Before the new year ended, Geek Fam announced that they will be starting a new Wild Rift team, featuring two veterans from their Mobile Legends: Bang Bang squad, OzoraVeki and Rumpel. Yesterday, they announced that they were recruiting some new players to complete the lineup.

Since this move sees the return of OzoraVeki to the game that started his career in the first place, and Rumpel rarely gets the spotlight, we decided to ask them a few questions about their transition.

What made you decide to leave MLBB for Wild Rift? Do you think this change is permanent, or you’ll be switching games for the long run? How do you feel about this change?

Rumpel: I would like to return to playing with stuff from League of Legends in Wild Rift. The change is permanent for now but I can’t guarantee what happens in the future. It has been good so far, I just need to adapt to the new game.

OzoraVeki: League of Legends is the game where I started, it was really sad for me to see the LoL PC scene in Malaysia literally die in front of my eyes. Right now League of Legends: Wild Rift gives us all who are passionate about LoL another chance to shine again. As an OG player of LoL I feel the responsibility to build the scene from the ground up together. I hope to connect with the community and make this game one that we all can be proud of!

What do you think Wild Rift brings to the table that other MOBAs are missing? Or what makes it your preferred game of choice?

Rumpel: Wild Rift brings back memories that all the other MOBAs are lacking. It's also just nice to have League of Legends on mobile.

OzoraVeki: I think right now Wild Rift is the most difficult mobile MOBA game in the market.  There is more depth in the game, like more champion skills, fog of war, warding, recall timing for items, last hitting for gold and so on. And it is always nostalgic for me to play the champions that I haven't played in a long time. The skins in Wild Rift are also the cheapest out of all the mobile games, no more spinning for boxes or spending a few hundred bucks just to unlock a skin that you want to play.

Will your MLBB teammates be making the transition with you? Those who aren’t changing games - are they going to miss you?

Rumpel: OzoraVeki will be making the transition with me. Not sure if they gonna miss me, but I definitely will miss them 🙁

OzoraVeki: I am not too sure about them but I will definitely miss them. It was tragic that the pandemic didn't allow us to have more offline event experience. We played together for three seasons but we had only one LAN event memory to cherish together.

Are you going to team up with your old LoL teammates?

Rumpel: At the moment, no but we are still recruiting so there might be a chance.

OzoraVeki: Most of my old teammates have retired or are busy with their life commitments now. But I want to personally wish QaspieL all the best in his upcoming PCS games! He have never give up when most of us have already moved on, so much respect to him!

Will you be captaining the new squad? If yes/no, why?

Rumpel: I won’t be the captain of the new squad. OzoraVeki got way too much captaining knowledge compared to me.

OzoraVeki: Yes, I will be handling everything for the new Wild Rift squad. From scrims partners, coaching and strategies, and also on which players we are taking in for the squad. I am building this squad for championships.

What are your predictions for the Wild Rift scene in this region - do you think that SEA will be one of the top regions once the game goes global?

Rumpel: To be honest I have no idea how far or big the Wild Rift scene can go in this region. SEA will most likely to be one of the top regions once the game goes global.

OzoraVeki: Malaysians have been pretty slow compared to other SEA regions here, I predict that the Philippines and Thailand teams will have the upper hand first in SEA and once the game goes global, China will be a real contender as they are REALLY serious about this game.

What are the best tips you have for people starting to learn this game?

Rumpel: Study the champion skills and spells so you will have a better understanding of your matchups and the game for you to learn and catch-up faster.

OzoraVeki: It is easier to have fun and learn the game if you introduce it to your friends. Have fun and learn from good players that are streaming!

Any tips for those who are transitioning from other MOBAs?

Rumpel: Same like above and play more to form new muscle memory.

OzoraVeki: For people that already have MOBAs experience, all you need to do is understand every single champion's abilities, once you understand it, you will be good at the game really quickly. Also, spend some time on learning the new items. Currently there aren't many champions or items so it will be easy for you to get a hang of it as well.

We wish the boys all the best in putting the new Wild Rift squad together! Stay tuned to eGG Network for all the latest news and updates about the game.

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