Guess who finally found their groove after two weeks of League Play? Malaysia's Team Secret recently topped the Super Weekend 2 rankings by securing 186 points, giving them a huge boost in the overall Super Weekend standings from 13th to seventh place. They even had an eight-point lead against the Indonesian world champions of Bigetron RA, who placed second last weekend.

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Here are the full scores for Super Weekend 2:

  1. Team Secret - 186 points
  2. Bigetron RA - 178 points
  3. TSM Entity - 176 points
  4. King of Gamers Club - 160 points
  5. BOX Gaming - 155 points
  6. MegaStars - 154 points
  7. Valdus - 132 points
  8. GXR Celtz - 132 points
  9. SynerGE - 125 points
  10. RRQ Athena - 124 points
  11. T1 - 123 points
  12. U Level Up - 103 points
  13. Orange Rock - 101 points
  14. REJECT Scarlet - 101 points
  15. Free Style - 99 points
  16. TeamIND - 63 points

And here are the overall Super Weekend standings based on both Week 1 and 2:

"We are pretty proud with our performance this weekend," said Muhammad Dhiya Ulhaq “Uhigh” Mohd Arasz during an interview with casters OnTheGo and Janda. "We made a lot of changes based on studying other teams' patterns, and thankfully, we managed to be on our top form this time."

The youngest member of Team Secret was a top 5 kill leader for Super Weekend Day 1 and 2.

Even India's TSM Entity saw an equally massive improvement on their part, leaping from 15th to eighth place in the overall rankings after an exceptional performance in Week 2 of Super Weekend. On the other hand, Super Weekend 1's leading team, RRQ Athena, didn't quite perform as well as they did in Week 2, but are still holding on to second place overall. Not so bad, after all.

Despite missing out on Super Weekend 2, Yoodo Gank still has a spot to enter the League Finals by being pushed down to 15th, thanks to their top 5 placement in Super Weekend 1. As long as they qualify for the third and last Super Weekend, they have a chance to guarantee tickets to the big finale from 6 - 9 August.

The PMWL 2020 East League Play continues tomorrow and Wednesday (28 and 29 July) at 8PM (GMT +8). Catch the PUBG Mobile esports thrill on eGG Network TV channel, plus Facebook and YouTube. Be sure to follow eGG Network on Facebook for more PMWL 2020 East coverage.

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