Congratulations to the winner of the final Top Clans 2021 Winter Stage tournament (Dota 2), LBZS! An almost flawless run, they successfully finished an upper bracket run dropping only a single game along the way. Coming in as the heavy favourites (the team has been bouncing between the upper and lower divisions of the Chinese DPC), it was no surprise that they swept the tournament with ease. The other teams did put up a good fight on the other side of the bracket, but unfortunately, it wasn't enough. LBZS outclassed UD Vessuwan (from Thailand) in a clean 2-0 series to secure the gold medal.

Well played to Kagome, Pyue, Molasses, CatYou and detachment! They walk away with 6,000 USD, while UD Vessuwan earn 3,000 USD for second place. Summit Gaming and 496 finish in 3rd and 4th respectively, winning 2,250 USD and 1,500 USD. Find out more about the teams and matches here.

And with that, Top Clans 2021 Winter Stage has come to an end! We're sure that NetEase Games will be back in the future with more iterations of the event. In the meantime, you can check out the replays and VODs on Twitch, Facebook or YouTube. Stay tuned to eGG Network for more news and updates!

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang M3 World Championship

This weekend we'll find out who the best Mobile Legends: Bang Bang team in the world is going to be. Definitely an event no MLBB fan wants to miss. More info.

Date and Time: 17-19 December, 2 PM

Where to Watch: eGG Network TVTwitchYouTubeFacebook

PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021: East

This is the final Super Weekend before we get the top 16 teams entering the grand final. Who will qualify?

More info.

Date and Time:

Where to Watch: FacebookYouTube

Sembang Game 2

Date and Time: 23 December, 9 PM

Where to Watch: eGG Network TV

Global Esports Games

More info.

Date and Time: 17-19 Dec, 1 PM

Where to Watch: YouTubeFacebookTikTok.


Date and Time: 17-20 December, 10 PM

Where to Watch: eGG Network TVTwitch

BLAST Premier: World Final 2021

More info.

Date and Time: 17-19 December, 11.30 PM

Where to Watch: eGG Network TVTwitch

Dota 2 DPC Season 2021 Winter

More info.

Dates: 29 November - 21 January

Where to Watch: eGG Network TVTwitch

All dates and times in GMT +8

The Top Clans 2021 Winter Stage tournament is coming to an end very soon and last weekend, another event was completed - Rules of Survival. After 5 days of action, the best RoS teams in SEA were determined (despite some shenanigans going on), and Elite EHO from Indonesia climbed out on top! They scored a whopping 200 points, 17 more than second place, ZENTINEL with 183, and third place MauxRSB with 171.

Elite EHO will be taking home $5,000, Zentinel $3,000, MauxRSB $2,000, SANTINOPH $1,500, and ISFAKEMAIN $500 - in addition to the title of best RoS team in the region. A big shout out to Mays, Sneezy, Diablo, Trust, and SYXS - you can expect to see them at other RoS tournaments in the future.

Top Clans 2021 Winter Stage continues this week with the Dota 2 tournament from 15-19 December, 12 PM. Make sure you catch the action live on eGG Network TVYouTubeTwitch, and Facebook.

Top Clans 2021 Winter Stage Mobile Legends: Bang Bang came to a stunning conclusion last night with Impunity KH pulling off a flawless final day. The Cambodian squad went through the final day of the tournament without dropping a single game - going 2-0 against Laos representatives, Nightmare Esports in the lower bracket final, and then 4-0 against IDoNotSleep from Thailand in the grand finals. It was sweet retribution for the Cambodians as they got to take out the team that sent them down to the lower bracket earlier in the week.

Congratulations to Tyyy, Oppi, Senpai, BOOM and Deja on their victory, even though they didn't make it for the M3 World Championship, they still managed to close out the year with a bang. On the bright side, they get to chill for a bit longer before the next season of MPL starts!

If you missed the action of the Top Clans 2021 Winter Stage: MLBB grand finals live, you can watch the replay here:

Top Clans 2021 Winter Stage continues this week with Rules of Survival. Watch it live on eGG Network TVYouTubeTwitch, and Facebook form 8-12 December, 1 PM.

Looks like NetEase Games is looking to close out the year with another bang - they announced today the return of the Top Clans with its winter edition. Kicking off next week, the Top Clans 2021 Winter Stage will feature everybody's favourite games: Dota 2, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Rules of Survival, and for the first time: Naraka: Bladepoint! That's right, the highly popular sword-swinging battle royale will be one of the titles for the upcoming event, with the winners representing SEA at the upcoming Naraka Official World Championship in January 2022.

Teams from the 2021 Summer Invitational will be taking part, as well as new teams that make it through the qualifiers. NetEase mentioned that they will now be accepting competitors from Japan and Russia as well, so expect some fiercer competition. The total prize pool for the whole event is 110,000 USD, which is more than double this year's Summer Invitational.

Qualifiers for the tournament have already begun for Naraka: Bladepoint, so if you're keen on competing for the other games, make sure you sign up already! All the registration info and links are available on the official Top Clans Facebook. Top Clans Winter Stage 2021 will take place from 24 November til 24 December. eGG Network is pleased to announce that we'll be screening the tournament on our channels, so stay tuned for updates! In the meantime, you can catch the qualifiers on YouTube/Twitch.

Congratulations to the winner of the Top Clans 2021 Rules of Survival Summer Invitational! There was some kerfuffle about the points and winner announced on the live stream yesterday, but Garena apologized for the error, and the true victor of the tournament is Team Nitroux. Well played to Pain, Prodigy, Stawyy, Galaxy and Natcel. After getting through the gauntlet that was the Philippines finals, they managed to come out on top over the past weekend over teams like Assassin's Legion, The Ninth Order, Hydro and Team Sakalam (the remaining other teams in the top 5).

They did the Philippines proud with their performance and walk away with the lion's share of the USD 8,000 prize pool. Top Clans 2021 Summer Invitational was a fun event and gave us many exciting matches across various games. We look forward to future instalments of the tournament. As usual, follow Top Clans and eGG Network on Facebook for all the latest news and updates.

If you missed the action of the final day, catch the VOD below:

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