11th Gen Intel®️ Core™️ Processors: Blasting You Into Space

Posted by George Wong on April 28, 2021

Picture this: an AAA title you’ve been waiting years for has finally been released. You’ve already pre-ordered it, and today is the day it launched. Since you’ve scheduled the download, the game is ready to play after a long day of work or school. You rub your hands in glee as the intro video fades into the main menu. You’ve been wowed by its graphics and everything you’ve seen in pre-release trailers and articles, so you immediately jump into the first level.

The game loads but when you try to walk around and explore the beautifully rendered world, your computer chugs along, trying to churn out frames at a decent rate. You think to yourself: Maybe it’s just the introduction. Things will get better. Spoiler: things don’t get better.

Begrudgingly, you open the options menu and carefully tweak the settings, moving effects sliders to the left, and turning off features, going back into the game to see if it runs better. 

The gameplay is now smoother, but it doesn’t look like what you thought you would be playing. 

If there’s one thing PC gamers hate, it’s having to compromise. We want the best graphics and the best performance at the same time, no exceptions - it’s why we game on a computer in the first place! But over time, as your current hardware ages, game technology is constantly innovating. With each passing year, the latest titles become increasingly demanding, and the beast of a machine you built five years ago is now long in the tooth.

This is why we have the 11th Gen Intel® Core™ Processor - a series of new powerful CPUs designed to elevate your gaming experience: whether you’re looking to game at high frame rates and the highest resolutions, at home or on the go. Available in the market now, a period where having a powerful computer is more important than ever, you can’t go wrong with an 11th Gen Intel® Core™-equipped machine if you need the tools to play the latest games, stream, work, video conference, or perhaps all at the same time!

Here’s what the 11th Gen Intel® Core™ Processors enable for laptops:

  • Up to 5GHz Turbo speeds - single-threaded laptop performance doesn’t get any better than this (for now)
  • Slimmer laptop designs that don’t sacrifice looks for performance or graphics
  • An optimized performance platform that enables it to play well with next-gen discrete graphics as well as offering high-speed connectivity
  • 4K resolution support and at least 70FPS in most popular games

For the desktop machines, you can expect:

  • Up to 19% IPC (instructions per cycle) improvement and graphics performance that is up to 50% better than the previous generation - you get the power you need to run the latest games and broadcast your stream at the same time!
  • Enhanced Intel UHD Graphics featuring Intel Xe graphics architecture which allows you to hook up three simultaneous 4K HDR displays at 60Hz - talk about immersion

Excited yet? What are you waiting for? The 11th Gen Intel® Core™ Processor is available now from your favourite tech retailers and stores - on its own or part of prebuilt desktops and laptops!


Acer Nitro 5 gaming laptop up for grabs!

And what’s a launch without a giveaway? Yes, that’s right. To celebrate the arrival of the 11th Gen Intel® Core™ Processor, Intel will be working together with Siupakchoi, Bexed, and MelRomeo to give away a brand new 11th Gen Intel®️ Core™️-powered Acer Nitro 5 laptop. All you have to do is tune into their livestreams and answer a simple question in the coming weeks - dates will be announced on the eGG Network Facebook Page, so make sure you follow us to not miss out!

This article was brought to you by Intel Malaysia


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