Congratulations to Team Bosskurr for winning the Facebook Gaming: Rise to Greatness PUBG Mobile Regional Championship! After two long days of intense competition, Soloz, Zynn Interpuret, Naoki Gaming and Obot Gaming claim the trophy of the best Facebook Gaming Creators at PUBG Mobile in Southeast Asia. Despite their lacklustre start in the Malaysian leg of the tournament and barely qualifying for the regional finals, they got their act together to come back strong this weekend.

With a total of two chicken dinners, 57 placement points and 40 kill points, they finished a mere one point ahead of the runner ups - Teletupbies v.2 from Thailand! What a difference that single point made. During their post-game interview, Zynn admitted they didn't really have a plan for this tournament - they all went in "YOLO", and fortunately it was good enough! Since they managed to win without any serious planning, we're sure it's going to bode well for the players in future tournaments (we look forward to Soloz' debut at PMPL). Naoki Gaming also showed that he still had his PUBG Mobile chops, winning MVP of the tournament.

Watch the VODs for the regional finals here:

That concludes the Facebook Gaming: Rise to Greatness PUBG Mobile Regional Championship, and we look forward to seeing more Creator tournaments in the future. In the meantime, make sure you follow eGG Network for all the latest news and updates!

The latest season of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League hasn't been too kind to Team Bosskurr. After season 6, the organization rebuilt the whole squad from the ground up. Now consisting of 2EZ4Jepv, Dragon, Flinnt, Gotenn, Myzer, Rynn and Tomen, the current team has yet to fill the shoes of their predecessors and based on season 7's results, it looks like they have a long way to go.

Since they haven't been We had a quick chat with Dragon, Bosskurr's Fighter player, to pick his brains on the team's performance.

The team has been struggling this season and didn’t even qualify for the playoffs with only 1 match win. What’s going on with the team right now? How does the team feel about their performance?

The lineup for this season 7 is completely new and it takes time to build chemistry. Some performed very well and some did not, which made the team feel less confident.

Are there internal struggles? Or is everyone still trying to build chemistry?

So far the internal struggles we faced are our training schedules because some of our players are streamers and everyone is still trying to build chemistry with each other.

Why do you think that you guys have struggled to beat other teams?

Because other teams have better chemistry than us.

Is it because of the meta or patch? Or have the other teams improved a lot?

We also studied the meta and patch but other teams might have been a step ahead of us.

Is this the toughest season of MPL yet?

No because it is not merged with another country.

What is the team doing at the moment to improve the situation? Are there going to be changes to the team? New roster/coach? Strategies?

We will be fixing our training schedule and changing player line ups - things that need to be done in order to improve.

Who will make it to the MPL-MY S7 finals, and who do you think will win this season’s trophy?

For us, we think Todak will win this season’s trophy as they have many experienced players.

Anything you want to say to the other teams who are still competing at MPL?

Good luck to all the other teams in the playoffs, do your best!

The team has a lot of loyal fans out there who will be supporting you guys, through the good and bad times - what would you like to say to them?

Thank you for remaining and supporting us, we’ll improve our mistakes for better results in the future.

We haven't seen the last of Team Bosskurr yet, though they won't be at the MPL-MY S7 playoffs. Hopefully, they'll be able to work out their issues and join the next season in full force. In the meantime, don't forget to tune in to the playoffs on 28-30 May on eGG Network TV or MPL Malaysia Facebook. Follow eGG Network for all the latest updates.

It’s an interesting turn of events when a coach takes up another equally important role as a player of his team. Then again, if any team are as dedicated as Team Bosskurr to bring their gameplay to the next level, they’d follow suit without second-guessing it. 

With Team Bosskurr returning to compete in a major tournament like the PUBG Mobile Professional League Malaysia/Singapore Spring Split 2021 (PMPL MY/SG Season 3), they’ve been doing everything they can to bring their gameplay to the next level and be on par with other top-tier professional teams.

These are the bosses running the show in Team Bosskurr:

Hannan Hamzah "Hannan" bin Abdullah - IGL/Manager/Coach
Rizki Hidayat “Zee” Abd Mutalib - Support
Muhammad Fikri Adli “Ngah” bin Md Nizam - Support
Azfar Iqbal “Azfarz” bin Zulfahrizal - Scouter

When last season’s PMPL MY/SG ended, “we discussed how we can improve for the next PMPL. We figured that Hannan becoming a player on the team would be good,” said Rizki Hidayat “Zee” Abd Mutalib, who was the captain prior to Hannan taking on the position. They also let go of previous members Sam and Mozarto right after the conclusive round, citing their less-than-stellar performance. Despite the tough decision, they had a mutual understanding and remained friends to this day.

Fortunately, Hannan becoming a teammate of the then-three-man squad was nothing akin to shocking a boiled egg in an ice bath. “I actually played in a lot of scrims with them last season, so we’re already familiar with each other,” the in-game leader explained. Hannan’s added responsibility allows him to see from the perspective of his squadmates, changing the way he educates them. “I developed more tolerance and understanding now because I can see more details than before.”

Beyond coaching: Hannan's achievement for Super Weekend 1 Match 5. "We play as a team, and we achieve together." - Zee

Azfarz felt that having the former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)/PUBG PC pro player on board made the team stronger, with fellow teammate Ngah echoing his sentiments. “There’s definitely a lot of difference from last season. We’ve improved a lot in terms of discipline, communication and teamwork,” Ngah elaborated. 

The scouter also personally learnt to not look murung (saddened) in front of his buddies when they don’t perform well, especially times like getting knocked out too soon. “If you feel sad, keep it to yourself first, because it would affect the team’s morale. Only when you’re done for the day, then you can let it all out,” Ngah said with a laugh.

