The APAC Predator League came to a conclusion yesterday evening - after a long week of matches, it boiled down to a showdown between the Major darlings, OB Esports x Neon vs TNC Predator. While OB x Neon looked good all the way to the grand finals, they seemed to be off their game during the grand finals - which was played on a completely new patch that was released on Saturday morning. TNC Predator, who were knocked down to the lower bracket by OB x Neon, had a better grasp of the patch by then, and easily wrapped up the grand finals 2 - 0. Core Io is still a thing, and TNC Predator definitely had an edge when it comes to their flexibility and playstyles. Tournament info on Liquipedia.

Well played to Gabbi, Armel, Bok, Tims and Boomy for finishing at first place, they walk away with $50,000 (USD) - it was a good showing from the recently adjusted roster since failing to make it for the Singapore Major. OB x Neon finished in second for $25,000 and BOOM Esports at third for $10,000. These three teams will be competing in the Dota 2 Pro Circuit: SEA Upper Division starting this week, so look forward to their matches if you want to see more of them in action!

As for the Asia division of the Predator League, congratulations to Team Veteran from Myanmar for taking it all the way, despite dropping to the lower bracket on the first day. They managed to bounce back for a rematch in the finals, going against IMG, the team that knocked them down in the first place. Congratulations to Team Veteran - they walk away with $20,000 and IMG at second with $10,000. The Council finish at third for $5,000.

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