An all-new open-world survival shooter, Undawn, is on its way to both smartphones and PC. Taking into account that Undawn will be developed for PC gamers too, you can definitely expect the quality of the game to be of high-caliber.

Developed by Tencent Games’ internal division LightSpeed and Quantum Studios with Unreal Engine 4, Undawn will land you a post-apocalyptic world infested with zombies and the like, as you scavenge for supplies, manage your vitals, and of course, gun down any hostile enemies that stand in your way, both solo and with your friend(s). Undawn will feature:

There are currently no details whether Undawn will include mobile/PC cross-play, but if it does, it'll undoubtedly encourage more people to join in the survival. Undawn was first announced at Garena World 2021, which even gave viewers a glimpse of its combat and universe.

Undawn will be released in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand on iOS, Android, and PC later this year. The game is currently in its pre-alpha stage of testing, so if you want to be a pre-alpha tester of Undawn, you can sign up for it as well.

Follow the official Undawn Facebook page for the latest news and updates.

BTR RA's Ryzen is the first player to hit 100 kills this tournament!

After a long and tiring week for the players (no rest for some of them due to the rescheduling of the power outage postponed matchday), the PUBG Mobile Global Championship S0 - Week 3 Weekday matches have come to an end. The 16 teams competing at this week's Super Weekend will be:

FTB finally manage to finish first after getting 3rd for two weeks straight. DRS Gaming and Navi will be making their first appearance at a Super Weekend, so they'll be glad to earn some points that matter. Team Secret will be glad to qualify for this Super Weekend after missing out on last week's.

For the weekday performances, it was odd seeing BTR RA at 7th in standings, but based on their previous 2 super weekend performances, I'd say they decided to take it easy to save their energy for the Super Weekend. Same for 4AM, who finished at 8th.

With only two weekends left, teams like Archer Gaming, The Unnamed, and Elites United Team don't look they'll be able to make a significant-finish at this tournament. A1 Esports, Aerowolf Limax and Execute Esports miss out on yet another Super Weekend, and will probably fall into the same boat.

Catch the continuation of PMGC 2020 tomorrow at 7PM (GMT +8) LIVE on eGG Network TV (CH800 for MY viewers), Twitch (English), Facebook (English|Malay) or YouTube (English|Malay).

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The first two days of the PUBG Mobile Global Championship Season 0 concluded last night, with 16 teams taking a break today to prepare for the long Super Weekend starting tomorrow. It’s been refreshing to finally see both eastern and western teams facing off against each other after the past few months of regional-only tournaments. And based on the results of the weekdays, it looks like the two regions are evenly matched.

Bigetron RA (BTR RA) finished in first place last night thanks to their superb day 2 performance - the team scored three out of the day’s six possible Chicken Dinners! After a quiet start to the week, it looks like they have warmed up sufficiently for the first Super Weekend. It’s still too early to tell who’s going to dominate the tournament, but history has shown us that BTR RA rarely ever lets us down. They’re definitely one of the teams to keep an eye out for.

Loops Esports - the Brazilian powerhouse, that won the PMPL Fall Split 2020 Americas Finals and finished 2nd at PMWL S0 West, might not be talked about much in this side of the world but their consistent weekday performances speak for themselves. Only 7 points behind BTR RA, they are one of the favourites to watch this weekend.

Futbolist - winners of the PMWL S0 West, the squad finished 3rd place this weekday. While relatively low scoring in terms of kills, the team finished top 5 in six of their eight rounds, showing that the game can also be won without being hyper-aggressive. Definitely not to be slept on, as their past achievements show that they’re capable of being the best.

Aerowolf Limax - another Indonesian representative, the first runner up of the PMPL 2020 Fall Split SEA (right behind fellow countrymen BTR RA) show that they’re still on form for this tournament. While they didn’t score any Chicken DInners, they placed high in most of Top 4 in most of their matches but struggled in the ones where they didn’t. Definitely not a team to sleep on.

A7 - the second Brazilian representative, had a decent performance with one Chicken Dinner per day. Though the team has only been slowly rising in smaller tournaments, 5th place for the weekdays is a good sign of things to come from this young squad. Let’s see if they have what it takes to hang with the big boys tomorrow.

Team Secret started day 1 with a bang, with back-to-back Chicken Dinners, but failed to repeat their performance the following day. Secret has yet to impress when it comes to tournaments with teams from outside Malaysia/Singapore but with the recent switch in their lineup (Rex in, BiuBiu out), could this be the tournament where they break out of their comfort zone? This relatively new composition has a yet to be determined skill ceiling, but all hopes are uHigh (get it?) as they are the only Malaysian team at PMGC. Let’s see how they fare this weekend.

