Targon Is the Next Region for LoR

Posted by George Wong on August 11, 2020

Looks like Legends of Runeterra fans have got some exciting news in store for them. Riot Games announced today its new plans detailing the release schedule for its upcoming expansion - Call of the Mountain.

Eschewing the traditional release schedule of collectible card games, Riot will be experimenting with something new instead - new cards will be introduced to the game via expansions and sets. According to their definition, an expansion is all the cards, champions, cosmetics and game modes released with a major patch. A set is a thematically and mechanically cohesive group of cards released over one or more expansions. The set shares its name with the first of these expansions. This means in the coming months, we'll see the expansion, Call of the Mountain released in August. Then in October and December, there will be a total of 2 sets which complement the Call of the Mountain expansion.

To break it down simply - it's going to be one large expansion set that's released in chunks instead of as a whole. Their reasoning for this is to keep the game fresh - instead of one massive launch that sputters out after a couple of months, having cards released in stages will keep the game fresh in everyone's minds and will have players looking forward to the next batch of content since it's only a 2-month waiting period in between them. This release schedule will hopefully allow the meta to develop and grow instead of staying stagnant since there will be new cards to play around with.

Riot Games also mentions that while each release will not have an equal amount of new cards for all regions, they will be equalized when all the sets in the expansion have been released. For Call of the Mountain, all the cards will be focused on the new region - Targon. However, moving forward, every set will add a new champion to each region, and every expansion will contain new cards for each region.

With Targon on the horizon, could we expect to see Champions like Leona, Taric and Zoe in LoR? Fortunately, we won't have to wait too long to find out. Call of the Mountain will be released on 26th August.

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