PUBG Continental Series 4 and PUBG Challenger Rumble Registrations Open

PUBG Continental Series 4 and PUBG Challenger Rumble Registrations Open

The PUBG Global Invitational.S 2021 just ended yesterday, and it looks like you won’t have to wait long for another fix of PUBG action. Geek Events today announced the PUBG Continental Series 4 APAC and the PUBG Challenger Rumble. Before teams from Southeast Asia can make it to the PUBG Continental Series, they will have to duke it out with other teams from the region in the PUBG Challenger Rumble. Featuring a mix of invited and qualifier teams from across the region, only the top 4 teams will make it to the next stage. With extremely limited spots available for qualifier teams, it’s going to be quite a challenge.

However, if you have a PUBG squad and you think you have what it takes to beat the invited teams, the opportunity lies in your hands. Just head over to the official website to sign up for your region’s qualifiers. While Malaysian and Singaporean qualifier teams won’t have to go against any invitees, Indonesia and the Philippines have to take on some of the big boys:

Sounds like a lot of fun for everybody involved! If you only want to spectate the action, you can catch the livestreams happening on the official PUBG Pages: SEA, PH, ID, or Geek Events (YouTube/Facebook/ID). Good luck to everyone signing up – register your spot before registrations close on 11 April!

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