysia/Singapore (PMPL MY/SG) begins on 18 August.

Match 1: Erangel

Another slow start on Erangel again (don’t worry, many more matches on this map to come!) as teams warmed themselves up for the long day ahead. As the circle shrank, many players found themselves picked off trying to cross the river to reach Sosnovka Island, leaving teams a man or two short towards the midgame. Yesterday’s leader, BOX Gaming, and Valdus the Murder were the first two teams to be eliminated, shortly followed by TSM Entity. None of the teams were in a  great position at 20 minutes, with most of them hanging around the edge of the circle.  Surprisingly, T1, one of the more aggressive early-game squads of day 1 had a change of pace today, playing patiently and not showing themselves until it was down to the final 3, along with GXR Celtz and MegaStars. This move paid off well for T1 as they were able to take out the other 2 squads, earning them their first Chicken Dinner of the day and their first of the finals weekend.

Match 2: Vikendi

Match 2 had a sluggish start as well, with almost everyone lasting well into the midgame, scouting for resources and staying hidden - setting the stage for a hectic late-game conflict. MegaStars were the winners of this portion of the match, finding themselves 2 supply crates landing right outside their hiding location. As the teams made their way towards Castle where the circle was, those that crossed paths attacked each other, with Scarlet Rejects being the first to be eliminated. As the circle got smaller, 3 teams remained - Bigetron RA, Yoodo Gank, and King of Gamers. Unfortunately for Yoodo, they only managed to finish 3rd, their best performance of the finals so far, while Bigetron RA were stopped again from getting their second Chicken Dinner. KOG emerged victoriously with their first win of the weekend, pushing them up a few spots on the leaderboard.

Match 3: Erangel

For today’s second match on Erangel, teams started making more aggressive plays from the get-go. Nothing extraordinary happened but the final minutes turned into a full 4 vs 4 firefight between Orange Rock and RRQ Athena - both squads had all their players alive, a rare occurrence at this point in the game. After all the grenades were thrown and bullets shot, RRQ Athena were the ones left standing, earning their second Chicken Dinner of the finals - things are looking up for the Thai squad as they jump up another few places on the leaderboard. Well played to Orange Rock as well - they were no slouches with 9 kills to their name this round.

Match 4: Miramar

While there was plenty of land in Miramar, the circle quickly shrank to force all the teams to play within a confined area around Chumacera. As the teams converged into the circle, RRQ Athena, who were already in the centre, found themselves with opponents on all sides - however, they kept their cool and held off from engaging with the other teams until it was down to the final 3 - BOX Gaming and Team IND. BOX Gaming managed a final 2 finish by taking out Team IND, but ran out of steam for the final encounter against RRQ Athena, who took them out to earn their second victory of the day - the first back-to-back Chicken Dinner of the finals.

Match 5: Sanhok

Everyone’s favourite jungle map featured multiple skirmishes from the get-go, but it was at 9 minutes when MegaStars were the first squad to be completely wiped out. As the teams moved towards Paradise Resort, players started dropping like flies from all the firefights breaking out at the same time - but eventually, it was the blue circle that proved to be their biggest enemy, taking out Team IND, TSM Entity, and T1, leaving Bigetron RA as the winners.

Match 6: Erangel

For the last match of the day, the circle placed itself in a very interesting location - the bridge connecting Sosnovka Island with the mainland. While Team IND started in a very favourable position - their favourite hangout on the bridge - it wasn’t enough to keep them in the match. In the midgame, the majority of the action took place during a chaotic and drawn-out fight between BOX Gaming, TSM Entity, T1, U Level Up, Team Secret and Yoodo Gank. Leaving most of the teams dead.

The final circle ended up being more than 80% water, with all the teams scrambling around the cliffside, taking shots at opponents floundering in the water. The match concluded with a hilarious ‘swim battle’ between RRQ Athena’s Beer and Earnny against SynerGE’s Ted - because all the players were swimming in water with no way to fire their weapons, it turned into a contest of trying to push their opponents into the shrinking blue circle to be the last one alive. RRQ Athena grab their third win of the day with this final match.

Wrap Up

Day 2 has been very different from the first day, with the magic that BOX Gaming showed yesterday non-apparent today. Bigetron RA have maintained their consistency, while Indian teams - Team IND, MegaStars, TSM-Entity, and Orange Rock have been rising slowly thanks to their kill scores, despite the lack of Chicken Dinners. RRQ Athena was the biggest surprise of the day, claiming back to back victories and propelling themselves to 3rd place on the leaderboard. If they keep up this fiery performance, they’ll be in a good place to win the whole tournament.

