Today's spotlight is on Ashif "Ash" Halaj Abdul Majid, one of the newest players to join RED Esports after their roster change earlier this year. Known for his prowess on the global leaderboards with heroes such as Kimmy, Claude, Selena and Kagura, he was enlisted to play support for the team in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Season 7. Before the big leagues, Ash found success in smaller tournaments such as the Campus Esports Championship Semester 2 in 2019.

With 184 assists to his name and a 3.7 average KDA in 27 games this season, Ash is one of the most impactful players for the team. His individual skill on mages played in the support role sets him apart from other players in the league and their third place finish in group B is testament to this. If you need tips playing Zhask, Valir, or Lunox, keep an eye out on him in the playoffs.

RED Esports will be up against HomeBois in the first round of the lower bracket playoffs. Based on their previous encounter in week 6, it could be another easy 2-0 victory for the team. But with elimination on the line, and a few weeks of rest since their last meeting, the results aren't cut and dry. Both teams will be trying their hardest and we can't wait to see what happens.

The MPL-MY S7 playoffs kick off on 28-30 May, and will be broadcasted live on eGG Network TV, and the MPL Malaysia Facebook Page. Don’t miss out!

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