Whether it's returning to Kings Canyon when night falls or playing in third-person, these limited-time game modes kick things up seven notches.

"Manners maketh (the) man," the dashing Colin Firth once said, before he went on to kick serious butts. Although mannerism isn't the focus in Apex Legends' latest themed event, the Grand Soirée Arcade Event promises to make up for it with an abundance of classy butt-kicking in a multitude of ways.

Set to begin on 14 Jan, the Grand Soirée Arcade Event boasts a wealth of limited-time content for players to savour. Apart from its smashing cosmetics (which you can get through challenges or purchases to gussy yourself up with), the main event of the, well, event, is its seven new game modes ramping up the battle royale fun. Each mode will last only two days, with challenges that differ between modes, so you can win those swanky limited-time cosmetics without getting bored.

Concrete details are scarce regarding these fine modes, but here's our take on what they are after watching the trailer:

Gold Rush Duos

It's old school Apex duos mode with a twist: only gold weapons can be found in the arena. Armours, helmets and ordnances can still be found, but the same can't be said for attachments - gold weapons come equipped with the best attachments possible.

Third-person Mode

Need we say more? It would be interesting - and possibly funny - to see how our favourite Legends move and strafe. Fingers crossed that the Legends' movement will be as fluid as its first-person view.

Armed and Dangerous: World's Edge

The sniper-and-shotgun-only mode makes a return, but instead of Kings Canyon, it will take place in Season 3's map, the World's Edge. If there's anything to go by from its run during Season 2's Voidwalker Event, only common armour and helmets will be available in small amounts, leaving you and everyone else open for kills.

Kings Canyon After Dark

The map that started it all is back! And this time, it will take place in the night, which is a mode that the Apex Legends community has requested for a while now. We're quite certain that its night setting is the only difference this mode has, with everything else retained as the game's classic mode.

Dummies Big Day

"This game ain't (going to) test itself" isn't much to go with, but we're guessing that this is a training mode of sorts, with live dummies as target practice. On the other hand, it could be akin to Call of Duty's famous zombie mode, where you survive waves of enemies with your camaraderie ... without the zombies.

Always Be Closing

"You snooze, you lose" couldn't be further from the truth here. Instead of closing periodically, this ring closes down on you without stopping, ever. And rumour has it that the ring inflicts huge damage, enough to scare the pants off you and make you run like your life depends on it (which it does).

Live. Die. Live.

Tired of waiting for your friends or randoms to respawn you? With this mode, you'll automatically respawn upon dying - the catch is that your teammates have to be alive long enough until you return to the arena, and it's only activated when the ring closes.

Despite the short duration of the event, the Grand Soirée Arcade Event modes are as fun as advertised, and will return as permanent modes in the near future. A fitting way to start the decade with the Roaring Twenties!

The Apex Legends Grand Soirée Arcade Event will be live from 14 Jan - 28 Jan. For more information, check out the event page here.

P.S. Did you know that Apex Legends is finally entering the professional esports arena? The Apex Legends Global Series will have a prize pool of more than US$3 mil (RM16.3 mil), with the first Major taking place from 13 - 15 March.

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