Third Time’s The Charm, Clutch Guerilla Adibz Interview

Posted by George Wong on March 12, 2022

We recently got a chance to speak with Adib "Adibz" Razak, the in-game leader of Clutch Guerilla, who recently qualified for the upcoming season of the PUBG Mobile Professional League MYSGPH.

The 24-year-old from Taiping, Perak started playing PUBG Mobile about three years ago, when his friends introduced it to him. He fell in love with the game immediately and continued to play it daily. Getting good enough at the game, he entered and won many small tournaments with his friends and realized he had the capability to go pro.

Through his connections with TheFarang Esports, Adibz held tryouts for select players from their various squads and formed his very first official team: Farang Guerilla. From then on, he was introduced to a world very different from the minor events he used to stomp. Now he was up against the big boys in the scene.

Farang Guerilla didn’t make a huge splash with their debut. But they never gave up - even after failing to qualify for two PUBG Mobile Professional League seasons in a row. Fortunately, their perseverance paid off and in January this year, they won the PMPL MYSGPH S5 qualifier, giving them a slot in the prestigious league. The years of experience together gave them a leg up on the competition. In February, the team was acquired by Clutch Esports, a Singaporean organization and received a minor rebrand to Clutch Guerilla. Since then, they’ve been hard at work, getting ready for the league to begin.

When asked about what makes the team work well together? Adibz replied, "We’ve been playing together a long time and understand each other very well. We know each other’s weaknesses and strengths which helps us improve together easily."

Adibz was a natural fit when it came to leading the team, being the oldest of the boys also helped. “My teammates always listen to my calls!” he admitted. "The hardest part about being a leader is keeping morale up when they’re feeling down. On the flip side, the best part is the feeling you get when you lead your team to victory. It helps when everybody on the team is funny. Nobody is too stubborn or serious." An important factor since most of them live together in a team house.

(From L-R) Shinzi, Funky, Adibz

While they do have minor conflicts (like regular people) it's never enough that it becomes a problem for the team. Living together makes it easier for the team to play, learn and study together. The team works together to come up with strategies but Adibz has the final say when it comes to execution.

Here’s what their daily routine looks like from Monday to Saturday: waking up, lunch, practice, dinner, and some more practice. They literally live and breathe PUBG Mobile (Adibz mentioned he doesn’t play any other games!). Occasionally, they’ll go out for sports and they get to relax on Sundays when they aren’t competing.

Since a lot of teams have coaches now, we asked him if Clutch Guerilla was planning to hire one. Muhammad Amirul "TopCast" Hazim Alias, the manager of the team who was present at the interview responded, “A wrong coach makes the team worse, from my previous experience, so we’re not rushing to get one now. After all, they’ve made it this far without one! But as a manager, I’ll be working with the team to help them out with strategies and analysis. Most of their training is mental preparation."

For their very first PMPL, Clutch Guerilla wants to exceed expectations. Adibz thinks that nobody will give them much thought since they came through the qualifiers. However, he wants to show everyone that the boys in the team are worthy of their PMPL slot. “We will not be afraid!”

Adibz thanks all their fans for support and asks them to keep supporting regardless of their results and keep them in their prayers to succeed. Follow Clutch Guerilla on Instagram, and catch them in PMPL MYSGPH S5!


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