The best gaming mice to own in 2020

Posted by Dexter on February 10, 2020

Breaking down those suitable for both FPS and MOBA games.

A mouse is an extension of a PC gamer’s will. It directly reflects everything you intend to do on the display, especially in an FPS (first-person shooter) game. With so many gaming mice claiming to be the best in the market, we’ve put numerous popular gaming mice through a series of heavy gaming tests to examine their full potential.

All these mice on the list are the kings of the hill. Not only are they accurate and well-built, but they are reasonably priced too. Look no further if a gaming mouse is on your radar. Here’s our top choices, in no particular order:

The best FPS mice

Lightweight is the name of the game for most FPS gamers because these shooters demand speed and accuracy at the same time. A game often boils down to split-second decisions which draw a fine line between victory and defeat. Lightweight mice require less force to manoeuvre, making it generally easier to control, which helps gamers to aim better.

Razer Viper and Viper Ultimate

The ambidextrous shape makes the Viper suitable for both right and left-handed gamers. Coming in at only 69g, the Viper is one of the lightest mice on the market. Unlike most typical lightweight mice, the Viper feels solid with the smooth-textured shell and rubberised side grip.

The Razer Viper sports a low-profile ambidextrous shape.

The mouse sensor is precise and it tracks exceptionally on both hard and soft mousepads. The two main left and right buttons feature Razer’s Optical Mouse Switches, achieving instant actuation. The optical switches, in theory, will be more durable (since there’s no real physical contact between the inner components). The ultra-smooth Razer Speedflex cable is a huge bonus, making it feel almost wireless. 

Priced at a reasonable RM269, the Viper is a great purchase for FPS enthusiasts. If you desire wireless connectivity, then the Viper Ultimate is also available (but it comes with a huge price leap).

BenQ Zowie S series

If you’re familiar with the professional Counter-Strike scene, chances are you’ve heard of Zowie. They are well-known for their esports-centric peripherals, especially monitors and mice. The Zowie S series is the latest addition to their legendary mice collection.

Plug and play, hassle-free. Zowie's design is all about practicality.

By rocking a smaller size (S1 being medium, S2 being small) compared to their FK series, the S series is a saviour for gamers with smaller hands. Rarely do brands produce different ranges of the same model to suit various hand sizes. Additionally, Zowie’s built quality is top-notch.

The S Series has a minimalist design with practicality in mind. It doesn’t have the typical lighting, which is a breath of fresh air in the overcrowded RGB gaming peripherals market. Even better, the Zowie mice don’t require software to customise. Instead, the dpi and polling rate can be changed on-the-fly at the bottom of the mouse. The relatively not-so-flexible rubber cable is the Achilles’ heel for this mouse, which can be annoying if you’re not using a mouse bungee. 

Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O series

The Model O's shape is heavily inspired by the Zowie FK series mouse.

The Model O is arguably the most bang for the buck lightweight gaming mouse in 2020. Starting from around RM240, the mouse packs a huge punch. Glorious PC is a new brand, but their products are mostly well-manufactured. The Model O series has a honeycomb shell designed to reduce all unwanted weight.

The O- (pronounced “O minus,” a smaller alternative to the Model O) only weighs around 60g, making it a hot prospect for the mouse of the year, for most FPS gamers at least. Although the honeycomb design can suffer a bit in terms of rigidity, the overall built quality is excellent given its price. The main and side buttons are responsive and tactile to click. There’s no pre or post travel whatsoever, every click is registered clearly and feels snappy to use.

Endgame Gear XM1

Unfortunately, the XM1 isn't available in Malaysia yet.

This mouse is another great option, however, note that they don’t have an authorised reseller in Malaysia. Featuring a similar shape to the iconic SteelSeries Sensei, the XM1 feels agile to use, although it’s slightly longer in length compared to the aforementioned mouse. The reviewed version of XM1 comes equipped with a smoother paracord, which offers wireless vibe.

The best MOBA mice

Weight isn’t the priority for MOBA mice, instead, side buttons are arguably more important for most MOBA gamers. The programmable buttons play an important role in the effectiveness of a player’s skill casting. So having easy customisation and responsive side buttons are crucial.

