Full disclosure: it was Hakim who came up with the headline, something which the writer thought he was pretty proud of. It is a fact that he’s a self-proclaimed budak kampung (village boy) hailing from Manjung, Perak, where he returns to half of the time to maintain his familial relationship. He also devotes half of his time helping out the family business selling beauty products, with Hakim’s Facebook Gaming streaming career as his side gig.

“For me, streaming still has quite a lot of ups and downs, so I’m not ready to dive into it full-time yet,” Mohd Hakim bin Nanyan admitted. “But, once it’s stable enough for me, I’ll consider taking it up as a full-time career,” a fact his fans would undoubtedly take comfort in. After all, family comes first, and he’s been splitting his time 50/50 for both pursuits, never forgetting to entertain his irreplaceable fans, which is why he started streaming in the first place.

Wanting to spread as much joy as he can, the Malaysian streamer felt that Facebook Gaming was the best platform to do just that. After all, Hakim’s priority is to entertain as many people as possible - he believes that Malaysians, both young and old, use Facebook more often than other platforms, making it the best platform for him to pursue his streaming gig.

Hakim may be a video game streamer, but the games he’s been playing - which include various versions of PUBG, theHunter: Call of the Wild and more - is secondary to his true content, which consists simply interacting with his viewers. “I’m not exactly a pro or competitive player, and that’s okay because my fans are more interested in me bantering with them.” This phenomenon is prevalent by the games he plays - Hakim noticed that his viewers enjoy seeing him play single-player games like theHunter or, most recently, Tomb Raider. “I guess I pay more attention to them when I’m playing by myself,” in comparison to the times he played PUBG, which tend to be faster-paced.

Aside from that, Hakim revealed that even though he’s generally a polite person in real life, Hakim lets himself loose when he’s live, churning out his guy-next-door Perak dialect that happens to make him more relatable to his viewers. Not wanting to conform to the norm, the football fan prioritises staying true to himself, taking the opportunity to make funny content that’s both self-aware and honest. “I used to be shy last time, but streaming taught me to be more comfortable with myself and be brave to show my true self. Now I’m even confident to talk to other people in real life!” Goes to show that professional gaming can be a feasible career when done properly, a strong belief that he has too.

Hakim’s earliest streaming ‘studio’.

Fortunately, that belief extends to his family, who’s been supportive of his gaming endeavour from the very beginning six months ago, just when the movement control order (MCO) started. “I did it for fun at first, but I eventually started taking it more seriously and hope to make a career out of it.” It goes without saying that they’re proud of how far he has come, currently amassing more than 30,000 loyal followers, who probably see something in the Malaysian streamer that most people wouldn’t. Hakim recalled a time when he took two days off from streaming to work for his family. When he returned online, his supporters showered him with so much more Stars - a Facebook Gaming currency - than what he’s accustomed to. “I was very touched by their gesture,” saying that that’s his biggest on-stream highlight so far.

Followers can rest assured that Hakim isn’t wasting their generosity because behind the scenes, he’s putting aside 70% of the Stars he receives to give back to the community. In light of the pandemic, his charity recently came in the form of helping out the needy, which he did by embarking on derelict areas in Kuala Lumpur to give face masks and other necessities to homeless people on the streets. “I know what it is like to live a life of hardship, so I am extremely grateful for what I have now.”

Hakim is fully aware of all the support he’s received up until now, so he has nothing but gratitude towards his family and fans. “Thank you for supporting me since the beginning until now, for all the likes, shares and Stars all of you have given,” he expressed, saying that he might do a giveaway sometime in the future to show his appreciation. But for now, here’s some advice he had to share as his gift: “Don’t copy other streamers’ style; discover your own character and stick to your real self. Always be hardworking in reading the comments, and constantly communicate with your viewers your streaming schedule.”

Come have a chat with Hakim in his daily live streams on Facebook Gaming!

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