The path to livestreaming is often an arduous one to pursue. While many attempt it, only a few succeed. Meet SHITSUKE, a down to earth creator that has managed to diligently make a name for herself in the livestreaming sphere. 

Prior to donning her current handle, Farah used to go by “INCESSDIBS” , which was a shortened amalgamation of “princess” and “Diba”. Upon continual pursuit of this pathway, she found it within herself to transition to SHITSUKE. The term actually stems from Japanese cultural origins. It comes from an infamous workplace organization system that encompasses of five S, which are seiri, seiton, seisō, seiketsu, and shitsuke

One of various Google search results, the meaning of shitsuke does vary in some contexts

We’ll spare details of the other four S, but shitsuke here essentially refers to the art of sustaining or having sustained discipline to continually practise and improve oneself. The end result of accomplishing this feat: becoming someone who’s extremely proficient at one’s craft was what drove Farah to don this namesake. 

She was actually introduced to the world of livestreaming in May 2020 via her brother-in-law. This ended up piquing Farah’s interest, which eventually led to her personally pursuing livestreaming herself. From that point onwards, the rest as they say, is history. She is currently a full-time student studying in Politeknik Melaka. She juggles her studies while continually looking to improve her content and livestream.

While many would often disapprove out of concerns and risks of an unconventional career pathway, Farah was very fortunate to have understanding peers. Her family and friends had positive outlooks of this livestreaming venture. “They were supportive,” said Farah. She explained while smiling that her peers did say to “just make sure you don’t forget about your studies.”

A shot of Farah in her natural habitat

Fans would notice that her most streamed game is PUBG Mobile. “I stream PUBGM the most because its something I’ve been playing since I was 17,” Farah explained. Prior to this though, she did share about dabbing into Rules of Survival (RoS) before making the definitive switch over.

While juggling between a hectic study schedule and livestreaming, she does make it a point to unwind where she can. “I’ll just take time lying down to just chill and spend time with my family,” said Farah. She added that sometimes this wasn’t doable due to the occasional online classes that would pop up from time to time. “Throughout the MCO period, my schedule, for the most part, consisted of online classes, streaming, eating and sleeping,” she giggly explained. 

While she diligently improves her craft daily, there is one person that she looks up to in the world of livestreaming. “I personally look up to UP Gaming, he’s a real funny and chill guy,” said Farah. 

It ain’t sunshine and rainbows in the world of livestreaming though. “I’d say the least favourite thing about livestreaming would have to be how toxic the environment can be at times,” said Farah. Despite the challenges, Farah has always been all smiles on camera, looking to put some good back into the world in whatever way she can. 

For any aspiring streamers out there, here’s some advice that Farah wanted to share. “Don’t ever give up even though you have only a few viewers, just go on. But if years have passed and there are still no viewers coming in, you should probably stop. Don’t waste any more precious time and money.” Farah also wanted to take the time to express some words of appreciation to her loved ones. “I would like to thank everyone, especially my family for supporting and for believing that I could do this. And thank you so much as well to my parents for giving the start-up capital needed to assemble my PC!”

While Farah does not have a fixed streaming schedule, she does her best to livestream whenever possible, so do drop by and say hello whenever you can over at her Facebook page!

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