Instead of training every single day, Team Bosskurr places more emphasis on a balanced schedule, training every weekday and participating in afternoon and night scrims. They used to scrim nights and midnights, but not anymore, because they’re already exhausted when late night arrives. “We didn’t get any good outcomes from midnight scrims, so we might as well get more rest (by missing out on them),” Hannan revealed. 

(left to right) Hannan, Zee, Ngah and Azfarz; their first Winner Winner Chicken Dinner in Super Weekend 1.

Every boat floats differently, and for the soldier boys of Team Bosskurr, having the time to watch films, skateboard, and even play other games like Dota 2 and Apex Legends - Ngah is a Bangalore main - are equally as important. “It helps to clear the tension and stress from playing PUBG Mobile, even if it’s just a moment’s break from it,” said Hannan, who plays Dota 2 unranked with his friends to unwind.

Team Bosskurr injects their relatively easy-going attitude into their competitive side as well, with the four-man group preferring to compete against themselves instead of other players. “We focus on how we can improve ourselves in between games, and learn how we can minimise our mistakes,” said Hannan.

Plus, regardless of their roles, they are pretty flexible to the point that each of them are almost multi-role players. “Whoever gets the most kills this round won’t necessarily have the most kills again in the next one, it could be any one of us.” They play according to the situation, and everyone has an equal chance of playing offensively or defensively.

After training for so long, Zee feels that Team Bosskurr is ready to go up against the pro teams of PMPL MY/SG Season 3, particularly Team Whales. Hannan justified that “our drop spots are always near them during scrims”, not to mention that they’re aggressive, so they can’t wait to see how they’ll fare against the former Team Secret roster.

“I want to say thank you to friends of Team Bosskurr, including families, for supporting us,” Ngah expressed, on behalf of the team. “Don’t forget to support us in PMPL MY/SG Season 3! InsyaAllah, we’ll do the best we can for you guys.”

Follow Team Bosskurr on Facebook and Instagram for more updates on the PUBG Mobile gunners.

PMPL MY/SG Season 3 began 24 March, running every Wednesdays to Sundays at 5.30PM (GMT +8) daily, broadcast LIVE on the official PUBG Mobile Facebook page and YouTube.

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There’s a common misconception that gamers lack the smarts to excel in their studies, a fact that couldn’t be further from the truth. Take this Facebook Gaming Creator for example - aside from streaming PUBG Mobile to more than 112k followers regularly, Aina XGaming is also in her second year studying for her Bachelor Degree in Medicine and Surgery. Though juggling between two full-time pursuits sounds taxing, it’s never been the case for her. 

“I always plan out everything to balance streaming and studying,” revealed Aina Suraya Azuhairy, a hint of the maturity the 24-year-old possesses. It’s why she ventured into video game streaming late 2019, wanting to be a self-sufficient individual who can take care of herself with zero support, not to mention that her newly-earned official Facebook Gaming Partner title - which she’s grateful for - encourages her to improve herself. With more responsibilities as a Partner, “it pushes me to be more consistent because when I have a clearer purpose, I know what benchmark to fulfil for my growth and see where I’m heading to.”

Aina’s feat is even more impressive when you take into account that she's never been a gamer before this. After being introduced to PUBG Mobile, she was inspired to keep gaming when even got the chance to play with various professional PUBG Mobile players like Fredo Sameon (jealous!). “I hope I can be a successful professional gamer in the future,” the Penang native expressed, but this writer believes that she’s already on her way there, especially when she has at least 4.5 in KDA (kill/death/assist). After all, no mere gamer can proclaim that they’re part of a professional esports squad like Angel Bosskurr.

A glimpse of Angel Bosskurr: (left to right) Fiera Fendi, Aina, Natasha and Ninaaa.

Aina was invited by a friend to join the all-female group early last year when they were on the lookout for members. Before she even got the invitation, Aina was already interested to join them, well aware that Angel Bosskurr is one of the more popular all-girls PUBG Mobile teams in Malaysia. “I wanted to brush up my skills by joining scrims and tournaments with the team, gaining the necessary experience to play on a competitive level,” said the support player, whose KDA played a small role in qualifying her for the team. There’s simply no better group to be a part of to pave the path for an aspiring female PUBG Mobile professional, as well as a successful female streamer in Malaysia.

"My happiest moment is getting 60k stars within 3 hours of streaming. It was my first time getting that amount of stars and it shows my hard work finally paying off."

On the other hand, fame has its own setbacks sometimes, including haters who’d constantly put us down even if we didn’t have any ill intentions. But, according to Aina, it’s perfectly normal to have people that will always judge us no matter what we do. “We can’t change people’s perception and views. True change comes from within us, not anyone else.” She insisted that “we do not live to satisfy others; instead, work hard for yourself and everything else will fall in line.”

The most important advice that Aina has to give aspiring female streamers, is to be passionate. “It’s okay if you don’t have good enough skill in playing games because as long as you keep doing it, you’ll eventually improve,” she said, adding that there’s nothing better than being around someone who’s passionate about what they do. To elaborate that further, a streamer’s emotions will naturally rub off onto their viewers, so “when you’re having fun, your viewers will have fun too.”

And lastly, Aina believes it’s essential to be positive and never give up. “Streaming is never a constant upward rise. The path to success is filled with ups and downs, so hang in there, keep going and don’t be afraid to try new things. Good things come to those who hustle.”

Catch Aina XGaming's PUBG Mobile live streams daily at 8AM (GMT +8) on her Facebook Gaming page.

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