The final match will also be one to remember for the coming months - not every day you get to see a game finishing in such a comical fashion. Team Secret and Yoodo Gank have continued to disappoint with subpar performances today. They still have two more days to show that they have what it takes to win - or that they’ve completely checked out this tournament.

The action of PMWL:S0 East continues tomorrow at the same time – 8pm (in GMT +8) on eGG NetworkFacebookYouTube and Twitch.

Match 1: Erangel

The first match of the PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL): Season Zero East grand finals started out with all the teams playing precariously, with the first kill only taking place at almost 11 minutes. But the first big surprise of the tournament was the whole squad of Bigetron RA getting eliminated at 16th place at 15 minutes by the Korean squad, T1, thanks to a fistful of grenades in a cliffside skirmish. Towards the midgame the remaining 8 teams found themselves in the woods south of Pochinki, protecting their edge of the circle. In the end, it was a showdown between BOX Gaming and Team Secret but BOX Gaming’s superior positioning and numbers gave them the edge to claim the first Chicken Dinner of the day. 

Match 2: Vikendi

This round started off slow with mini skirmishes breaking out every now and then but by 20 minutes there were still 15 teams left, spread around the battlefield southwest of Dino Park. Teams scrambled around, running from cover to cover, looking for a safe position to hold. As the circle shrank, it was down to U Level Up and BOX Gaming. Thanks to Team Secret’s uHigh who had taken out a couple of BOX Gaming’s squad earlier, U Level Up managed to prevent the Vietnamese squad from scoring two Chicken Dinners in a row. U Level Up earn their first win of the day.

Match 3: Erangel

Interestingly the match started off with a bugged circle which led to a rehost of the map. When the map reloaded, T1 scored the first kill of the day courtesy of a hilarious jeep into parachute knockdown. Most of the big teams were knocked out early, leaving BOX Gaming, GXR Celtz, MegaStars and Bigetron RA in the final four. This time - thanks to their advantageous high ground position when the circle closed in around them - Bigetron RA managed to score their first Chicken Dinner of the day, while BOX Gaming finished second again.

Match 4: Miramar

This match started with another surprise elimination, with BOX Gaming, current leaders of day 1, being the first team eliminated of the match after losing a hillside skirmish to T1. It seemed to start a trend, with almost all the other score leaders following suit. The final 3 teams boiled down to Bigetron RA’s last surviving member - Luxxy vs very healthy RRQ Athena and Orange Rock squads. Luxxy’s excellent guerilla tactics single-handedly took Orange Rock out of the game before giving his life up to the eventual winners, RRQ Athena. RRQ Athena won their first Chicken Dinner of the day.

Match 5: Sanhok

For the smallest map of the day, the action started right from the get-go, with previous match winners RRQ Athena being the first team to get knocked out. Fights broke out all across the map but in the end, it boiled down to a showdown between the underdogs, Reject Scarlet and regular season winners, Bigetron RA. While Bigetron RA had played extremely well up to this point (scoring 17 kills in this map alone), they fell short in the final conflict against the Japanese squad, who won their first Chicken Dinner of the day.

Match 6: Erangel

The last match of the day saw teams starting off cautiously again, slowly gathering resources and making the trek towards safety. As the circle settled in the area west of Mansion, Bigetron RA and Team Secret were the first two teams to be eliminated. The remaining 4 teams boiled down to U Level Up, MegaStars, BOX Gaming and GXR Celtz. Things looked promising for BOX Gaming after they eliminated GXR Celtz, but they were taken out by U Level Up who then proceeded to kill off MegaStars, winning their second Chicken Dinner and the final match of the day.

Wrap Up

Despite winning two Chicken Dinners, U Level Up only managed a third-place finish for the day. BOX Gaming’s consistent performance and high kill count secured the Vietnamese squad first place for the day, while Bigetron RA follows hot on their heels at second. MegaStars and Orange Rock had a promising showing as well, making the top 5 cut. An unfortunate day for our Malaysian squads, Team Secret (10th place) and Yoodo Gank (15th) - they will have to step it up over the next 3 days if they want to place well.

While it’s hard to draw accurate conclusions from day one alone, if these teams keep performing at the same calibre, it looks like BOX Gaming or Bigetron RA’s tournament to win. Both of the teams have performed consistently over the six matches today, scoring many kills in addition to placing well. 

There’s a huge disparity in points from the top 4 to the rest of the group, so the lower placing teams have a chance to do well if the top 3 underperform on the following days, or get eliminated early. There’s still three more days of action, so we’ll just have to wait and see. PMWL:S0 East continues tomorrow at the same time - 8pm (in GMT +8) on eGG Network, Facebook, YouTube and Twitch.

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