Despite being weighed down by the wholly unnecessary controversy they faced in PMCO MY/SG 2021, TRX Esports (then TRX Legend) managed to buck up and emerge as the runner-ups of PMCO, granting them a life-changing opportunity of progressing to the national top-tier leagues of PMPL MY/SG Season 3.

Nez Aireen “Ray” bin Norafendi - IGL
Muhammad Fahmi “Pami” bin Mohd Hamdan - Sniper
Alif Mustaqim “Don” bin Romli - Support
Wan Syaqirin “Rimabite” bin Wan Yamin - Scouter
Yeo “Kaiizzz” Kai Jie - Rusher


Siti Aisyah binti Abdul Rahim


Chin Hou Khan

“We are definitely happy to reach this level,” said Don, the support player of TRX Esports, adding that this is a good chance for them to prove that they can compete at a higher level. “We didn’t expect to get this far, but we’ve always aimed high and played the best we can.” 

Just a few days before the PMCO Finals, former TRX Esports member Fucekboy was found to be cheating during the qualifier matches, resulting in him being banned for life from the PUBG Mobile esports scene. “Even though the players were down from the incident, they managed to try their best with the new roster within a short period of time,” said CEO Chin Hou Khan, or Khan for short.

Press Release TRX E-Sports have decided to release the Player after a thorough investigation. TRX Legend will still...

Posted by TRX Team on Friday, 19 February 2021

The somewhat-new addition to the team was former TRX team manager, Rimabite, who had some experience in the PUBG Mobile competitive circle. He revealed that they only had two days to train with him on board, so they practiced more often to build their team chemistry quickly. “A big shoutout to Rimabite for leading the team to the next level,” Khan praised, while appreciating the team’s willingness to put in more effort than expected to succeed.

After PMCO, the then-four-man squad also added Kaiizzz to their lineup as a rusher to turn up their firepower. As a former member of TRX Elementus (yes, there’s a story here), TRX Esports hope that his experience in the professional leagues would help elevate the team’s gameplay. “With Kaiizz on board, we’ll be trying out some new things together, to see how we can switch up our positioning, play style and so on,” said Khan.

It can be a little confusing knowing that there were two teams carrying the TRX banner before PMPL, and it turns out that TRX Esports actually started out as TRX Elementus in late 2019, with Khan as a co-founder; TRX Legends also existed back then, but they weren’t competing at their current level. Later, the Elementus squad parted ways from TRX Esports (picked up by Todak PUBGM soon after), and Legends was promoted as the main squad.

TRX Esports may have been continuously finding ways to be a higher-tier team, but getting a coach to train the team isn’t in the cards … for now. “Everyone would have their own individual mindsets, so we want the team to feel whole and work well together first before we get a coach in the future,” explained Khan, especially when they’re considered new to the professional stage.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing these boys become rising stars, because we (the TRX esports organisation) want to be a platform for them to join competitions and the like,” Khan expressed, wanting to help new players shine in the scene. 

With the dedication that the TRX members bring to the table, they’d undoubtedly reach the level they’ve been targeting for. Even with his free time, captain Ray looks back at previous games, such as scrims and past tournaments, to discuss with Rimabite their game plan and solutions to fix their mistakes. “Even though Aisyah and I always tell them to rest and not push themselves too hard, they’re still so stubborn and determined to go big,” said Khan.

In spire of their lofty ambitions, TRX Esports don’t want to be just another team in a sea of existing professionals. “We want to be ourselves and play with our own original methods,” said Rimabite, hoping that their gameplay would be good enough to inspire other teams - both professional and amateurs - to learn from them. Don chimed in, “We aim high first, and even if it’s hard, we’ll still try our hardest to achieve it.”

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PMPL MY/SG Season 3 began 24 March, with the Country Finals running from 23 - 25 April LIVE on the official PUBG Mobile Facebook page and YouTube.

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