Team Secret win PMPL MY/SG 2020

Posted by Bryan Terng on April 15, 2020

The top three teams will be representing their respective countries in the upcoming PMPL SEA 2020 Finals.

The conclusion of the PUBG Mobile Professional League Malaysia/Singapore (PMPL MY/SG) Spring Split 2020 Grand Finals is as epic as they come, with the formidable Team Secret emerging as the champions of PMPL MY/SG 2020. With four Winner Winner Chicken Dinners (WWCDs) and racking up 138 kills (the highest in the tournament), it's unsurprising that the kings of Miramar was rewarded with the winning cash prize of US$15,000 and the opportunity to represent Malaysia in the upcoming PMPL SEA 2020.

Their latest WWCD was during match four Vikendi today, despite landing west far from the eastern circle, Team Secret managed to snake past enemy teams and held their ground to be the second team to secure their fourth WWCD, finishing off match four second-placer Bapak. Their previous three WWCDs were all won in Miramar, thus their nickname.

Although Team Secret did not win a chicken dinner in the final match, they still put up arguably the greatest gameplay ever seen in the Grand Finals. As the team held their fort in Minas Generales gunning down countless teams, Uhigh, BiuBiu and Madtoi were knocked out by Last Survivor R2K as IShotz clinched as many kills as he can until the sniper went out in a blaze of glory, courtesy of Dingoz MZ ending him from the back.

Aside from the champions, even runner-ups Yoodo Gank and second runner-ups Bigetron AROV will be representing the region in PMPL SEA 2020, along with the cash prizes of US$10,000 and US$7,500.

But, let's not forget the other notable teams for their outstanding performances:

Hot and cold Yoodo Gank

The Yoodo-sponsored team started off day three with their third WWCD in Sanhok, avoiding engagements and focusing on rotating seamlessly. However, sensing that they needed more points to overthrow Team Secret, they later emphasised on higher kill volumes to catch up, picking a lot more fights only to bow out early in four matches today, which cost them their points. Nonetheless, they still placed second with awesome gameplay from the first two days and are still the proud owners of three WWCDs.

Bigetron AROV: The last stands

On top of their WWCD and 13 kills from Vikendi yesterday, Bigetron AROV won their second Chicken Dinner - plus 12 kills - in match three Miramar today. Surviving an assault from Team No Recoil, the Boyka-helmed team later adopted a defensive stance and took their last stand in a two-storey warehouse with Bapak Ah Esports holed up in the opposite structure and Geek Fam on the ground, not to mention that the circle was in their favour as well. After Geek Fam flushed out Bapak two versus four, Bigetron held their fort and finished off their geeky opponents. It's no wonder that Bigetron AROV will be advancing to PMPL SEA 2020 Final.

Last Survivor R2K: Sole team with five WWCDs

The only team to get five WWCDs is none other than underdogs Last Survivor R2K in the last match of the day in Miramar. Caught in a Mexican standoff between Geek Fam and Resurgence MY, the former two-man team took out the latter swiftly before making it hard for the three remaining Last Survivors to pick them off. But, the numbers of members were on Last Survivor's side, and they managed to eliminate Geek Fam. They were rewarded with fourth place and the US$4,500 prize money.


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