PUBG Mobile: Team No Recoil and AKA Esports merges, Team Whales are born

Posted by Bryan Terng on February 5, 2021

Two seasoned Malaysian PUBG Mobile squads, Team No Recoil (PMPL MY/SG Season 2 finalists) and AKA Esports have come together to form a new super roster that would combine the best of both worlds. And what's a new team without a new name? Thus, the duo merged to become Team Whales, after signing with local esports organisation Whales Esports late last year.

The members that make up Team Whales are as follows:

Kuang "Stewart9k" Jian Sew (Team No Recoil)
Neo "XinB" Sau Puey (formerly SinB, Team No Recoil)
Tee “inSomnus" Yeu Terng (Team No Recoil)
Loo "Looyou" Tze You (AKA Esports)
Koh "Snap" Wen Hong (AKA Esports)

Team Manager

Jack Wong Jing Feng

General Manager

Zac Lim Zhi Xiang

"Whales Esports believe that by signing Team No Recoil (after merging), it will be helpful for both sides to expand the local market and let more people know about us," said Zac Lim, the general manager of Team Whales, and also manager of the Whales Buddy app (we'll get to this in a bit). Needless to say, both parties are excited to venture on this new journey and grow together.

Team Whales' captain, Kuang "Stewart9k" Jian Sew, expressed his utmost gratitude for the Whales Esports' financial backing. Not only will their support allow them to fully focus on training, but they can also explore more opportunities such as live streaming, content creation, building ourselves up as influencers, and more. "Most importantly, we've become clearer about our career path, so we can properly focus on it 100%, unlike other professional athletes who may still feel lost about their paths," Stewart said.

After placing fifth in the PMPL MY/SG Season 2 (PUBG Mobile Professional League Malaysia/Singapore Fall Split 2020) Finals as Team No Recoil, Team Whales have their sights set on qualifying for PMPL SEA Finals Season 3. "We were just one step away from entering SEA Finals last season, so we will do everything in our power to make it happen this time," Tee “inSomnus" Yeu Terng said. "Let's hope everything goes well."

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Whales Esports was founded last year by CEO Morgan LB and a number of Malaysian actors and artists like Adrian Tan and Zac Lim. Whales Esports also own an Honor of Kings team named Tiger League Club (TLC).

Aside from cultivating esports athletes and streamers and organising tournaments, Whales Esports are currently developing the Whales Buddy app, a platform to find gaming companions and even features esports tournament functions. The app is now in beta stage, and will be available soon on Google Play and the App Store.


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