Top Clans 2020: All you need to know about Week 2 results

Posted by Bryan Terng on October 15, 2020

Only the strong prevail for Rules of Survival, Dota 2 and MARVEL Super War in Top Clans 2020. Last week saw the pair of MOBA titles kickstarting Week 2 of the Southeast Asian Invitationals before ending the week with an all-out battle royale.

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Here’s a recap of all that has happened in Week 2 of Top Clans 2020 Group Stage:

Rules of Survival

Remember the bottom eight teams of Group A and B? They just fought against each other in the Knockout Stage last Sunday (11 October), with the top 8 teams winning a second shot at the semi-finals. They will be joining 16 other teams - the top 8 of Groups A and B - in the three-day semi-finals, battling it out for a spot in the finals.

The Rules of Survival semi-finals will be running from 20 - 22 October, LIVE on eGG Network.

Dota 2

We finally have our Group A top 2 representatives who will be advancing to the Playoffs: Motivate.Trust Gaming and Adroit Esports. On the other side of Group B, Galaxy Racer and Neon Esports are finally making their way to the semi-finals too, especially after an unexpected turn of events - a private tiebreaker game was held yesterday when all top 3 teams of said group (including Execration) were tied at five points in Group Stage. Galaxy Racer ended up defeating both Neon Esports and Execration, while the former managed to score a win against Execration to enter the semi-finals.

The Top Clans 2020 Dota 2 semi-finals will run from 28 - 29 October, followed by the Grand Finals on 30 October.

MARVEL Super War

How time flies for MARVEL Super War - after merely three days of Knockout Stage, only three teams are left vying for the championship title:

  • NMD Rage
  • Tuby

Both IMPERIUM and Tuby swept the floor 2-0 with their opponents, NMD Outlast and Anastacia Esport, respectively, whereas NMD Rage won 2-1 against FINESSE Phoenix. All three teams were the top players of their groups, so it's guaranteed to be a tight competition between the trio. But first, NMD Rage and IMPERIUM will face off in the upper brackets, before the losing team are lowered to the lower brackets to battle against Tuby.

The MARVEL Super War semi-finals will commence on 23 October at 5PM (GMT +8), with the matches streamed LIVE on eGG Network.

In other news, the TEKKEN 7 and Tom and Jerry: Chase esports segments for Top Clans 2020 will be starting this weekend, from 16 October onwards. So, don’t forget to check those out too!

Catch Top Clans 2020 on eGG Network (Astro CH800), with LIVE broadcasts of Rules of Survival and MARVEL Super War semi-finals available on our channel. Do check out the weekly broadcast schedule of Top Clans 2020 on our TV guide too, and stay up to date on the latest Top Clans 2020 news by following them on Facebook.


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