AJ, formerly known as Yinn, is the support/mage player of Suhaz EVOS (previously Ezzy esports). A long-standing member of the team, he hasn't had his chance in the professional Mobile Legends: Bang Bang spotlight until now. AJ has had a phenomenal season alongside teammate Box, with both of them holding the top 2 spots in the league for average KDA. With a 70% kill participation, and a whopping 246 assists, AJ's impact on the battlefield should not be underestimated.

This is his first time playing in the MLBB MY Professional League and it's a wonder why he wasn't picked up by other teams earlier! If he keeps up this performance, Suhaz EVOS is going to look unstoppable this coming weekend. AJ is usually playing Pharsa, Luo-Yi, Vale for his team, so if you're keen on learning how to use mage/supports, keep an eye on him.

Suhaz EVOS has been performing very well for a brand new team in MPL, and it's easy to see why. Thanks to their top-tier players, they finished first in Group B with a 10-3 (78%) win rate. Their only losses were against Geek Fam, RSG MY and Todak. In the first round of the playoffs, they go against Orange Esports, a team they managed to 2-0 in the final week of the regular season. Will the result repeat itself? Only one way to find out.

The MPL-MY S7 playoffs kick off on 28-30 May, and will be broadcasted live on eGG Network TV, and the MPL Malaysia Facebook Page. Don’t miss out!

Everyone can agree that Season 7 is the beginning of something special for Suhaz EVOS. After Hyhy and D Ace have departed from last season’s international experiment, they look stronger than ever with this current lineup. As of the time of writing, Suhaz EVOS remain the sole undefeated team of the season so far. 

Suhaz EVOS’ roster currently consists of:

Fans would have noticed that EVOS look a bit different this season. This is due to their collaboration with Suhaz Esports that resulted in this exciting powerhouse lineup. Long time followers would be aware that EVOS have always been known for consistent Top 4 MPL MYSG finishes. At the rate they’re going so far, Suhaz EVOS have shown themselves to be strong favourites to win it all this season. 

Ezzy Esports came this close last season

Prior to the start of the season, we managed to have a chat with Suhaz EVOS. The team shared that they were elated for finally making the cut this time around. “After losing at the Top 4 MPL Qualifiers last season, we did not lose hope and still kept doing our best,” said Padel. “This season, we finally managed to get it. For Aj, Eavy and Box, they are just so happy and want to show their best this time.” Staying true to this statement, the team is playing absolutely out of their minds right now. They currently sit at the top of Group B, cruising through their recent opponents with clean 2-0 results.

There's nothing like topping the group with 0 losses

Speaking of opponents, the team also shared on who they looked most forward to facing. Padel said that it would be “Todak. Last season they were undefeated throughout and I think we are the team that can beat them.” He added that they would also be the biggest threat this season due to their robust 10 player roster alongside many hidden strategies kept up their sleeves. 

Before the start of Season 7, the team had done their prep work to be both physically and mentally at their peak. “Physically, we jog every morning and train 12 hours a day,” shared Padel. He added that the team is mentally prepared for every potential loss too. They would take it as a sign to wake up; to keep diligently working hard until victory is reattained.

Doesn't that line up look familiar?

Observant fans would have noticed that this is the exact roster as seen during the Season 6 qualifiers. “We have played together for about 1 year as a team,” said Padel. He added that there will be no problems playing together as a team due to the existing chemistry formed. As for what fans can expect of the MPL debutant players, Padel shared that “they will show their best as no one knows their true strength yet.” Rightfully so, as newer faces always introduce an unknown variable, making it harder for their opponents getting a read of their game so far. 

Just like any team, everyone has their own ordeals to deal with. For Suhaz EVOS, Padel shared that internet connectivity was their primary day to day struggle. “The wifi sometimes spikes, resulting in the team requiring to mentally prepare accordingly to play in the worst of situations.” Many would be able to relate to this sentiment, as the importance of having stable internet would be the difference-maker in clutch scenarios where skill execution timings matter. 

Padel also shared the team’s thoughts on their unique organization collaboration this season. “It is such a blessing. People in Malaysia may know us, but through this collaboration with EVOS, our name can hopefully grow even faster.” There is arguably a lot for the team to live up to when taking into consideration EVOS’ previous MPL records. “We currently carry 2 names now, so yeah. There is some pressure felt by the team,” said Padel. 

While Hyhy and D Ace were in OLE, they managed a respectable 3rd place finish

While Hyhy and D Ace had seen great success in Season 6 with their 3rd place finish, each had their reasons for returning to Suhaz EVOS. “Orange was so nice to me, but this is my real lineup that I want to play MPL with,” said team captain Hyhy. “With the 1-year experience playing with my own team, I believe we can win,” said D Ace. Upon the eventual encounter with their old flame in Season 7, Hyhy shared that “I believe it will be a hard game, but we will still win it.” Padel also added that the team will be doing their best, settling for nothing else except becoming this season’s champs. 

The team also had a few last words to share regarding this season. “To our fans and families, thanks for supporting us up until now. Rest assured, we have prepared enough to win MPL MY Season 7.” Be sure to catch Suhaz EVOS in action for the remainder of Season 7, as Week 3’s matches take place this 26 to 28 March!

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