Team God's wins Facebook Gaming Creator Games: Battle of Heroes (PUBG Mobile)

Posted by George Wong on July 26, 2020

Congratulations to Team God's from Thailand for winning the Facebook Gaming Creator Games: Battle of Heroes (PUBG Mobile)! After making it through the qualifier, the 4-person squad played did a great job this weekend. Despite not winning a single Chicken Dinner, their consistency of finishing top five in all six rounds was all they needed to clinch the title for the region. Well done to Ju 991, ChopTirawat, ARMJoNe, and BD on their win!

Literally one point away from tying for first place was Team Teletubbies, who finished second with 99 points. While they managed to win two Chicken Dinners, it just wasn't enough this weekend.

Unfortunately for Malaysian representatives, Team Lontong and STP Bosskurr, they struggled this weekend and finished 5th and 9th respectively - better luck next time!

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