Team SMG PUBG Mobile: Return of the league kings in PMPL MY/SG S2

Posted by Bryan Terng on August 26, 2020

Before they were Team SMG (Still Moving under Gunfire), captain Trixnity and his band of soldier boys were known as Bapak Ah Esports in the PUBG Mobile Professional League Malaysia/Singapore (PMPL MY/SG) Season 1. And though they missed their shot at the PMPL SEA Finals by placing 13th in the Finals, they still blew everyone else away by winning first place in the Regular Season.

Here are the star boys that round up Team SMG:

  • Mohamad Nazeri Shahrin “Trixnity” bin Affan - Sniper/IGL (in-game leader)
  • Muhammad Danny Irfan “Jenny” bin BakriJenny - Scouter/Flanker
  • Mohamad Harith Iskandar “Bard” bin Badrul Hisham - Support/Grenadier
  • Aqil “Six” Bin Yusli Six - Rusher/Carry Fragger
  • Fairul “Putra” Iskandar Putra - Rusher/Carry Fragger
  • Muhammad Hazwan Bin Abd Halim Savior - Coach 
  • Firdaus “MasterRamen” Bin Hashim - Manager

It was natural for Trixnity and fellow former members of Bapak Ah Esports to be proud of their impressive performance during said Regular Season, a feat that gave them a huge bump in their morale and confidence for the Finals. But, it came at an unanticipated and costly price: they became overconfident and began to underestimate other teams. 

“That made us realise we were still inexperienced, and that we had a lot to work on, especially on our mental aspect,” said Trixnity, leader of the five-man squad. “Since then, with the help of coach Savior, we’ve learned how to keep a positive attitude for every problem we face.”

Bard honing his support/grenadier skills.

Aside from scrims and practice, Team SMG’s training regime - which happens every weekday for four to eight hours - places more emphasis on their mental integrity, so that they don’t break under pressure. Trixnity revealed that they have made some changes to the way they approach their gameplay, with the addition of an internal point system within the group to track their performance. Alas, that’s the only info he teased us with. “We’ll show it when the time is right,” he said with a wink.

Putra seems to be a great addition to the team.

Fans of the PMPL MY/SG Season 1 finalists would undoubtedly be curious about the name change, and manager MasterRamen can finally put our pressing questions to rest. “We were looking to grow the players further, and Team SMG approached us at the right time,” he disclosed. Knowing that the Singaporean esports organisation can provide them with better financial and marketing support, MasterRamen and the rest of the team accepted their offer to be under their management. “We are happy with the help they’ve given us, and we look forward to furthering our careers with Team SMG.”


The MasterRamen-helmed squad have been making genuine efforts to improve themselves, with their sponsors appointing Savior as their new coach to assist in their growth. 

“Wan (Savior’s name within the team) has been of great help in improving us,” said Trixnity, adding that his coaching focuses more on building discipline and enforcing a strong positive mentality to keep their cool. “After last season and how the results were, we felt like we needed someone that could keep our minds and emotions in check.” Fortunately, the former support player felt that having Savior around has indeed helped improve their overall skill set, particularly on their teamwork.

Coaching the SMG way.

As for whom Team SMG is looking forward to battling on the battleground, Savior singled out Team Secret and Yoodo Gank. “But, let’s not forget the underdog teams who just might surprise us,” said the cautious coach. “We don’t want to underestimate anyone, and that’s most important for us.”

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