TMC PUBG Mobile: All-star wildcard team revealed & top 15 teams advancing to Grand Finals

Posted by Bryan Terng on June 30, 2021

After two crucial stages of Qualifiers and Group Stage (24 - 26 June), the top 15 teams have been seeded to continue their fight in the final showdown of eGG Network's very own PUBG Mobile community tournament, the Telur Mata Cup (TMC) Grand Finals. With 168 teams who competed in Group Stage, needless to say that everyone wants a shot at winning the RM30,000 prize pool and coveted entries to the upcoming PUBG Mobile Malaysia National Championship (PMNC 2021) Group Stage.

Here's the top 15 leaderboard during TMC Group Stage:

Team nameKillsPlacement pointsTotal
2Agent In Pyjamas304272
7GCK ARTEC253156
10RMC GLAZER262854
12GRiTG ARES292352
14VIP SQUAD Z2203151
15ESDK Reviens232750

FARANG GUERILLA proved to be the top dogs of the entire TMC Group Stage, scoring themselves all three Chicken Dinners and more than 10 kills in most matches - talk about an outstanding level of consistency! Though they were way ahead of everyone else in Group 2, they're hardly in the clear when it comes to the overall standings, with Agent In Pyjamas and AROV CHAOS behind them within arms reach, respectively.

Agent In Pyjamas have two WWCDs to their name and are tied with the Group Stage leaders in kill volume, so they're another fearsome group who could maintain their composure. As for AROV CHAOS, they caused absolute mayhem in two of three matches in Group 11, though their only-decent performance in Match 2 reveals a little hesitance behind their killer instincts - nevertheless, they have the highest overall eliminations, so keep a lookout.

Onwards to the remaining top 5 performers, BLACKROSS, are almost the opposites of their group mates AROV CHAOS, surpassing them in the one match that they underperformed in to win their sole Chicken Dinner. Even so, BLACKROSS were always one or two steps behind them with an abundance of kills to elevate their status. And finally, AROV DEADSHOT may not be on par as their siblings, CHAOS but their consistency is admirable, always earning around 20 points in all matches to reach this high without any WWCDs.

Let's not forget about the All-Star wildcard team who will be joining the arena too, with Zahier of ERA FM, and Facebook Gaming Creators MasterRamen and Fieya Julia teaming up to lay waste to the top 15 finalists.

No matter how well these teams performed in Group Stage, the stage has been reset and the real battle is about to begin. Will lightning strike twice and see the top teams performing outstandingly once again, or will we be surprised by the rise of hidden talents? No matter what happens, we're excited to see who will be qualifying for PMNC 2021 Group Stage!

The Telur Mata Cup Grand Finals will run this weekend (3 - 4 July) at 8PM (GMT +8) daily, broadcast LIVE on eGG Network TV and Facebook.

Telur Mata Cup is supported by ERA, Malaysia’s no.1 Malay-language radio station, and Malaysian esports provider Agri Mind. Fans can follow eGG Network on Facebook and Instagram, or log on to www.egg.network for further news and updates on Telur Mata Cup.


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