Top 10 Fraggers Competing at PMPL SEA Championship S3

Posted by George Wong on May 20, 2021

While PUBG Mobile is a game that can be technically won by teams without scoring any kills, it is very unlikely to happen. Most of the time you'll see a correlation between the top fraggers and victorious teams. After all, the more kills you get, the fewer opponents you have to deal with, increasing your chances of being the last team to survive. Let's not forget that kills also contribute to the score of your team, which is important in competitive play - you can still win without scoring the most Chicken Dinners if you have enough kills.

That being said, let's take a look at the top-performing fraggers of the teams competing at the PUBG Mobile Professional League Southeast Asia (PMPL SEA) Championship Season 3 this weekend to get a rough idea of how the teams might fare. Keep in mind that these results are based on the Finals stage of each national PMPLs.

In first place, we have none other than Kim from RSG Malaysia; truly outstanding to see a Malaysian player topping the charts. Even though he's the support of the team, he managed to top PMPL-MY/SG's finals weekend with a kill score of 40 - four more than the second-highest scorer, n00zy from The Infinity (Thailand) who had 36.

Next up at 3rd is Bigetron RA's (Indonesia) Zuxxy, someone who's no stranger to winning awards, with 33. Keep an eye out on these players this weekend for some top-notch action (if they can keep up their top form from the PMPLs!). Rounding up the top six are JaydeN (Aura Esports ID) at 30, and CONCEPT (Valdus The Murder TH) and Eypul (Dingoz MPX MY) tied with 29 each, though the Thai player has the upper hand with more damage dealt.

Finishing up the list are Frankyyy (HVNB VN) 28, Tomz (LIVESCAPE formerly Geek Fam ID) 28, Jeixy (Aura Esports ID) 27 and GodTunny (The Infinity TH) 27. Aura Esports and The Infinity are the only teams with more than one player in the top fragger list, so they should have a high chance of scoring massive points if they are in shape this weekend.

The teams at PMPL SEA Championship S3

However, the PMPL SEA Championship S3 will be a whole different ballgame for the competitors - all their opponents, except the ones from their regional qualifier, will be teams that they don't encounter under usual circumstances (excluding scrims). These teams might be the kings of their own region, but when it comes down to opponents and strategies that they're less accustomed to, it's going to be a different story - some of their tactics may or may not work on the battlefield this weekend. Regardless of the outcome, we believe that the PMPL SEA Championship is going to be an event you don't want to miss!

Make sure you tune into the official PUBG Mobile Esports page from 21-23 May to keep abreast of the action and follow eGG Network for all the latest updates.


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