After the first successful iteration of Storms' Storm The World Mobile Game competition earlier this year, the company is back with another one! There were 250 submissions from 17 countries for the inaugural edition of the competition, with the grand prize going to Kuyi Mobile from the Philippines. It seems like Storms is still on the lookout for another hyper casual mobile game to publish.

This time around, the prize pool has been reduced but there will be more publishing opportunities for those who don't win first place. The grand prize is US$100K cash and your game being published by Storms, while US$50K will go to all other game submissions that are published by Storms as part of the contest.

The competition will take part in 3 phases - game submission from 15 July - 15 August, a shortlisting process from 16-31 August featuring a panel of four judges, and a final round for the top 10 games, where they will work together with the game developers to run UA testing.

Sounds like the perfect opportunity for any indie game devs looking for a big break in the industry! If you're keen on submitting a game or just curious about the competition, visit the official website.

Developing a game isn't an easy task. In addition to coding, art, music, and a thousand other things, you have to worry about getting it out there once it's complete. But what if you didn't have to worry about that? That's where having a publisher comes in handy.

Storms, a startup backed by Singtel, AIS and SK Telecom, has announced Storm The World, its very-first mobile game competition. Targeted at indie mobile game studios and developers worldwide, the competition features a USD 270K total prize pool and attractive publishing deals to the winners.

Starting today and running until 28 February 2021 (51 days to go at the time of writing), this means your game should be close to completion - unless you want the challenge of creating a game in under two months! For those of you who were concerned about publishing options, this could be your golden ticket. Here's what Storms are offering to the winners:

Up to 3 teams will get to win from a prize pool of USD$270,000 and a publishing contract to help launch your game globally. Bonus prizes worth up to USD$20,000 will be awarded to games that perform well during the testing phase.

First prize: USD$ 120,000
Second prize: USD$ 90,000
Third prize: USD$ 60,000

From the Storms website

As for the requirements and judging criteria:

Your game should:
∙ Be available on either the Google Play Store and/or the Apple App Store
∙ Be integrated with a Mobile Measurement Partner. Learn More
∙ Be set up as an app under your Facebook for Developer account with shared access granted to Storms
∙ Have a minimum of 4 videos suitable to be used for ads (Requirements: 15 to 20s, 1080x1350)
∙ Have gone through cost per installation tests and integration with an analytics tool such as Firebase (Preferred not mandatory)

Note: Submitted games should not have been tested with Storms before.

Judging criteria
∙ We will conduct CPI & Retention testing in the US Market for submitted games.
∙ We will be looking out for games with the lowest Cost per Install (CPI) and the highest Day-1 (D1) retention
∙ Expected CPI be at or below USD$0.25
∙ Expected D1 Retention > 35%

From the Storms website

Check out the Terms and Conditions and Submission Guidelines.

Good luck to everybody submitting their games to the competition, we're looking forward to seeing what kind of submissions turn up!

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