Top Clans 2020: All you need to know about Week 4 results

Posted by Bryan Terng on October 29, 2020

Week 4 marked the end of Group Stage for Top Clans 2020, with Tom and Jerry: Chase closing off this chapter of the tournament over the weekend. The Rules of Survival and MARVEL Super War semi-finals also concluded last weekend, which saw a Filipino invasion across the two esports titles.

Here’s everything you need to know about Week 4 of Top Clans 2020:

Tom and Jerry: Chase

The inaugural Tom and Jerry: Chase professional competition continued with its Group Stage, with the last two groups of four outsmarting each other to secure each group’s top 2 spots to enter the Grand Finals. There were plenty of ace Tom plays across teams in Groups C and D, but in the end, it was these four teams who eventually proved to be deserving of seats in the grand finale: 

Group C

  • Team SPACE
  • Team Shadow

Group D

  • Team Destory
  • Team Mrjunior

The above four teams will be joining the top 2 representatives of Groups A and B in the Grand Finals, which will take place this weekend on 31 October and 1 November.

MARVEL Super War

The Grand Finals of Top Clans 2020 MARVEL Super War will see a highly-anticipated rematch between the league’s top two teams, IMPERIUM PRO TEAM and NMD Rage. The two teams first faced each other in the upper-bracket Finals, ending with a 1-3 decimation of NMD at the hands of IMPERIUM, sending the former to the lower-bracket Finals against Tuby. Refusing to go down without a fight, NMD Rage picked up the pieces and managed to hold off Tuby repeatedly until they finally overpowered their opponents 3-2, landing them a second shot at the championship title. Will IMPERIUM PRO TEAM prove their Thor-like strength is worthy once more, or would NMD Rage be able to reinvent themselves ala Iron Man and emerge victoriously?

The MARVEL Super War Grand Finals will commence next week Friday (6 October). 

Rules of Survival

After a week without any Rules of Survival esports action on Top Clans 2020, fans were ecstatic to witness the high-octane Semi-finals of the NetEase battle royale last week; needless to say, the three-day stage was nothing short of intense. 24 teams comprising the top 8 of Groups A and B and the Knockout Stage were reshuffled into three groups once more, gunning each other down for the final top 16 spots to advance to the Grand Finals. Predator team MANIAC were holding on to first place on Day 1 and 2 before WNM overthrew them with a mere two-point lead. Defending champions, Lesavage, also managed to squeeze their way to eighth place; time will tell if they can crack the meta and adapt accordingly to defend their championship title.

The Rules of Survival Grand Finals will conclude the entirety of Top Clans 2020 next weekend on 7 and 8 November.

In other Top Clans 2020 news, the Dota 2 series will conclude its two-day Semi-finals stage today (29 October) at 2PM, with Motivate.Trust Gaming and Galaxy Racer conquering Neon Esports and Adroit Esports 2-0, respectively. Who will finally emerge victorious and secure a spot in the Grand Finals tomorrow (31 October)?

Catch Top Clans 2020 on eGG Network (Astro CH800), with LIVE broadcasts of the Dota 2 Semi-finals available on our channel. Do check out the weekly broadcast schedule of Top Clans 2020 on our TV guide too, and stay up to date on the latest Top Clans 2020 news by following them on Facebook.


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