Top Clans 2020: Galaxy Racer make Malaysia proud as Dota 2 champions

Posted by Bryan Terng on November 4, 2020

Against all odds, Malaysian representatives, Galaxy Racer, refused to surrender and emerged as champions of the Top Clans 2020 Dota 2 league. 

To lay claim to their championship title, Galaxy Racer defeated Motivate.Trust Gaming 3-1 in the best-of-five Grand Finals. Galaxy Racer had the first two matches in the bag without much effort, which served as a wake-up call for the Thai team to buck up. They eventually retaliated by winning the third match, but repeating their winning strategy in the final round was a costly mistake, with Galaxy Racer adapting and overcoming the apex squad, winning gold and the champion’s cash prize of US$7,000. Motivate.Trust Gaming and Adroit Esports were rewarded US$4,000 and US$2,000 as the runner-ups and second-runner ups.

The dark horse amongst fan favourites like Motivate.Trust Gaming and Adroit Esports, Galaxy Racer didn’t have a good start in the Playoffs after losing to Motivate in the upper-bracket finals. Fortunately, instead of being outright removed from the tournament, they were pushed down to the lower-bracket finals, this time against Adroit Esports, Not giving up hope and having newfound resolve, they swept Adroit off their feet and won 2-0 against the Filipinos, granting them a second shot at the Thai team in the Grand Finals, ending in sweet revenge for the Malaysian squad.

After defeating both Execration and Neon Esports in a series of private tiebreaker matches, Galaxy Racer proved to be a team worth watching out for.

At last, we’re halfway through the final stage of Top Clans 2020, with MARVEL Super War and Rules of Survival left for the Grand Finals.

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