For non-League of Legends players who've been curious to know more about the legends of Runeterra (see what we did there?), Riot Forge has an answer to that, with the upcoming release of Ruined King: A League of Legends Story.

Ruined King is a brand-new turn-based RPG that's set in the LoL universe, to be launched not only on Steam and the Epic Games Store, but also, for the first time ever, on consoles - both PS4 and PS5; Xbox One, Series X and S; and even Nintendo Switch, with free upgrades for current generation console owners to the next generation.

The single-player LoL game will take place across two Runeterra regions: the dangerous and shady port town of Bilgewater, and the cursed Shadow Isles shrouded in the corruptive Black Mist.

(left to right) Familiar faces Pyke, Braum, Miss Fortune, Illaoi, Ahri and Yasuo will take center stage in Ruined King.

Ruined King is being developed by Airship Syndicate, whose portfolio includes Darksiders Genesis and Battle Chasers: Nightwar, with the project led by Airship Syndicate founder/renowned comic book artist Joe Madureiro, who worked on Marvel comics such as X-Men, Deadpool and Spider-Man.

Ruined King also marks the debut of Riot Forge, formed to specialise in producing video games that expands upon the LoL lore, to new players and platforms. Unlike Riot Games (which it's under), the publisher will work with experienced third-party studios to bring these LoL games to life.

Shadow Isles.

Looks like Riot Games has been hard at work in expanding the LoL series, what with the introduction of Wild Rift and Legends of Runeterra.

Ruined King: A League of Legends Story will be released early next year.

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