The Valorant Champions Tour 2021: Stage 3 Masters - Berlin concluded early this morning, after a best-of-five between the two best teams of the tournament, Gambit Esports and Team Envy. While Team Envy had a flawless run all the way to the grand finals, it looks like they were unprepared for the Russian powerhouse in the final series of the tournament.

While the scores show Gambit Esports sweeping the grand finals, the games started off pretty close. In game one (Bind), Envy started in the lead, and Gambit had to slowly fight their way back to a lead. However, the North Americans didn't give up and continued trading blows, taking the game into overtime but it wasn't enough. Game two (Haven) saw the teams trading wins again at the start, but Envy pulled away with the lead. it was Gambit's turn to persevere and they did, turning an 11-9 game into an 11-13 win for them. For the third game (Split), the two teams started off trading wins again, but this time Gambit took the early lead and maintained it. At match point, the team pulled off a flawless victory to end the round and win the series. Hats off to Sheydos, nAts, Redgar, d3ffo and Chronicle.

Congratulations to Gambit Esports, they walk away with USD 225,000, the title of best Valorant team in the world, and a direct invitation to Valorant Champions later this year. If you missed the action, you can watch the VODs on the official Valorant channel. More info.

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It looks like the Valorant teams who missed out on qualifying for Valorant Champions 2021, are in luck. Riot Games has announced the Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) for the tournament. Teams who haven't qualified for the pinnacle of Valorant esports events, taking place at the end of the year, will get one more chance to qualify for the tournament - all they have to do is defeat all the other LCQ teams to get the single spot.

For the upcoming LCQ, the competing teams will be:

Two slots for SEA have already been taken up by Boom Esports (ID) and FULL SENSE (PH), with the third one to be determined after VCT 2021: Stage 3 Masters - Berlin in September (we'll be seeing Bren Esports or Paper Rex as they are currently tied in points). As of writing, the last known team are REJECT (JP).

The VCT APAC LCQ will take place during 13-17 October, so make sure you mark those dates on your calendar if you're keen on finding out who will qualify for Valorant Champions!

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