Todak Win Free Fire Challenger Series Malaysia Season 1!

Posted by George Wong on February 7, 2022

While a lot of people were out celebrating Chinese New Year last weekend, there was a group of people glued to their phones and some of them competing in the biggest event of their lives - the grand finals of the Free Fire Challenger Series! 12 teams from the group stages fought tooth and nail for important prizes: a chunk of the massive prize pool and an invitation to the MCP Majors Season 3. Here are the results of the grand final:

Coming out on top were Todak, who outplayed their opponents and grabbed four of the six Booyahs! Their strength as a new squad flourished at this event, and also showed off the deep talent pool in the scene. In fact, there were many new faces that made up the top teams in the grand finals. Second place were Freedom Rumble who won two Booyahs! followed by Secret Xpert and Geek Fam (who topped the group stage) rounding up the top four.

Metrixx, Sorry Roar, Blacklist International and Icon made up the rest of the top 8 (since Blacklist and Secret Xpert were already qualified for MCP Majors S3, there were 2 additional invitations). Unfortunately for Eastern Wolves Gang, AKO Steady Squad, Team Princess and Epic, they didn't make the cut and will have to try again next season. The same goes for the rest of the teams who weren't able to qualify for the grand finals.

Now that we have all 18 teams for the MCP Majors S3, it's going to be interesting to see how the remainder of the season plays out. No dates have been revealed yet, but it shouldn't be too far away. Stay tuned to eGG Network for more news and updates on Free Fire in the coming weeks!


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