Four Angry Men (4AM), and Nova Esports round up the remaining top 8, with only 2 points separating the two Chinese teams. With a middle of the pack performance during the weekdays, one might think they’re taking it easy until the Super Weekends begin - a solid strategy since Super Weekend points are all that matters anyway.

Speaking of Super Weekend, here are the top 16 weekday teams who will be competing this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

1Bigetron RA (ID)
2Loops (BR)
3Futbolist (TU)
4Aerowolf LIMAX (ID)
5A7 Esports (BR)
6Team Secret (MY)
7Four Angry Men (CN)
8Nova Esports (CN)
9KoninaPower (CIS)
10RRQ Athena (TH)
11Abrupt Slayers (NE)
12Team Secret Jin (TH)
13Execute Esports (US)
14Klas Digital Athletics (TU)
Super Weekend #1 Competitors

For the remaining teams who didn't make it, they still have 3 more weeks to step up their game. Unfortunately, because only the Super Weekend points, they'll have a lot of catching up to do. Which team are you excited to see tomorrow? We'll be rooting for our countrymen, of course! Go Team Secret!

It’s going to be an action-packed weekend, so make sure you stay glued to the screen! PMGC is one tournament that PUBG Mobile fans won’t want to miss. Catch all the action on eGG Network TV (CH800 for MY viewers) or Twitch (English|Malay), Facebook (Malay) or YouTube (English|Malay).

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One of the biggest drawbacks about PUBG Mobile is its hefty size - when your phone is full of other games, photos and videos, it's annoying to have the constant reminder that your storage is running low. Well, the latest update for PUBG Mobile aims to solve that problem. The new update is said to reduce the amount of space taken by 70% while keeping the full game experience intact.

You might ask, what's the catch? There seems to be none at the moment. When you're playing PUBG Mobile now, you can choose which maps or modes you want on your phone at all times. This means that the game can be as large or as small as you want it to be. If you find yourself only playing one map, you're in luck - there's no need to download anything extra. Though if you find yourself needing to download another map to play with some buddies, you can easily delete when you're done.

Sounds like a great way to make this game more accessible, especially when trying to introduce it to newer players. It's never fun making someone download over a gigabyte worth of game files to try out a game they may or may not enjoy.

Make sure you update PUBG Mobile on your phone to take advantage of this latest feature. The update is available now for Android and iOS.

And for those of you wondering what Biubiu was teasing on his Instagram a few days ago when he appeared with ManParang, it turns out to be from this promo video for the update, though we can't help but wonder if they still have anything up their sleeves. The video also features an introduction from members of Team SMG, check it out above!

Stay tuned to eGG Network for all the latest news and updates on PUBG Mobile!

If you’ve been looking for a twist in your regular PUBG Mobile experience, Tencent has heard your requests. The company has just announced the launch of its new mode for the game - Jungle Adventure. This special mode is randomly activated when players queue for Sanhok in Classic Mode.

In Jungle Adventure, the aim of the game remains the same but the map will be littered with special Totems that provide different bonuses (Power, Strategy, and Protection), Jungle Food that provides random buffs and debuffs, and Hot Air Balloons which players can use to traverse the map. These random buffs and additions should make the game a lot more interesting, especially if you're in the mood for a little more unpredictable.

The Jungle Adventure update is available for free to everyone. All you have to do is update your Sanhok map in the game and search for a match with the map selected. However, since the chances of you getting to play it are random, don’t expect to queue into it every time - hopefully, it’ll turn into a full-fledged mode in the future.

If you haven’t downloaded PUBG Mobile yet, what are you waiting for? PUBG Mobile is available now on iOS and Android.

Major tournaments such as the PUBG Mobile Professional League Malaysia/Singapore (PMPL MY/SG) and PMPL SEA Finals may garner lots of attention, but every pro player started out somewhere to sharpen their skills before entering the big leagues. And what better place for fledgling PUBG Mobile esports players to kickstart their career than an amateur tournament like the Safe Zone Community Cup 2020 (SZCC), which concluded its five-week long streak last weekend (31 May).

Here are the four teams who won their respective weekly competition:

Week 1

Marlino Super

Week 2

MissRoseEsport King XP

Week 3

MissRose Esport WarMachine

Week 4

TheFarang Furious

These four teams proved others and themselves to be the top dogs of the PUBG Mobile series, each winning the victor's cash prize of US$75 for their exceptional gun skills, solid rotations and high IQ plays.

Presented by Tencent Games, the SZCC catered to amateur Malaysian PUBG Mobile teams in the midst of Malaysia's Movement Control Order (MCO), encouraging players to stay home (#StayInTheSafeZone) to curb the COVID-19 disease. The community competition ran from 27 Apr - 31 May, plus a one week hiatus from 21 - 27 May to celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri. A total prize pool of US$8,400 was featured, with approximately 1024 teams across 32 PUBG Mobile communities who joined the fray.

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