Over-the-top graphics

It’s not every day you come across a game that lets you play as bobblehead versions of your favourite wrestlers in crazy locations such as a swamp ring surrounded by crocodiles and bystanders. With beautifully animated signature moves that any WWE fan can recognize immediately, WWE 2K Battlegrounds is a feast for the eyes.

Create the wrestler you want

2K sports games are known for letting players create their own characters to take part in the game, and Battlegrounds is no different. The customizability in terms of your character’s appearance isn’t as extensive as NBA 2K20 but it’s good enough for a game of this calibre - considering the number of ridiculous costumes you can put on to change your character’s whole look anyway! Have fun putting yourself into the game or creating celebrity lookalikes, we had loads of fun with the feature.

It’s easy to pick up and play

If you’re looking for a game that you can jump right into without reading manuals WWE 2K Battlegrounds is the game for you. Almost everything you want to do in the game can be learned within your first few matches. Combos are done with simple 3-button sequences and special moves are only a tap on the right stick or a two-button press simultaneously. The way it controls means that you won’t have to spend a lot of time memorizing the moves for your character - which makes it a game of when to use your moves rather than how.

Everything is unlockable through gameplay

The game does a good job to remind you that everything is unlockable via gameplay. Sure, spending money lets you upgrade your characters and costumes faster, but you’re not forced to indulge in it. If you enjoy the gameplay of WWE 2K Battlegrounds, you’re going to have fun grinding the unlocks anyway. Kudos to 2K for not turning the game into a microtransaction-fest!

Beat up your friends without harming them

Need to settle something between you and a buddy? WWE 2K Battlegrounds makes it really easy to set up a match between you and your friends without having to resort to real punches. Just start up one of the many exhibition matches available, pass them the controller and take out your frustrations virtually. Just remember to keep the controller in your hands, no matter how frustrated you get!

Catch SmackDown live on 10 October and Raw, live the following Monday (12 October) for the 2020 WWE Draft, to find out where your favourite Superstars will call Home. Only on Astro SuperSport 4 (Ch 834).

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