The Pathless launches today on Apple Arcade, PC and PS

The Pathless launches today on Apple Arcade, PC and PS

Giant Squid Studios haven’t been in the spotlight since their last game, Abzu back in 2016, but all that’s about to change. Their latest game, The Pathless, a gorgeous exploration/puzzle/adventure game has just been released today on multiple platforms including the Apple games subscription service – Apple Arcade – what a great way to test out the graphic capabilities of your brand new iPhone 12!

In The Pathless, you play as the Hunter, a master archer travelling across a mystical open world to dispel a curse of darkness that grips the world. As your name implies, you’ll get access to a bow that will allow you to shoot down evil spirits and monsters, as well as execute awesome trick shots while moving at high speeds. While the task at hand seems daunting, fret not – you’ll also have access to an eagle companion to help you out along the way (if you’ve ever wanted to be carried around by a flying bird, this game is for you!).

The Pathless is available now on Apple Arcade, the Epic Games Store and the PlayStation Store.

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