Valorant fans in the region will be pleased to know that the competitive season is just around the corner. The 20 best teams in APAC will be duking it out starting next week in the VCT APAC Challengers Stage 1 Playoffs! It will be a three-stage tournament, starting with the play-ins, followed by the group stage and the knockouts. The teams will be playing for a cut of the USD 150,000 Prize Pool, and more importantly - one of two seats in Masters 1.

8 teams will be taking part in the play-ins (GSL format), with only 4 moving forward to join the other 12 teams in the group stages. Dates: 10-13 March.

For the play-ins, we have:

In the group stages, there will be 12 + 4 teams going through a GSL format stage as well. 8 teams will move on to the knockout stage. Dates: 16-21 March.

For the knockouts, 8 teams will go through a series of double elimination brackets, with the final 2 teams being invited to Masters 1 in Iceland. Dates: 24-27 March. Liquipedia.

Want to watch the action live? Follow the official Valorant esports website for the latest info and details.

After the debut of the VCT Game Changers last year to promote females in Valorant Esports, Riot has announced that they will be bringing it back for the 2022 season. Meant to supplement this year's Valorant Champions Tour, VCT Game Changers will provide additional opportunities and exposure for women and marginalized genders in the Valorant esports ecosystem.

This year there will be 4 stages throughout the year, with a total prize pool of USD60,000.

VCT Game Changers APAC Open 1-4: a maximum of 64 teams will compete in a series of double elimination rounds across 4 Open tournaments to win points. The top 3 teams on the leaderboard qualify for the APAC Elite stage. Teams can win USD5,000 at each stage of the Open tournaments.

VCT Game Changers APAC Open Overtime: 8 teams ranked 4th - 11th in the APAC Open stages have another chance to qualify for the APAC Elite tournament. Matches will be played in a double-elimination format, with the top 3 teams moving on to the APAC Elite stage.

VCT Game Changers APAC Last Chance: the final opportunity for unqualified teams to make it to the APAC Elite. There will be a maximum of 64 teams in the double-elimination tournament, with only the top 2 making the cut. Teams can also win USD5,000 at this stage.

VCT Game Changers APAC Elite: the tournaments all teams in Game Changers will be looking forward to - the 8 teams at the event will compete over two weekends for the title of VCT Game Changers APAC Champion, and a cut of the USD35,000 prize pool. They will also get a chance to be invited to a global Game Changers tournament later in the year.

Tournament dates:

Have a suitable team that's ready to compete? Be sure to register yourselves on the official Valorant website (stay tuned). Rules and Regulations.

Playoffs of the VCT Game Changers APAC 2022 will be broadcast live on:

SEA Esports Championship 2021 - Valorant Playoff

The playoffs SEA Esports Championship 2021 Valorant tournament will conclude this weekend - which country will be the best in the region? Still remaining in the event are BOOM Esports (ID), ONIC Esports (ID), Shiba n the homies (SG), Sharper Esport (TH), Bren Esports (PH), South Built Esports (PH), Kingsmen (MY) and COPIUM (SG). More info.

Date and Time: 14-16 January, 3 PM

Where to Watch: eGG Network TV, Facebook

Sembang Game 2

Date and Time: 20 January, 9 PM

Where to Watch: eGG Network TV

Vertex Esports 12 Hours Sim Racing Charity Live Stream

More info.

Date and Time: 16 January, 11 AM - 11 PM

Where to Watch: eGG NetworkVertex EsportsAdrenaline ImpactGaleri Kereta, DSF.my

Dota Pro Circuit 2022

The Major might be cancelled, but the league still goes on. More info.

Dates: 29 November - 21 January

Where to Watch: eGG Network TVTwitch

24 Hour Le Mans Virtual

Date and Time: 15-16 January, 9 PM

Where to Watch: Twitch, Facebook, YouTube

All dates and times in GMT +8

After the successful conclusion of the first Valorant Champions Tour, it looks like Riot Games are ready to reveal more details about the upcoming season. Announced in a press release yesterday, here’s what's changed:

South Asia and Oceania to play alongside Southeast Asia in the APAC Circuit. This brings the total number of participating regions to 8. This is the slot allocation for VCT 2022 APAC:

Taiwan/Hong Kong2
South Asia2

With the inclusion of more regions, it looks like qualifiers for the major tournaments are going to be a lot tougher than before.

The VCT 2022 season is structured around 3 global events: Masters 1, Masters 2 and Champions. From the APAC level, teams can expect to fight through a three-stage competitive format for the chance to compete at the global events.

  1. Local Challengers: Teams will participate in local-level tournaments for a chance to secure a seed at the Regional Playoffs.
  2. Regional Playoffs: Teams that qualify for Playoffs will compete for Circuit Points. Those with high enough points will be invited to Global Events.
  3. Global Events: These international events come with prestige, high prize pools and massive Circuit Point pools.

Registrations are now open for the first qualifier, so if you’ve got a team that’s ready to go, make sure you sign up now! Stay tuned to eGG Network for more news and updates about VCT 2022.

The very first Valorant Championship came to a conclusion this morning as the grand finals between Acend and Gambit Esports went all the way to five games, with the European squad coming out on top, 3-2. The team showed off their dominance at the event, only dropping a single map in the group stage before a flawless run in the playoffs. It was during the grand final where they met their toughest opponent at the last possible stage.

Gambit, one of the favourites of the tournament didn't have the cleanest of runs, going 2-1 all the way until the grand finals where they were the first to match point. However, Acend pulled off an epic comeback on map 4 (Icebox), taking it into overtime and equalizing the series. For the final map, it looked like it was Acend's to win, which they eventually did without much trouble. If you missed the action live, check out the replay.

Congratulations to BONECOLD, cNed, Kiles, starxo, zeek and their coach, Nbs - they are officially the best Valorant team in the world! Acend walk away with the grand prize of $350,000 and Gambit Esports with $150,000 for second place. In addition to the main prize pool, all the teams receive about an additional $500,000 each from the total sales of the Valorant Champions bundle.

Valorant esports will be taking a break for the rest of the year and will resume in February 2022, stay tuned to eGG Network for more news and updates!

The inaugural Valorant Champions tournament may end this weekend, but it looks like Riot Games has already planned out the upcoming year. The company announced today its plans for the competitive Valorant scene in 2022 and here's how it's looking:

It looks like 2022 is going to be tighter in terms of scheduling - after the conclusion of Valorant Champions this weekend, there's going to be a long break until February 2022, where Valorant Challengers will begin. This is the regional league meant to determine the best teams in their respective zones, and those on top will meet teams from other areas at the Valorant Masters in April. The next Challengers and Masters will then take place from May to July, for more teams to qualify to Champions. In August, there will be Last Chance Qualifiers again, followed by Champions to conclude the season in September.

From October till December, there will be more "fun" tournaments like the Ignition series for players to have some time off and experiment, as well as for the game to be promoted and embraced by influencers and the community. Game Changers will also return to help promote the growth of females in the esports scene. A nice way to wind down the hyper-competitive Season since there are no breaks in the earlier months.

More details will arrive in the coming weeks, but this schedule should be a good foundation for organizations and Valorant teams to plan out their 2022. Valorant Champions 2021 concludes this weekend, make sure you don't miss out on the action, live on eGG Network TV!

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