While video game subscription services haven't gained the most traction in this part of the world, they've been around for a bit and recently have gained a bit of the spotlight thanks to services like the Xbox Game Pass and Apple Arcade. Basically, the idea is pretty much Netflix for gaming - pay a monthly fee for unlimited access to a catalogue of games that you can play at any time. It looks like one of these services are expanding their presence in Malaysia.

Earlier today, SEAGM, the global digital online game store and the organization behind SEM9.GANK; announced its newly minted partnership with Utomik, a PC gaming subscription service. Thanks to this collaboration, you will now be able to pay for your Utomik subscription through SEAGM. This means that if you don't have a credit card to pay for Utomik directly, you can instead pay through SEAGM, which supports other forms of payment such as Touch n Go, bank transfers, and even offline payments at physical locations.

So what does Utomik bring to the table? A library of over 1,000 games. Granted, there aren't a plethora of triple-A titles available, but we spotted quite a few older gems available, which is great if you're looking to play those kinds of games. And for a monthly fee of USD 6.99, it's hard to complain. All you have to do is sign up, install their launcher, and select a game to start playing. What's great about Utomik is that you don't have to install the full game from the get-go - just download the required files and you can start playing. The game will continue to download the rest while you play.

If you're on the fence about a PC gaming subscription service, you can try it out for free. To celebrate this new partnership, SEAGM is giving away a 7-day trial of Utomik at no cost. Just head over to their website to claim it.

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