Logitech G Pro

The G Pro wireless mouse is ambidextrous with adjustable size buttons.

This model has been out for at least two years and it’s still holding strong. Frankly, this is the first mouse that brought wireless connectivity to the competitive scene - even professional FPS players use it. Imagine seeing a pro CS player using a wireless mouse in a major tournament!  

Its high-profile shape offers great comfort for most palm-grip style users.

Coming in at RM499, the G Pro isn’t wallet-friendly by any means. However, in our books, its performance does justify the asking price. This mouse delivers all the perks that help players to be a better gamer (your skills still matter). The HERO sensor is deadly precise and the lift-off distance is minimal, making it suitable for MOBA games which require a lot of micro-adjustment.

The left/right side buttons can be customised according to the user’s preference, including disabling the unwanted right side buttons if you’re a right-handed gamer. The G Pro also boasts a healthy 40 hours of gaming before it needed to be charged using Logitech’s proprietary cable or the wireless-charging mouse pad (which comes at a hefty price).

The only concern is the durability of the main buttons. A double-clicking issue has been reported by many users. But that’s not entirely Logitech’s fault but Omron’s (the switch making company). So if you’re considering one, make sure you have a valid warranty.

Razer DeathAdder V2

According to Razer, this model has sold over 10 million pieces, making it one of the most (if not the most) popular mice ever. The DeathAdder V2 received a huge improvement while maintaining its main shape since its first release. 

The DeathAdder V2 is more suitable for gamers with bigger hands.

Ranging from the cable to buttons, Razer has set a high bar with the DeathAdder V2. The Focus+ Optical Sensor is as accurate as its top tier counterpart like the Pixart 3389 Sensor. The optical switches are well-implemented in the second generation of DeathAdder too.

Its ergonomic shape is probably its best feature. Razer clearly listened to the community by tuning down the slight protrusion of the original right main buttons. Thus, it became more comfortable to use, especially for gamers with smaller hands.

Surprisingly, the mouse also features a pair of pure PTFE mouse feet, making it buttery smooth on the mousepad when sliding. The on-board memory unchains users from the infamous Razer Synapse software - you can now uninstall it after customising your preferred dpi and macro settings. Overall, this mouse is a must for DeathAdder loyalists.

The best all-around gaming mice

Cooler Master’s Master Mouse series

The MM711 is an affordable lightweight mouse with awesome RGB.

Cooler Master has the lightest mouse to date: the MM710 sits at only 57g. This feathery-light mouse has a similar honeycomb shell design like many other lightweight mice. At RM199 for MM710 (the non-RGB version) and RM239 for MM711 (the RGB version), both mice offer great value.

The duo performs well as intended, with no misbehaviour even during intense mouse manoeuvring given its super-smooth braided cable. The shape is ambidextrous with side buttons on the left, making it suitable for right-handed gamers. Our only gripe is that it feels disposable when you press the mouse harder than you normally would. The software is unpolished too, making it mediocre as a MOBA mouse. But if you’re on a tight budget, the Master Mouse should be able to slide into that tiny space.

SteelSeries Rival 3

SteelSeries lost its throne, can the Rival 3 bring it back?

The Rival 3 is the jack of all trades in terms of accuracy, built-quality, software and RGB. For RM159, it’s a steal for most gamers. Although sporting a lower-end game sensor, the pointer is still sharp. The cpi (SteelSeries’s term for dpi) ranges from 100 to 8,500. The lift-off distance is minimal, making it good for MOBA.

The on-board memory offers the convenience of saving specific settings for different games and its hard plastic shell is solid and doesn’t rattle even when shaken hard. Weighing at around 80g, the Rival 3 is also suitable for FPS games.


The mice on this list are the best options available on the market right now. However, a great mouse for him/her might not fit you since everyone has different hand sizes and different preferred grip styles. The best practice when picking a mouse is to test it yourself.

Stay tuned for our upcoming guide to picking a gaming mouse that suits you. 


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