The Life of Paroi Studios

Posted by George Wong on May 30, 2020

If there was one word to describe Hadi “Paroi Studios” Afiq’s live streams, it would probably be energetic. The moment you tune in to one of his shows, you’ll be able to feel it immediately - from Hadi himself, and his legion of fans (affectionately called the “Paroi Army”) in chat. “They are the fuel to my energy, endlessly sending me love and positive feedback, hence I too returned to them the exact same way, with love and positivity!” said the 28-year-old father of two, who pulls no punches when it comes to knocking out entertaining streams on a nightly basis.

Paroi Studios and friends

Though Hadi is now a successful official Facebook Gaming partner, he didn’t get there by chance. The Malaysian streamer chose this career path because, despite his colourful background in various industries like wedding photography and selling fried chicken - they didn’t fulfil a need in his life: the joy he felt from reaching out to, interacting with, and entertaining people. Streaming allowed him to do all that, from the comfort of his own home. Since he already had an outgoing personality, the transition to being on camera wasn’t too challenging.

Before he was a streamer

“When I first started my stream, getting around 30 viewers already made me super happy!” The streamer fondly recalled the early days of his career, when he played games like Hitman, Mortal Kombat, and Days Gone. It was only after the release of MotoGP 19, and him streaming the game religiously, his view count picked up.

The Hype of the Paroi Army

But before the “Paroiarmy” existed, Hadi had his very own fan group - his family. They encouraged him to continue his pursuit of being a full-time streamer, despite its uncertain future. Fortunately, things worked out, and until today, they remain his biggest fans and influences. When we floated the idea of his family becoming streamers in the future, he responded, “I would encourage them as that would mean they share the same passion that I do. As for how I’d boost their careers, I think I will stick to the classic way - stream collabs!”

When he's not in front of the camera, he's sometimes behind it

Since blowing up, Paroi Studios has expanded his gaming catalogue, with titles like GTA V, ARMA 3, Need For Speed Heat, and PES 2020, to spice things up a bit in between bouts of MotoGP 20. He also enjoys titles he can play together with his gaming buddies. But regardless of the games, his loyal fans, whom he treats as his own friends, have remained around to cheer him on. The current lockdown situation in the country has also done wonders for his viewership - so much that he changed his streaming hours to accommodate the influx of new viewers.

Paroi Studios streaming PES 2020

Hadi recalled the moment he reached his highest concurrent view count - he was streaming a game of PES 2020 which suddenly grew to an audience of over 6,000. He wasn't sure what caused the spike, but he didn't let it intimidate him. With all the extra energy to feed off, it was a night to remember. There was also the odd tale of his fans who started the tradition of typing “Bismillah” in chat before every match of PES 2020. Nobody can explain why, but it’s shenanigans like these that Paroi Studios has come to love and embrace. “When it comes to Malaysia VS Indonesia, my viewers will spam comment 🇲🇾 <3 🇮🇩 in chat.” Not a common sight, considering how rowdy fans of real-life football can get!

In case anybody was wondering about his nickname’s origin, “the name is directly influenced by Paroi, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan! Simple as that.” It was also the location where he started his streaming career; no prizes if you guessed correctly!

Speaking about the future, Hadi intends to continue streaming “as long as the industry lives.” He's just thankful that he can make a living doing what he does. He’s also open to exploring avenues such as shoutcasting for Mobile Legends Bang Bang and PUBG Mobile. Considering how natural he sounds on the mic, it comes as no surprise. As for activities outside the realm of computer games, he’d like to get involved with a real-life football club or national motorsport.

But Hadi's not abandoning his streaming career just yet. He concluded the interview with a grateful message to his fans, "I would like to say thank you to all my supporters and fans for all their support. They give me the energy to continue working at my best in this industry. I hope this enormous support continues to fuel my passion for streaming and helps me to grow further. You guys are awesome and I love you! #paroiarmy."

Catch Paroi Studios, live - in virtual stadiums and tracks, racing at high speeds, and scoring impossible goals - on his Facebook Page.


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