Team Bosskurr Win FB Gaming: Rise to Greatness PUBG Mobile Regional Championship!

Posted by George Wong on August 16, 2021

Congratulations to Team Bosskurr for winning the Facebook Gaming: Rise to Greatness PUBG Mobile Regional Championship! After two long days of intense competition, Soloz, Zynn Interpuret, Naoki Gaming and Obot Gaming claim the trophy of the best Facebook Gaming Creators at PUBG Mobile in Southeast Asia. Despite their lacklustre start in the Malaysian leg of the tournament and barely qualifying for the regional finals, they got their act together to come back strong this weekend.

With a total of two chicken dinners, 57 placement points and 40 kill points, they finished a mere one point ahead of the runner ups - Teletupbies v.2 from Thailand! What a difference that single point made. During their post-game interview, Zynn admitted they didn't really have a plan for this tournament - they all went in "YOLO", and fortunately it was good enough! Since they managed to win without any serious planning, we're sure it's going to bode well for the players in future tournaments (we look forward to Soloz' debut at PMPL). Naoki Gaming also showed that he still had his PUBG Mobile chops, winning MVP of the tournament.

Watch the VODs for the regional finals here:

That concludes the Facebook Gaming: Rise to Greatness PUBG Mobile Regional Championship, and we look forward to seeing more Creator tournaments in the future. In the meantime, make sure you follow eGG Network for all the latest news and updates!


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